Cotton Bleu.

Went out with my best friend in office (since I returned to work) to try some escargots, coz he’d never had them before. I remembered I was just randomly saying that I have a craving for escargots, and my friend said that he’d never tried it before, so we agreed on having it someday.

I must say that I had a really good dinner that I haven’t had in a really long while.

So we decided on where to eat last week via One of our client’s atas restaurant popped-up, and my friend picked it but the price was wayyyy out of my budget (I could buy a cajon with that amount) and some bad reviews were present too, so I clicked around and spotted Cotton Bleu. That had all positive ratings and reviews.

It’s a very nice place with a nice ambience. I realise that there are some pretty good cafes/bistros in the area that I could check out.

Anyway, Cotton Bleu is located next to Ice Edge 2!!! Nice.

Didn’t take much pictures with my DSLR. Gosh I just need something that can focus at a nearer distance =/

We got the set meal thingy. Haha.

Atas places serve bread!! Cause of my eczema returning today lol. Blame it on my greediness.

The reason why we were there. The escargots are just too good. Comparable to the one I had on Royal Caribbean! (wil blog about it soon!)

Poulet Basquaise – Basically chicken and pasta in tomato kinda sauce. The chicken here is just heavenly softttt. And the pasta was cooked just right omg!! I seldom eat chicken when I see the bones, but I finished this one.

Boeuf bourguignon – Pretty filling according to my friend! He has a way big appetite and if it’s filling for him, it means something. I tried a bit of the beef, soft and has a nice taste to it. Nothing to strong for people who doesn’t like beef.

Banana Turon – This. Is. Good.

Lavender Infused Cake – To be honest, I only know how Lavender smells like, but am guessing that the little bits in the cake are lavender flowers? The top of the cake is melted sugar. Crispy and nice. Just feeling hungry thinking about it.

(Wah just had a Déjà vu… As though I’d typed the above before)

Oh and the chef was nice who came out and asked if our food was alright 🙂

Cotton Bleu

205 Upper Thomson Road

Past week was rather confusing and upsetting. But hey it’s all ok now.
Don’t wish to quarrel with a good friend again.
And when I get upset, it’s just amazing what things I will do that I won’t regret :X

Had a good conversation, and I just feel that some people are misunderstood.
Just hope that I’m right.

Thank you, if you’re reading this 🙂

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2011 recap – Major events :)

Just a recap.

1) Official photographer for SD Kenshu 2011
One of the best experiences ever, and got to make new friends and learn from them! 🙂
Thanks Benjamin, Ghim Seng and Jovien!

2) My relationship status changed
This happened on 24 March 2011. I remember the pain then, but thankfully I can’t feel it right now. After all the truths were presented to me. Status now dropped to acquaintances. I don’t think he has all the right values anymore. I wish his new girl all the best, if that is how his character is.

3) I scored the best results in my final semester

4) Graduated with 2nd Lower Honours
Mmm. CAP improved as well!

5) Shared my testimonial at NUSSD O&G
Topics were on my grades and also how the breakup changed me for the better.

6) Found a full-time job

7) Passed Buddhist Study exams

8 ) Planned and executed SNCO Photobook project

9) Joined SD Wings and got to work on 2 publications
Hopefully in future I can contribute more. Because I feel I am still quite new with this.
Thanks Yin Jie, Tin Lay.

10) Spent 12 days in Hong Kong
ooo I haven’t blogged about this. But yea, had an awesome load of fun!! 😀 Check out Facebook for pics.
Thank you Audrey, Bi Neng, Tommy and Tricia!

11) Tried fishing at a kelong
And I enjoyed it!

12) Arranged music and we performed it!
Marry You by Bruno Mars

13) Became closer to more people
I didn’t exactly neglect my friends, but now I feel the need to be closer to them. I must remember not to focus my whole world on my future relationships. Not that it is not important, but if it is what I am revolving around, it is wrong.

14) Westlife!
But they split up… =(

15) Started learning the cello
Still waiting for my own though.
Lessons have been awesome!

Wonder what my 2012 will be like. Some plans are already formulating in my head!! 😀

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I’m the only girl

Funny how now when I listen to this song, I don’t think of the past but my current situation. The not-sure-what-the-future-is situation. lol

Anyway, I hope this will be the last time I blog about this.

I still do think of the past once in a while, and that I offered to give this person a family, extended family that he never had, shared my parents and things, my life with him. And after everything this person just decided that “Oh, I shall just move on with life.”

I was wondering why someone would so easily just let me go, vs other guys who cannot accept the breakup easily, and I realised that it isn’t about a guy vs girl thing, but rather, the fact that he didn’t give in emotionally. He is in his own world. Sure, I do know his parents, his sister, his sister’s in-laws, but that was it. Nothing else was shared with me. He doesn’t contact his extended family (despite me encouraging him to, but then again they’re complicated), he doesn’t even want to teach me the cello or guitar (I did ask, in case you guys think I’m like trying to let him try to read my mind – NO). We created our own world, where I think I am more friends with his friends than him.

Sure, he has his friends too, but sad to say, I don’t know his closest friends. On one hand, he kept telling me that they aren’t good people, on the other hand he hangs out with them every week. And he also keeps telling me that they feel he shouldn’t be with me because I always check on him (e.g. asks if he’s home coz he would stay out really late, or remind him to go home earlier because he has church the next day).

But whatever, I found out his lies, and that he lied to me. So I’m not gonna care anymore. I’m quite curious to hear what his friends will say about his new gf. lol.

I’d actually written the above about 1 week ago, and am continuing this now.

2011. What a year definitely. I would say that I wasted 3 years + of my life in a relationship that didn’t have any value in it. Okay, value that I got was definitely what I shouldn’t do in my next relationship, and the people that I shouldn’t be with. Quite sad to say that I definitely wasted a lot of time that I could have used it on better things to do. Sure, we looked and things at the same direction and also encouraged each other, but our lives couldn’t be more different. I was being led by a leash on many things. I spent too much time idling at his house, and he, on his games. There wasn’t any value. I feel that in relationships, we should have created more things together that would make our lives more beneficial, but looking back, there aren’t any.

I remembered Audrey once telling me that she felt that after the 80th anniversary celebrations, her life has been improving. That time I told her that mine went downhill after it, but now, I think it was a turning point and change of karma for me. My life, once that deadlock has been relased, has been improving. Sure, there are hardships, but after that deadlock, there’s nothing that cannot be solved with NMRK. Took me one hard lesson to learn how true Buddhism is. 🙂

I set a few goals for myself last year, and as a review, they are:

  • Graduate from NUS – DONE
  • Find a job – DONE
  • Have at least 20k in my bank account – FAIL
  • Visit Australia – 2012?
  • Visit Hong Kong – DONE
  • Get Grade 8 in Music Theory (ABRSM) – Decided to drop this
  • Exercise more
  • Stay healthy
  • Share more about Buddhism
  • Compile a photobook for SNCO’s 10th anniversary – DONE

Not too bad I must say 🙂
Of course, I finally got to actually learn the cello!!! Ahh!! Still am in awed of the mystic law to how things turned out with this, being able to learn from someone who I really think is good 🙂

Things I want to do:

  • Improve in percussion skills (work consistently)
  • Play cello well (and seriously)
  • Be a better person to my family and friends
  • Do more kosen-rufu
  • More exposure to live music
  • live life fuller
  • Travel to 2 countries
  • Stay healthier
  • Work on 1 major photography project
  • Have at least 20k in my bank accounts
  • Be able to communicate better
  • Hit my commission consistently at work

Anyway, had major change of plans today as Desmond’s brother was hospitalised. Going for a DMKK instead of photography outing as originally planned. Pray that he is okay 🙁

Happy New Year everyone!

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Lego House

I haven’t posted much pictures, so shall do a post with pictures!!

Last week (Friday), went to Melissa’s place for dinner! Haha. I was one of the last few to be there, so ended up feeling a bit odd. And played with Melissa’s dog named “Girl-girl”. She responses to her name and loves “head massages”. hahaha. So funny. Anyway here’s a group pic!

Talked to Melissa’s dad. Or rather, her dad talked to me. It’s amazing how 1 year ago he was in coma and everything, and now he’s all lively, and telling me about his testimonials, the gosho, etc. I didn’t really want to stop him from talking and everything so I just sat there and listened. 🙂

Saturday saw me going to Yong Rui’s Zone GM. I felt kinda bad because my sis was performing at our own zone GM and I chose to go to other people’s zone GM to watch others perform. But I’d actually fought with myself about this decision for a while. And it’s mainly between 3 things: SNCO, my own zone GM and Yong Rui’s. All happened at the same time.

The final decision was made because I felt that I should go to a Zone GM, and that since my family were going to our own GM, I decided to go to another. Trust me, 1 year ago, I would have chosen to just go for SNCO and not bother with any of the decision.

It is an improvement! 😀

When I reached HQ, I met Jia Hao, Melissa, and then found Tommy taking a nap, and was introduced to Yong Rui’s gf by Pei Shan. Actually, I think I’d only met Yong Rui once before?

Anyway, as someone not classically trained in music (read: noob), I really enjoyed their performance (piano and double bass). Really interesting. I definitely need to up all these listening skills (after listening to what Mr Lim told me).

Anyway, we took some pics!

I took Denelle (Yong Rui’s gf) taking a pic of them.

Peishan, Me and Tommy!

So cool la!

We had supper after that and then cabbed home.

The end!

*boss is back. blog another day!

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NUSSD Graduation.

So I graduated from SD yesterday…

Wow, I remembered how 1 year ago after O&G 2010, I was walking around, feeling pretty upset and sore because my DSLR had dropped. And then Sharon and Derui came to me (at different times) and gave me 2 gifts. Sharon gave me a card that had Sensei’s guidance, and Derui, a notebook from SGI Japan. I will always treasure these gifts and will never forget the feeling when I received them.

I gave out my own postcards yesterday. Really glad that my friends love them! 😀 Based on their feedback that I got, it’s that the cards are pretty. I don’t think many of them know that the pictures were taken by me. haha. But anyways, yea.

Quite sad that a few of my friends weren’t able to attend the meeting. Would be great to have them there to share the joy and my testimonial.

I didn’t attend the day event this year, and even missed out on some stuff at the night event, but I had fun! Really loved how they involved us graduates this year, instead of us being participants only.

Anyway, I felt really honoured to be able to share my testimonial. First time!! I had always felt that my life was going well and that unless something really big happens, then I would be able to share. So now my chance came!

I thought back how 1 year ago I had only just became CIC (can you believe it?!) and now I’ve graduated! With so much more experience than I ever had in 3 years in poly. Haha. I suddenly thought of Sally’s perspective about my situation then and she explained that there was a possibility that because I had made a decision to be more active in Gakkai and also helped others more (something to that effect), I had changed my karma and polished my life. I really think so too now! 😀

I realised that life’s a series of parallel projects to be honest! So what’s next for me? I’m seriously thinking of joining Chingay next year. I had actually decided not to join this one when they announced it a few weeks ago, until they reminded us that next year is the year of the dragon!!! OMG!!! I performed at Chingay in the year 2000. Hahaha. So now it’s one cycle of the horoscope and I get the chance to join again!! Why shouldn’t I take it? haha. Trainings will start in October, so I have about a month to “relax” after the concert this week, before being busy again. I am going to make sure the month of September will allow me to settle down into learning the cello and some other long term plans that I have made for myself.

Cello… Finally I am learning it. I have been talking so many times about wanting to learn it but have been pushing it constantly away. My reasons? No money, no time. I realised that if I really want something to be a priority, I will have the money and time regardless. Even if it means my bank account being quite empty. And I was reading the book “Something Borrowed” in which the narrator was saying how she regretted having a prim and proper life up until then. Now that i have gotten school out of the way, I am going to live an exciting life! Sure I will keep a 9-5(6) job, I will still be strong in my faith, but it doesn’t mean I can’t do the many things that are out there for me. I want to learn cello, I want to be good at percussion, I want to travel, I want to have fun with my friends at Timbre, I can do that.

Nothing is impossible. 🙂

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OMG I know how this feels.

Anyway, been having lunch/dinner with friends these 2 weeks. Don’t know what I was worried about seriously. I wasted my holidays worrying about something that I don’t have control in when I could have been having more fun meeting up with friends, having lunch/dinner.

I think I’ve changed. I used to be someone who didn’t like a lot of things. It made me angry, and upset, because I didn’t like these things and I didn’t want to do them. What resulted was someone who was scared and lonely, and boring.

Finally taking some action to fulfil something that I’ve been talking about since 16. 🙂

Need more daimoku. 🙂

Also, i didn’t realise how hard it is to write my own testimonial (for sharing in Gakkai). I’ve been procrastinating it a lot, because it is very painful to recollect these thoughts and put them down into words. It’s like cutting my heart open again. I am not kidding. I really think many people who have shared are really brave. I want to be like them.

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Nothing is impossible.

There is nothing that is impossible anymore.

And I really mean nothing.

My life has changed really dramatically in the past 3 months, and things that the closed minded me felt were impossible actually happened. 🙂 I used to think that I wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation with a few people, because we aren’t that similar, but that has changed. And I bet that the things that i now think are impossible, will be made possible one day! 😀

I wonder if anyone still reads this blog? Well, it doesn’t matter. To be honest, this blog will definitely be here for me to record my life and read it many years from now, things that I’d forgotten.

Things that I will be blogging about: Commencement, HK Trip (12 days one).

I would just like to say that I’m glad that I got to know Audrey, Tommy, Tricia, Crystal, Jie Shi, and many many others in Gakkai. Without them, I probably would have honestly just rather disappeared from this earth. Okay, maybe not as serious, but I would just wanted to disappear. It sounds cheesy, and probably a bit mushy, but I feel that such stuff should just be openly said, instead of being kept inside for one person, who may never even stay forever in your life.

Happiness should be shared with as many people as possible. Perhaps one day I may find that one special person, but in the meantime, I shall just be happy where ever I am, with friends who are happy being with me and do their best to help me however they can. 🙂

To be honest, I am really very glad that Audrey and Tommy stays quite near my place! I can actually just walk over to their house or meet them nearby for dinner. =x Quite paiseh to actually bug them for 2 consecutive days last week. Probably they would have dinner at home after their parents are back! But never mind, I hope that we can still meet up, etc. 🙂 They’re really really great people and friends and I honestly can’t thank them enough.

Maybe like what Kaiwei said, I probably haven’t met good enough guys yet, who would actually know how to take care of me. Maybe.

So far:

  • Graduate from NUS – DONE
  • Find a job – Almost done
  • Have at least 20k in my bank account
  • Visit Australia
  • Visit Hong Kong – DONE
  • Get Grade 8 in Music Theory (ABRSM)
  • Exercise more
  • Stay healthy
  • Share more about Buddhism
  • Compile a photobook for SNCO’s 10th anniversary
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Summary of 2010 and current plans for 2011.

In 2010,

In 2011, I plan to…

  • Graduate from NUS
  • Find a job – Almost done
  • Have at least 20k in my bank account
  • Visit Australia
  • Visit Hong Kong
  • Get Grade 8 in Music Theory (ABRSM)
  • Exercise more
  • Stay healthy
  • Share more about Buddhism
  • Compile a photobook for SNCO’s 10th anniversary
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SSA’s 2010 General Meeting cum SGI’s 80th Anniversary Celebrations

So, I guess the YCF this year was replaced with a SYM as well as this: the 80th Anniversary Celebrations of SSA in Singapore Indoor Stadium (SIS). It was a SSA members-only event and you had to go for at least 2 discussion meetings in order to get the ticket for this event.

SD and FD members were also involved in this, for the youth dance, youth cheer as well as the RHQ cheers. I didn’t attend any of the trainings as I was to be involved in this celebrations with SNCO 🙂

It felt as though this was a YCF itself. And I really missed this whole “big family” feeling with the other SSA members.

We first had our major combined rehearsal on the 19th December at SSA HQ. And that was where I realised who will be performing with us.

That day was pretty fun actually. 🙂 I’d brought 90 to take pictures. Here are some of them. The rest are on my facebook:

*note: This is going to be a photographs intensive post

Singing is their passion.

And when we were on stage getting ready, I heard this drums sound coming from somewhere and I turned and saw…


I haven’t seen him in ages, and only heard from him a few months ago when I contacted him to catch up with him. He’s really funny, and I really miss those times in SWE when he was still a percussionist with us. He’s with the Red Band now. And I got to meet his student that day too. I didn’t know who he was but I thought he should be around my age from how he was dressed and he didn’t really smile. lol.

RCO Bassists.

Kenneth and Audrey.


The rest of them

Kenneth, Audrey and Kat. I forgot what they were laughing about.

It happened to be Meow Ling’s birthday the next day (20th Dec) and so we had a small celebration for her.

24 Dec
We had a rehearsal on Christmas Eve. I went down there straight after work, and met up with Audrey to go there. Huzz was there and he walked me there to SIS and then went back. He’s just an awesome guy la. Even 5 minutes with me he also don’t mind. :))

So we went around playing with cameras mainly, and played twice only I believe.
I didn’t bring 90, so used my Nokia phone’s camera to take pictures.

Oh ya Jiu Jian, Jeff Wang, Zhu Yong Qin and Ye Li Mei were to be the celebrity hosts for the pre-show segment. Jeff Wang specially flew in for this event and the rehearsal! Wow!

And Jeff Wang looks really really good in person. Not kidding. I just cannot believe my luck to be able to see him! In fact, for some reason, I started behaving like a typical fan after seeing him lol.

Red band.

I don’t really remember a lot of things but just that at the finale, Audrey and I were almost the last 2 to go on the stage and we happened to stand in front of uncle Jack’s student. We turned to watch him play (we were at the back anyway, so no one could see us) coz as percussionists and as friends of Uncle Jack, I felt that the electronic drum pad thingy was quite interesting. And Uncle Jack’s student was quite good actually. He looked up and saw us watching him, and Audrey and I gave him a smile, and he smiled back (I’m telling this coz not because he smiled back or whatnot but because of what was going to happen next). He lost count of where he was playing at, and for like 2 seconds, stared at the drum pad and started laughing to himself. LOL! I thought that was pretty funny. lol!

I told Audrey, and we decided to disturb him the next day.

Some of them wanted to have supper at Kallang Leisure Park’s Mac around 10.30pm, but Audrey and I were like “But it’s so late!!!” As we are among the youngest in SNCO, many of them went, “Wah how old are you both? We don’t find it late but you both find it late?” haha. Well, we had to be there at Indoor Stadium at 8.30am! So we didn’t go.

25 Dec
Was to meet Audrey at 7.45am at Kovan MRT station but we were both late. We were to meet Kenneth at 7.50am at Serangoon MRT station but he ended up heading to Stadium first.

Met a few other SSA members on the train including Weilun and Siow Siong. 🙂

And it was soundcheck, and more waiting (and taking pictures time). The first show was to be at 2pm.
Some pictures are courtesy from Kenneth and his iPhone!

Me and Kenneth.

We had a mini gift exchange. haha. I got Kat’s gift (a cup), Kat got Audrey’s (a mini lava lamp), Audrey got Kenneth’s (thumbdrive) and Kenneth got mine (Monopoly Deal). We ended up playing Monopoly Deal while waiting for the finale. It was my first time playing it and I felt it was pretty interesting! Though kind of weird how suddenly someone will just win like that.

Then it was the finale again! And we took lots of pics backstage and kept singing “I Rise” (the theme song). Desmond even added beatboxing! lol. I haven’t laughed so much in a lot. And I was really high. Haha. You don’t get this sort of high easily.

So anyway, what happened at the end of the first show is that there were lots of performers who took pics with Jeff Wang. And I was among those who waited. However, was unable to do so as Jeff had to go backstage.
What happened after that was that my sis found out where Jeff Wang’s holding room was, and Audrey, Kenneth, my sis and I decided to go take a look and hopefully get a picture with him. It turns out that his holding room was the same as Pin Wen’s and Uncle Jack’s. And when we were at the door, Uncle Jack waved to call us into the room and we just rushed in. Lol. Talked to uncle Jack quite a bit, and then he asked us if we wanted to take pics? Hahaha. something like that, and we took pictures with the celebrities (sans Jiu Jian):

Pic of all of us former and current SNCO members! 🙂 Look who’s at the back. hahaha

More pics from waiting and the soundcheck before the second show:

The ever awesome YMD Brass Band. The choir also rocks. Their version of “I Rise” was totally epic and you can totally feel the whole song. Haha. But I wish the Brass Band people would smile more when we smile at them coz sometimes they don’t :((

So it was the 2nd performance after a lot of waiting, and Audrey and I went to touch up our makeup in between. We aren’t girls who usually wear makeups, but yea, just for the fun of it. lol
We also decided to take a pic with Uncle Jack’s student (we found out his name’s Jacob) after the finale.
After our performance with RCO, we sang lots of Gakkai songs with the RCO people. And then took a big group pic.

It was like a major party after that:

From Tricia’s phone.

And yes, we took a pic with Jacob. Audrey and I didn’t manage to guess his age right. haha when I found out his age, I was pretty stunned but yet sort of expected. Haha. He used this pic as his Facebook DP after I tagged him on it. 🙂 So sweet!

After that we had supper with Audrey’s family. Her dad gave us (percussion section) a treat at Subway and we talked to Martin after sooo many years 🙂

Everything’s just awesome. I decided to blog this now before I start losing the high (already losing quite a bit of it, and feeling quite sad about it. Nevertheless, it was an awesome and fun experience as always and as per each YCF. 🙂 Glad to know new people and see them in Gakkai! 🙂

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Code XtremeApps competition.

I reached Dhoby Ghaut at 9.05am because Teck Hwee said to meet the day before at 9.15am. As expected, I was the earliest, and Hwa Swee arrived about 10 minutes later.

We went to Starbucks and got a drink (Vanilla Latte for me), sat there and talked about what’s going to happen next semester in school. :S Yan Qin, Yi Long, Tom, Vijay, Harish and Teck Hwee arrived and we all walked to SMU SIS building.

Met Li ying outside the building. She forgot her laptop adapter and we waited till about 10.30am before heading up to register for the Code Xtreme Apps competition.

Upon receiving our package, we immediately took everything out and looked through it. The theme of the competition was similar to what we’d guessed it would be, and hence went on to discuss what we could do with the theme. We also realised that our group’s room number was invalid and went on to clarify with the NUS professor what it should be. Haha.

The competition started right after lunch. LY, YL and I realised that we were sitting in front of Vijay’s team until they got reallocated to another room. THEN, about 30 minutes into the competition, the “helper” told us to move to another room. -_-” We’d already settled down into our places and started coding already! Was super annoyed and irritated by that, but nevermind. At least the seats we were allocated to in the other room was more spacious. And the room we were allocated to was the same as Vijay’s team and Nicole’s team. 🙂

Encountered loads of problems thoughout the competition as YL and I haven’t coded in Java for almost half a year (and what we’d coded 6 months ago were mapplets). So poor LY had to help us. I tried not to build onto her stress level by looking at the Java and Google GWT APIs. One of the functions that I was supposed to do couldn’t work out in the end and ended up working on another function.

Time flew by very quickly. By the time of submission, even though we weren’t able to complete all our functions, at least the important ones were done. We encountered deployment problems. I’m guessing the reason for it would most likely be the fact that the project wasn’t created properly at the beginning. >.< Oh well. Luckily for us, the organisers allowed us to submit our files in a normal folder. 🙂 We were the last team to get judged. Comments from the judges were that what we did was interactive and different from others. They tried to get us to "sell" our project, but due to the lack of sleep, we failed that part. Lol. But was quite alright in the end. So well, the weekend was fruitful as I got to learn a lot more about Google WTK as compared to the stuff that I'd read up at home about it. Learnt a lot about using Eclipse as well (though I still am not used to using it). Though I felt that perhaps this competition should be divided into categories. Even though Ruby on Rails, Google Maps, Google Mashup and GWT are new technology, there are many professionals or people out there who are already well-versed at it. A lot of us are newbies to these technology and we would definitely not win or cannot even compare to their standard in a competition like this. Even though the organisers emphasized that it is the idea that is important in this competition, it is afterall a programming competition. Maybe by having different categories in this competition, the top few of each category could have a second round of judging and the best would be able to win the Google trip or something? Just my 2 cents worth on this. 🙂

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