5 things you should know before keeping a cat.

I just got a kitten on May 11, and gosh, the past few days were filled with fear, excitement and stress. Fear because I had no idea what it’s like to keep a cat, excitement because, yea I was excited, and stress because I really didn’t want to be held accountable for the things Midnight (the kitten) does when I really dunno what it will do.

Anyway, here’s a list of 5 things that I’d came up with that you should know before keeping a cat/kitten, that no one really explicitly tells you =/

1) Cats are nocturnal
And be prepared to hear noises of the kitty knocking things around, and if you have a collar with a bell, you’ll hear it all the time. If you’re not a light sleeper it’s ok. If you are, all the best. =x

2) Your house has a lot of hiding places
And I really mean a lot. The first weekend that we got Midnight (16 May), I was practicing my cello alone at home and Midnight ran out of the room. I thought it would be hiding somewhere, but didn’t really go and look for her. In the middle of practice, I decided to just go out and see what she’s doing, and guess what? I couldn’t find her at all. Spent like half-an-hour and went to sms my mum about it.

I searched through all the hiding places and called out its name, but there was no reply at all.

I was so scared that I went to pray (=x) and when my mum came home, she looked behind her mattresses and saw Midnight sleeping there. I didn’t see it because I was looking in between the mattress instead.

3) Kittens are not cats. Not really
If you think that keeping a cat is low maintenance, yes they are, but do note that a kitten, is high maintenance. And they are not really cats. They behave like cats, but they require much higher attention. You’ll also have to teach kitty what she should or should not to.

4) Cats are smart!
I didn’t expect cats to be this smart! Midnight figured out really quickly where we keep his food, and he will keep mewing towards the food direction, or try to go into the store room, etc.
Best/worst part was that he will wake up 30 mins before mum every morning to meow for food. It’s been almost 2 months since he came, and he figured out that even if he keeps mewing, we won’t walk out to feed him. So he would really just wait till he sees mum moving. Haha.

And you should see how he gets his food out of the water dish.

Sometimes, we just have to outsmart him. haha

5) Cats are clean, but clumsy
Yes. The good thing about keeping a cat is that it knows where it’s litter box is and will always go there to poop or pee. However, they like playing and jumping around, which may knock things down, and most of the time, his own water dish.

Sometimes, I’ll see water with kitten paw prints all around the house. Midnight doesn’t like water, but yet if water is spilt on his paw, he’ll walk around just like that.

And also, Midnight once dropped his panda soft toy into the water dish and didn’t know what to do. haha.

Btw, as you all know, I named him Midnight 🙂

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