Finally had the cyst removal surgery done! It was a frightening experience (lol), but at least now it’s over! Whew!

I was like staring at the nurse and doctor to see the preparations for the surgery and the nurse was like,”Erm, I think you have to close your eyes because of the radiation we’re going to use later.” So ok lor. haiz. I hate not knowing what’s happening. The doctor gave me anethestic jabs around the cyst area. He told me it was going to hurt but I didn’t mind injections much. Haha. P6 BCG jabs, I was staring at how the solution went into my arm. lol. Quite annoying though, plus minus 8 jabs if not wrong. Then after that, dunno what happened. Haha. Kept chanting to myself to past time and stop myself from shaking. Haha. Time past quickly lor. I sort of felt the doctor sewing up the incision. Kind of weird feeling. Haha. Then he covered the whole thing with gauze, cotton and this waterproof thing.

I must have looked weird when I opened my eyes coz the doctor asked if I’m ok. Haha. Almost fell asleep la. Haiz. Lie on my side for half-an-hour. I want to see you try. He told me when to change the stuff and all, then mum paid up and we left.

It kind of got painful as I was walking home. Though now it doesn’t hurt much until I accidentally touch it. :-/

Spent my day fixing a snoopy jigsaw puzzle, learning Macromedia Flash (my sis taught me) and sleeping. Haha.

One More Chance wasn’t bad, but it was predictable. You know what’s going to happen next. But overall, wasn’t bad.

Went to Toys’R’Us with my mum after that. Haven’t stepped into one for YEARS! Kind of nice to be in there again. Saw these Sea Monkeys things. My childhood. Haha. Last time wasn’t that ex though. Used to have one but didn’t really grow lor. Hmph.

Got to go! Watch LOST!

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I’m not going to the airport to receive reuben and eve. haiz. Plans all ruined because of this bad stomach. 🙁

I hope to see Reuben asap!! Hope he turns up for the meeting tomorrow. Please, please, please, please, please…


EVE just called!! She’s back!!! Yay!!!!!!!! lol. I’m so excited to hear her again after 2 weeks. 😀 She asked if I would like to join her in going to the airport later to receive Reuben! Haha. She won’t be staying at the airport till dawn so its okay for me and my stomach. hahaha. Yay!!! I’m so excited and happy!!!!! 🙂

Too many “yays” in this entries. 😛

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Pics from my hp cam

Check out these pics I took with my 7260 hp camera:

Cute kitty who lives around my neighbourhood. Quite friendly. Its a kitten actually but looks big coz I was standing really close to it. It looks like its smiling… 😛

2 kittys! haha. One is the cat above, another is a similar coloured cat. The one with the shorter tail is the cat above.

ok. I really love this pic coz it was taken of a wall in HS! It’s a dedication to my previous form teacher Miss Wong Kwai Hoong. Want to know the whole dedication, go visit HS! Haha. But you probably can’t anyway… -_-“”

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Had fever yesterday after I went offline. Highest temperature was 37.7 degrees celsius. Slept for almost the whole day. Haiz. So sian now. Stomach feeling rather weird now though. Not sure why but its been like that since yesterday.

Now not sure if I should go receive Reuben or Eve. Coz I don’t know if i can stay up the whole time in the cold or not and still go for a meeting at 8.30am in the morning. help.

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The encounter of the 3 godbrothers…

School wasn’t really bad yesterday, except for the fact that it was really, really cold and it made my throat really dry. 🙁

After school, went home to collect some of my old, other schools prelim paper (no it doesn’t include yours Boon Han, don’t worry :)) and passed it to my godbro, Kenneth (Goh) at CP. Honestly, I don’t know how so many people ended up as my godbrothers. There’s Daniel, Jeremy and now Kenneth. Lol. 😛 We walked around CP, hoping to see something I can buy for upcoming birthdays but can’t find any suitable ones. Haiz…

Then went to HS and the bus took the whole band and me (the only alumni) to Esplanade for the SYF Concert band presentation. I again ended up sitting next to Jeremy (my godbro) and he told me a lot about school and work.

Esplanade is a really nice place to be in. Honest! Its soo class. The acoustics of the hall was excellent. No mics were needed for the bands that performed. I sat at the circle seat where the view was spectacular. You can see the whole band from up there.

St Andrew’s sec band played The Seventh Night of July and Curtains Up!. Not bad, the band was in tune most of the time.
ACS (I) played ‘GR’ Selection and Vesuvius. Vesuvius didn’t really capture my attention well though I really loved it when SAF band played it with Frank Ticheli a few years back. My sis told me that
this actor, Wen Long was there as a percussionist. Cool. Though I’d always thought Wen Long was my age. He obviously wasn’t since he’s playing with a sec sch band.
Dunman High, again looked more of an orchestra than a band. Haha. They played Rebroll and Do Enka Express. Again, they’re up to their usual standards. Excellent!

After the interval, TJC played Time to Take Back The Knights! and Dancin’ Megahits. I think I’d heard Dancin’ Megahits somewhere before. Just can’t remember where though.
Final performance by SAJC‘s band. I really love that band. They played 2 of my favourite band piece – Persis Overture and The Merry Widow. haha. The guy who played the mallets was so fast! My aim now is to be able to play the mallet part for that piece. The percussionists had also rearranged the scores for The Merry Widow coz they didn’t run all over the place like the original scores expected us to.

Overall, the performance was an insight to the top bands in Singapore. Excellent performance. Really enjoyed it. The pieces the bands played are mainly stuff which most band members in schools should know of, so many others should have enjoyed themselves too. 🙂

When waiting for the bus back, Daniel and I talked about music and stuff. Haha. He doesn’t know who Tama Goh is though. 😛

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my day..

Hm.. The speech was rather okay… Honest! 5 mins passed so fast. I think I’m going to at least past. Shall score well for my written ICAs. Btw, ICAs in NYP is known as in-course assesment, but in SSA is known as Ikeda Cultural Auditorium so don’t get those 2 ‘ICAs’ mixed up. 🙂

Also got back my ICA1 Biz comm paper. Not too bad, quite high actually, but won’t brag about it online. 😛 I’m not going to be complacent, in fact, I’m going to work harder for the next tests! 🙂

5 days to Reuben’s return. 😀

Happy Birthday to Xiao Wei and Cousin Wei Wen!

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Oh ya. Haven’t blogged on HP HBP. I finished the book on sunday 0025. lol. Quite a dark book, but learnt a lot about the magical world. Its kind of sad the person was killed off. But he was getting a bit senile to me anyway. =X However, i still wasn’t surprised what Harry thought for the past 5 years was true. No leopard would change their spots. Never. The half-blood prince was just as expected after reading certain parts of the book. Lots of romance in this book too. Poor Harry though.. His gfs don’t last more than a year. Haha. Poor thing. However, I think his new love now will continue after he destroys Voldemort. Kind of sad huh? “With great power comes great responsibilities.” haha. So SpiderMan. :)HBPHBP

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Haha.. Another thing in my wishlist fufilled… 😛

Anyway, I went for YCF HQ 3 yesterday. It was really good except for the fact that if you were at HQ 1 and 2, you’ll realise that its very similar to HQ 2. =X Though honestly, I really enjoyed HQ 1’s performance. Haha. Saw Boon Han, Carine, Beatrice, Hui Ling (SWE) and Yi Lian. The last 3 were there as logistics. So fun. I also saw the uncle who is in charge of the mics and all for all the YCF. He came over and chatted with me. He’s a really cool person with all the tattoos and all. haha. Rock on!

WMC results for NYP : Gold. Marks awarded : 86.92.
Congratulations people! 😀

Business communication ICA later. Must do a speech. haha.. My feet hurts sia… New shoes and all..

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A few more hours to HBP!! Woohoo!! I’m not going to collect that early though. Haiz. Kind of sad about that, but I’m going to complete my homework today and read it tomorrow! 🙂

Finally got tickets from Meow Ling for YCF HQ 3! Thank you so much! 🙂

Just chatted with Reuben online (he’s now going to have his breakfast. haha). I really can’t wait to see him again. He’s one of my good friends in secondary school and helped me a lot back then with band and all. 🙂

Presentation on Monday. Still must wear formal.. I shall walk around CP tomorrow to see what type of shoes I should wear. haha. My speech would be on rare phobias. So difficult…

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The next NKF show, it’ll probably be a flop. Honestly, I would still donate to them, if 1: They would be more transparent in future. 2: Their CEO earn less money. 3: Timothy Cao (Cao Qi Tai) not host the shows. I get put off whenever he hosts it. And the money their CEO earns, its like we’re feeding him instead of helping the patients. Yes, he did a lot for NKF but if he really is a great person, money wouldn’t be his priority and he wouldn’t mind earning lesser money. If they need more donations, the CEO should be the one donating to them, since he has so much money.

My $0.02.

So many events happening… Reuben’s return, Eve’s return… I’ll probably be camping at the airport for the whole of next Fri/Sat. haha. I can’t wait to see Reuben! Miss him a lot! Can finally get to play in the band with him again.

I’m having problems with my Accounting. Help! Maybe I should have taken POA in the past. But that would mean forgoing A Maths and Pure Physics. These 2 subjects helped me a lot with my Java and Computing Maths.

Got my Marketing test paper back. 29/50. Lol. Pathetic but at least I passed. This subject really reminds me of Geography. I can’t wait to complete this module. haha. I’d take Econs anytime. Really enjoyed it when I took it at SR.

Went for a Marketing seminar. I know, I know. I went there coz it was internet related. However, only one speaker spoke a lot on Internet Marketing and he was an Australian so his accent kind of made me doze off half the time. =X I still find the speaker from StarHub the most interesting. Mr Walter Lee or something. Nevertheless, I still learnt a lot on Marketing today. It really reminds me of psychology. No wonder Reuben’s like involved in both of them.

HBP. Can’t wait…

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