Money matters.

Throat not feeling too good again. Looking for that box of Strepsils… Where is it??
(Ah.. Nevermind. Made myself a cup of herbal tea. But unfortunately tore it too much and tore the tea bag inside as well 🙁 )

Well, spent my time at the apartment here today. Cleaned up the place and everything. Have been playing Li Ying’s PSP a lot recently, coz she’s really nice to lend it to me when she sees that I have nothing to do.

Weather getting back to normal (as in summer normal). But come to think of it, I miss the cold weather. :-/

Recently, a lot of us have been observing one person among us. And I came to a conclusion that spending too much money isn’t too good. Especially when people are watching. Actually, without others watching, one must still learn how to save and spend money in a proper manner but not buy whatever you want, even though you don’t really need it or when there is a cheaper alternative to it. Even though you’re rich, you’re also not supposed to do that really. My twin is one good example of someone who is rich but don’t spend just because he wants it.

Kind of glad that my parents taught me how to save and make wise decisions on money matter. And when I was going through the clothes that I brought over here to Chengdu, I realised that the t-shirts that I’ve brought (as in brought from SG) for casual wear (as in at home and all) are mostly oversized because they’re hand-me-downs from my cousin Jason. Lol. I don’t mind it really as oversized t-shirts are quite comfy to wear when sleeping and they are all branded stuff. But yeah, this shows that I’m quite thrifty eh? 😛

And well, money is not supposed to be spent in such a manner anyway.

Even though I always look tired, I’m never tired of the times spent with you.

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The past 6 days.

Finally I can come online. Stupid virus!!! Till now, I am not sure what that virus is. It was suspected to be the Welchia virus but the Symantec anti-virus software didn’t detect it.

So… since more of our friends came, I have been feeling really happy and “high” that I have problems sleeping at night. The first night they came, I made myself “high” (so that everyone will not feel like it’s boring to clean up the place and all) until I woke up around 2.30am, and ended up watching soccer with Twin dragon, Edmund, LiYing, Mike and Huzz. Ended up sleeping at 5.30 (I think; can’t remember). 🙂

Then on the third night, I slept at 6.30am. =X

Seriously, I don’t regret any of the late nights. In fact, I would choose to even sleep in the living room if possible. Honest. But well, sometimes, we don’t get to do things that we want to.

Spent a lot on food recently. Went to this Japanese Restaurant on Friday I think, then on saturday, Jia Hui, Swee, Henry and I to Pizza Hut after cleaning the house and buying stuff for the house (like the bathroom shower head, floor mat, pillows, shampoo, etc). It was quite amusing how we found that Pizza Hut anyway. We told the taxi driver the address for another place, and then on the way there, we saw a Pizza Hut and told the driver to stop. Lol. But well, found a new place in Chengdu to go to anyway. 🙂

Sometimes I don’t really feel like I’m in China. At first, maybe yes, but now, I don’t feel any difference. It’s really like living with friends, somewhere far away from home (which it is anyway; what am I talking about?!)… But well, that’s how I feel.

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SNCO BBQ (10 March)

Guang Yi came to restring my sister’s violin. Her violin’s pegs were like super tight and Guang Yi had a hard time with it. It was interesting watching him “re-stringing” it though. Learnt that there’s such a thing called the violin peg chalk. 🙂

Went for SNCO’s first BBQ at SYC yesterday. It’s the first time I went to SYC after it’s been renamed. The last time I went there was for YCF 2001 rehearsal. I remember that place and day because of someone. haha. But doubt that someone will remember. Quite a cool place anyway. I love the fact that it has free wi-fi. haha.

Not many people went for the BBQ though. Let me name those who went: Nikee, Wei Fen, Vanessa, Kenneth, Guang Yi, my sis, Weili, Meow Ling, Chui Ling, Yi Lian, Shi Ni, Kat, Shazwan, Mei Ling, Yew Kay, Louis, Mr & Mrs Chua and their daughter and Jacomo.

Super paiseh Shini remembered what I’d told her on concert night which goes something like that:

Me: Where’s Jacomo?
Shini: Oh, he left a long time ago. Why?
Me: Oh, I wanted to take a picture with him.

So when Jacomo arrived on his scooter, Shini was like, “Hey, I brought my camera today. You can take a picture with him later!”
I totally forgot about the whole conversation on the concert night until then. Anyway, the reason why I’d wanted to take a picture with him was
because he’s a guest conductor and I’d sort
of regretted not taking a picture with Terence Teow. Plus the fact that my sister brought her camera there.
(Click on the images to enlarge it)

Notice the height difference? In my head I was like, “OMG I will look short in the picture!” haha.While waiting for Shini to prepare her camera, I told Jacomo about my upcoming trip to China. And his reply was
expected (because of something I’d read). Not long later, when I was eating a satay, I heard:”Hey China girl!”

-_-” I am not a China girl.

From Left: My sis, Kenneth, Shazwan, Kat and Me.

From Left: Vanessa, my sis, Shi Ni and I.

From Left: Shazwan, Guang Yi, Kenneth, Vanessa, Kat, me, Weili, my sis and Shini. Taken at the roof top. Keppel Harbour is right behind! 🙂

Guang Yi, Vanessa and any SNCO members who are reading this, the rest of the images can be downloaded here: 😀

More pics which I’d just transferred from my phone:

View from SYC roof top. Lights are from the harbour.

Me in graduation gown taken by Zhong.

Something which I’d spotted in HS. It has been there for more than 2 years already…

Look closely:

Sotong rice! At the famous BBQ stall at PS Kopitiam. LOVE THE GRAVY! 😀 Yum!

Audrey and I (taken from Audrey’s blog). Picture taken on 11/2/07. 😀 (I think I look good in this picture. 😛 )

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Had fever yesterday after I went offline. Highest temperature was 37.7 degrees celsius. Slept for almost the whole day. Haiz. So sian now. Stomach feeling rather weird now though. Not sure why but its been like that since yesterday.

Now not sure if I should go receive Reuben or Eve. Coz I don’t know if i can stay up the whole time in the cold or not and still go for a meeting at 8.30am in the morning. help.

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