I’m Married!

Yess finally! Haha
Finally because we started working on our wedding almost a year ago, and finally everything is done.
Despite us looking forward to this day for so long, it still feels better to have something plan being executed after thinking or working on it for so long.

I won’t go into too much detail, but thought I’ll log down our/my general thought process so that I can look back at it in future and/or hopefully it’ll help others.

The other thing I want to say is that, both our parents are pretty liberal in letting us plan the wedding. So all we did was update them with the progress.

We spent a total of less than $25k for the wedding + photoshoot. I won’t list the individual costs here as the quotes given by the vendor might be different depending on your requirements (which wouldn’t be fair for them if I listed their prices here). I would say these are value for money vendors – meaning they are professional and very nice vendors but not well known enough to charge very high costs, so do check out their portfolio and work with them if you find that you like their work.

What we wanted our wedding to be like
I’ve always wanted a simple and small wedding. BUT, not too small until there are only relatives, but one where friends that I want to invite can also come.

The thing is, this gave us a problem where the wedding wouldn’t be very very small. We ended up having a wedding with around 200 pax mainly because of the venue’s minimum number.

This was a difficult part – we started our wedding planning with this.

We started by looking at restaurants coz of our budget, but the thing is, we aren’t sure which restaurants are good.

We ended up going to a wedding fair at Vivo’s atrium in Jan 2016 (where we were hounded by some photography shop staff for quite a while), and noticed Orchid Country Club’s booth with their promotion.

The staff weren’t pushy, and the promotional package seem to cover almost everything that we need (other than food and venue – free flow alcohol, decorations, ang bao box, free guestbook, free room stay).

We didn’t sign on the spot but decided to think it through.
After thinking about it, we chose a wedding lunch to keep the wedding simple.

The benefits of a wedding lunch are:
1) It finishes fast – guests can go elsewhere or run errands after that.
2) If you’re doing gatecrashing, you don’t have to wait so long for the banquet.
3) They don’t usually rush the food, and guests don’t have to worry about transport.
4) It is cheaper.

We chose buffet, mainly because we didn’t want the lunch to drag too long. We love weddings that are short and sweet (I think the guests too).

Pre-wedding shoot
Our friends usually have their pre-wedding shoot near the wedding, but we decided to have our pre-wedding shoot earlier as it’s usually something major before the wedding.

This was our to do list:
1) Photographer – we choose a freelance photographer recommended by a friend, mainly because the price fit our budget and the photographer’s portfolio was pretty good.

We worked with Ivan from LightSmith LLP, and I say he exceeded our expectations.

2) Dress – In photos, as long as something looks decent, you don’t need to spend too much money on it. I spent S$100 on a dress from this shop on Qoo10. It exceeded my expectations and all I had to do was to bring to a tailor to edit it (she charged me $5 only).

3) Location – I wanted something outdoors as I didn’t like the indoor decorations and stuff. I saw some pictures of Coney Island and I suggested that.

4) Makeup – Ivan (our photographer) recommend using this app called Vanitee to look for a makeup artist. I didn’t like his recommended ones but ended up finding this makeup artist Mint Gooi from Casaminto. You can find her portfolio here: Casaminto Makeup.

Mint was very professional and friendly and she knows her stuff. That’s the most important thing. I had spoken to another makeup artist prior to her and the other lady told me that she could do the makeup at Coney Island in the morning. Mint told me that she won’t be able to do it as there won’t be any electricity for the hair curling irons which was true.

We took the pictures in March 2016.

Wedding Dress
My thought process was this: People won’t remember what you wear a year later. Believe me, I don’t remember most of my friend’s weddings except roughly the people I sat with. Ended up buying another dress from the same Qoo10 shop. This was slightly expensive ($125), and I bought the wrong size the first time – do leave me a comment if you would like to purchase the unworn dress from me.

Justice of Peace (JOP)
We wanted to go for a lady JOP, and I let Eugene do the contacting. He did it quite last minute (and I mean 4 months before the wedding), so we didn’t get our first choice. I felt that this was a blessing in disguise however, as our JOP that we got on the actual day was Mr Mike Tam Chee Wah. He has a good sense of humour which our guests all commented that he was a good JOP and some of them have actually asked for his contact details. He was also very nice and gave us advice on what to do. We had originally only wanted one march in (after our solemnization), but seeing that there were many guests already there, he suggested that we have a march in before our solemnization which I felt was a nice touch to our wedding. We highly recommend him as your first choice if you’re looking for a solemnizer.

Brothers and Sisters
We kept it simple and asked 3 of our closest friends (in my case, my sister and Eugene’s sister plus one of my good friend who have been there for me for years – Meow Ling), to help us.

There wasn’t any gatecrash so it was even easier.

I remember Eugene’s brothers asking what to wear on the actual day and I told them it’s up to them, which made them super happy lol.

Program on actual day
This was done up with reference to a few other files that we found online as well as our own experience at weddings and how we wanted it to be like.

We kept it simple since there wasn’t any changing of dress – only one march in, video montage as well as speech and toast.

We kept to working with Ivan on the actual day as his price was reasonable and his professionalism was there.
Same goes for Mint!

Deco/wedding favours
This was part of the wedding package with Orchid Country Club, so all we did was to make decisions and choose.
We chose espresso mugs as well as passport holders. Interestingly the passport holders were the more popular ones!

I’d worked with Happy Gorillas on one occasion and had used their photobooth at a friend’s wedding.
The good thing about their photobooth is that the pictures are not small. I understand having credit card sized pictures, but they’re so small that I can barely see the pictures properly. And if you see how people keep the photos, if they’re big enough, they will put it on display at their home, their desks etc.
Value for money prices as well and they allowed for customization of the frame!

Live band
Lastly, live band for the guests!
If you’ve been to buffet weddings, you’ll know that they are boring. People eat at most 2 rounds and they get bored and sit around doing nothing. Hence, we decided to hire a live band to entertain the guests.

We booked Jeremy and Sky from Merry Bees (they work with a few other companies as well I believe) and topped up for Jeremy to be the Emcee as well. I was very worried about how it would go on the actual day (because I saw a friend’s emcee that he booked from a vendor screwing up his whole wedding) but his professionalism was just amazing!! I needn’t worry at all. His singing was also very good and a lot of friends raved about the band after the wedding!

We almost wanted to confirm with another vendor with regards to booking someone else for the band, but they turned out to be super unprofessional and we gave up trying after a month trying to confirm with them. Do comment with your email address and I’ll let you know which vendor.

Will update with pictures once they are sent over!

*Note: we gave various amounts of Ang baos to our vendors, JOP, brothers and sisters as well.

Would like to thank all the vendors and everyone who helped out at our wedding (25 Feb 2017)!

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Cotton Bleu.

Went out with my best friend in office (since I returned to work) to try some escargots, coz he’d never had them before. I remembered I was just randomly saying that I have a craving for escargots, and my friend said that he’d never tried it before, so we agreed on having it someday.

I must say that I had a really good dinner that I haven’t had in a really long while.

So we decided on where to eat last week via Hungrygowhere.com. One of our client’s atas restaurant popped-up, and my friend picked it but the price was wayyyy out of my budget (I could buy a cajon with that amount) and some bad reviews were present too, so I clicked around and spotted Cotton Bleu. That had all positive ratings and reviews.

It’s a very nice place with a nice ambience. I realise that there are some pretty good cafes/bistros in the area that I could check out.

Anyway, Cotton Bleu is located next to Ice Edge 2!!! Nice.

Didn’t take much pictures with my DSLR. Gosh I just need something that can focus at a nearer distance =/

We got the set meal thingy. Haha.

Atas places serve bread!! Cause of my eczema returning today lol. Blame it on my greediness.

The reason why we were there. The escargots are just too good. Comparable to the one I had on Royal Caribbean! (wil blog about it soon!)

Poulet Basquaise – Basically chicken and pasta in tomato kinda sauce. The chicken here is just heavenly softttt. And the pasta was cooked just right omg!! I seldom eat chicken when I see the bones, but I finished this one.

Boeuf bourguignon – Pretty filling according to my friend! He has a way big appetite and if it’s filling for him, it means something. I tried a bit of the beef, soft and has a nice taste to it. Nothing to strong for people who doesn’t like beef.

Banana Turon – This. Is. Good.

Lavender Infused Cake – To be honest, I only know how Lavender smells like, but am guessing that the little bits in the cake are lavender flowers? The top of the cake is melted sugar. Crispy and nice. Just feeling hungry thinking about it.

(Wah just had a Déjà vu… As though I’d typed the above before)

Oh and the chef was nice who came out and asked if our food was alright 🙂

Cotton Bleu

205 Upper Thomson Road

Past week was rather confusing and upsetting. But hey it’s all ok now.
Don’t wish to quarrel with a good friend again.
And when I get upset, it’s just amazing what things I will do that I won’t regret :X

Had a good conversation, and I just feel that some people are misunderstood.
Just hope that I’m right.

Thank you, if you’re reading this 🙂

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My Story: Fifty Cents Shirt

So this “Fifty Cents” shirt has been with me for quite a while. At least 5 years. I got it from This Fashion wayy back then. I liked the colour but it was quite fitting for me then so I seldom wore it. It was only after I entered poly that I started wearing it more frequently.

Because of the word “Fifty Cents” on it, people often come up with jokes when they see me wearing it that I got it for 50 cents (I didn’t) or that perhaps I cost 50 cents (don’t get the 2nd joke though). I think the words were there because of the rapper “50 Cent”, who was very popular when I got that shirt back then.

I brought this shirt with me when I went to Chengdu as the material’s pretty thick and it was rather cold then when I went over. Kept me warm in Jiuzhaigou and Er Mei Shan. 🙂

As most of you who know me knows, I gained quite a lot of weight when I went to Chengdu and when I came back, that shirt was pretty tight and small for me. Wearing it would make my tummy bulge out (eeks).

I didn’t wear that shirt for quite some time.

It was only recently that I took out the shirt and started wearing it.

Quite amazed by how big that shirt is to me now. It just showed how much weight I’ve lost to be able to fit in properly now.

Looking back, it was hard work losing the unhealthy weight (I’m in the acceptable range now) and this shirt was here to prove that I did.

Got to continue to keep myself healthy.

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My Story: SNCO, KK, BB performance at Botanic Gardens (22/2/09)

I learnt a lot during the course of this concert. As a percussionist, my main instruments are usually and most of the time the mallet and timpani instruments but this time, I get to play the drumset! Okay. it’s not the first time I play a drumset during a concert, but it’s the first time I play only the drumset.

For those who don’t know, SNCO (Soka New Century Orchestra), Koteiketai (Fife & Drum Corp) and YMD Brass Band are part of the 3 band branches in the Music & Culture (M&C) branch in Singapore Soka Association (SSA). The other groups under the M&C are the Chinese Orchestra, the Choir, some dance groups etc. There are so many that I may not even know some of it. 🙂

So anyway, we were told last year that we’ll be having a combined performance to let people know that we have such groups in SSA. This is partly to prepare for our recruitment drive coming soon.

When I first heard about the parts & pieces that we were going to play for this performance, I thought I’m in for a tough time. Coz I was the only one left in percussion at that point of time (long story), so I decided that for this performance, I am going to 1) get as many percussionists back as possible 2) improve in my drumset playing.

I have to admit, I was rather slack for the first or second practices that I attended (with regards to this performance), but afterwards, I went to look for the music and basically listened to them all the time until it got to a point of obsession. It’s like, “I can’t listen to other stuff except Love Love Love.”

So when we had one combined and I was told not to play, I basically just broke down and got terribly upset with myself.

I don’t blame anyone else for me not being able to play, I just felt that perhaps I didn’t put in enough effort or wasn’t good enough.

But then again, what I really want was (and still is) a percussion tutor to help me.

Then, I got to know the Koteiketai percussion girls and we went to Uncle Jack‘s place for just one day of help (Wei Fen also came along). That day just inspired me greatly la.

Anyway, I remembered the following week’s practice came by and it was actually a combine rehearsal (I was so doomed) and Wei Fen’s friend, Keith came. Keith’s the guest player playing the bass guitarist and I think he performs a lot outside, so he knew a lot about playing pop songs, where the cymbals must come in and all and he helped me a lot. So I learnt a lot this time from him and Uncle Jack! Thank you both! 😀

Kat also came back from Saudi and I got her and Audrey back!! Happy! Haha. Audrey also brought her friend Lynn to perform with us 🙂 Thank you both Audrey and Lynn! *note to self, send an sms to all of them

Okay, so that was the background story. Now about today.


It rained when we reached Botanic Gardens, as we were all shuffling backstage.

And the culture of Soka is that if you ever have an outdoor performance and it rains, you chant. Haha. it happens for NDP, Chingay, YCF, etc. I’ve done so for the latter 2 kinds of performances and I will never forget about stuff like this. Especially when you see proof that your prayers will be answered.

So we all chanted backstage and it just kept raining and raining until it came to a light drizzle and about 30mins before the performance was about to start, the rain stopped.
How cool is that huh? =)

The performance itself was quite alright. I screwed up a bit but after listening to the video recording of bits that my sis took, i felt it was pretty well done for me. Haha. Thanks to all who encouraged me, especially my dearest bf. 🙂 THANK YOU!

Also thanks to all who came though I don’t really know exactly who, I know some YWD from NUSSD came, my parents, my sis, Huzz, Huzz’s mum 🙂 THANK YOU ALL!

And now, for the pictures. I was the unofficial photographer of the day. The official one was Ji Sheng I believe, coz I realised he was on stage walking around only at the last piece.

Before the performance (Lynn took this)

Me, Lynn and Audrey

The koteiketai percussion girls I was talking about… Erm I only remember Carol‘s name. =x

Weili, Kat, Alice, Shini and Keith. Keith didn’t want his photos online actually but I convinced him to allow me to upload them on fb! haha.

YMD Chief Leonard giving words of encouragement.

haha. Leonard’s son. Haha. He was like dismantling stuff around him.

My sis did some video recordings of bits of our performance (heng she didn’t record my mistake) and I’ll post a link of it when she uploads it. 🙂

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My Story: Swimming.

When I was 7 or 8, I went for swimming lessons every Saturday afternoons at the neighbourhood swimming complex.

When I first started learning, I remember going for lessons with my mum’s friend’s son who’s one year older than me, share the same religion and we studied at the same primary school.

He was like a big brother to me and after swimming lessons, my sis, mum and I would sometimes go to his house and play computer games. There was this hotel game where you build a hotel and manage it – very similar to the Roller Coaster Tycoon / Zoo Tycoon series of games. He taught my sis and I how to play it and all 3 of us would always have fun.

After a few months, he stopped these swimming lessons. I continued these lessons. I’d only see him in school. But we wouldn’t talk at all.

Well, life’s like that, you stop talking to people, you grow up, and you aren’t friends anymore.

I’d often see him at some SSA events and all, but unfortunately, except for that few seconds of staring that shows recognition, I didn’t get to talk to him at all.

I also saw him at the last IT fair (where I got my Samsung YP-T9) working and he did a double-take when he saw me. I wondered why.

So yesterday, I found his blog and then friendster and I must say, I’m glad that he’s doing well in photography.

Anyway, I’d blogged about this because of the many friends that I had when I were young, and he’s like the only one who I treated as a big brother. And when I was a kid, you feel cool when you have an older friend around. Maybe one day we will be friends again and he can share his photography tips with me. 🙂

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