I’m Married!

Yess finally! Haha
Finally because we started working on our wedding almost a year ago, and finally everything is done.
Despite us looking forward to this day for so long, it still feels better to have something plan being executed after thinking or working on it for so long.

I won’t go into too much detail, but thought I’ll log down our/my general thought process so that I can look back at it in future and/or hopefully it’ll help others.

The other thing I want to say is that, both our parents are pretty liberal in letting us plan the wedding. So all we did was update them with the progress.

We spent a total of less than $25k for the wedding + photoshoot. I won’t list the individual costs here as the quotes given by the vendor might be different depending on your requirements (which wouldn’t be fair for them if I listed their prices here). I would say these are value for money vendors – meaning they are professional and very nice vendors but not well known enough to charge very high costs, so do check out their portfolio and work with them if you find that you like their work.

What we wanted our wedding to be like
I’ve always wanted a simple and small wedding. BUT, not too small until there are only relatives, but one where friends that I want to invite can also come.

The thing is, this gave us a problem where the wedding wouldn’t be very very small. We ended up having a wedding with around 200 pax mainly because of the venue’s minimum number.

This was a difficult part – we started our wedding planning with this.

We started by looking at restaurants coz of our budget, but the thing is, we aren’t sure which restaurants are good.

We ended up going to a wedding fair at Vivo’s atrium in Jan 2016 (where we were hounded by some photography shop staff for quite a while), and noticed Orchid Country Club’s booth with their promotion.

The staff weren’t pushy, and the promotional package seem to cover almost everything that we need (other than food and venue – free flow alcohol, decorations, ang bao box, free guestbook, free room stay).

We didn’t sign on the spot but decided to think it through.
After thinking about it, we chose a wedding lunch to keep the wedding simple.

The benefits of a wedding lunch are:
1) It finishes fast – guests can go elsewhere or run errands after that.
2) If you’re doing gatecrashing, you don’t have to wait so long for the banquet.
3) They don’t usually rush the food, and guests don’t have to worry about transport.
4) It is cheaper.

We chose buffet, mainly because we didn’t want the lunch to drag too long. We love weddings that are short and sweet (I think the guests too).

Pre-wedding shoot
Our friends usually have their pre-wedding shoot near the wedding, but we decided to have our pre-wedding shoot earlier as it’s usually something major before the wedding.

This was our to do list:
1) Photographer – we choose a freelance photographer recommended by a friend, mainly because the price fit our budget and the photographer’s portfolio was pretty good.

We worked with Ivan from LightSmith LLP, and I say he exceeded our expectations.

2) Dress – In photos, as long as something looks decent, you don’t need to spend too much money on it. I spent S$100 on a dress from this shop on Qoo10. It exceeded my expectations and all I had to do was to bring to a tailor to edit it (she charged me $5 only).

3) Location – I wanted something outdoors as I didn’t like the indoor decorations and stuff. I saw some pictures of Coney Island and I suggested that.

4) Makeup – Ivan (our photographer) recommend using this app called Vanitee to look for a makeup artist. I didn’t like his recommended ones but ended up finding this makeup artist Mint Gooi from Casaminto. You can find her portfolio here: Casaminto Makeup.

Mint was very professional and friendly and she knows her stuff. That’s the most important thing. I had spoken to another makeup artist prior to her and the other lady told me that she could do the makeup at Coney Island in the morning. Mint told me that she won’t be able to do it as there won’t be any electricity for the hair curling irons which was true.

We took the pictures in March 2016.

Wedding Dress
My thought process was this: People won’t remember what you wear a year later. Believe me, I don’t remember most of my friend’s weddings except roughly the people I sat with. Ended up buying another dress from the same Qoo10 shop. This was slightly expensive ($125), and I bought the wrong size the first time – do leave me a comment if you would like to purchase the unworn dress from me.

Justice of Peace (JOP)
We wanted to go for a lady JOP, and I let Eugene do the contacting. He did it quite last minute (and I mean 4 months before the wedding), so we didn’t get our first choice. I felt that this was a blessing in disguise however, as our JOP that we got on the actual day was Mr Mike Tam Chee Wah. He has a good sense of humour which our guests all commented that he was a good JOP and some of them have actually asked for his contact details. He was also very nice and gave us advice on what to do. We had originally only wanted one march in (after our solemnization), but seeing that there were many guests already there, he suggested that we have a march in before our solemnization which I felt was a nice touch to our wedding. We highly recommend him as your first choice if you’re looking for a solemnizer.

Brothers and Sisters
We kept it simple and asked 3 of our closest friends (in my case, my sister and Eugene’s sister plus one of my good friend who have been there for me for years – Meow Ling), to help us.

There wasn’t any gatecrash so it was even easier.

I remember Eugene’s brothers asking what to wear on the actual day and I told them it’s up to them, which made them super happy lol.

Program on actual day
This was done up with reference to a few other files that we found online as well as our own experience at weddings and how we wanted it to be like.

We kept it simple since there wasn’t any changing of dress – only one march in, video montage as well as speech and toast.

We kept to working with Ivan on the actual day as his price was reasonable and his professionalism was there.
Same goes for Mint!

Deco/wedding favours
This was part of the wedding package with Orchid Country Club, so all we did was to make decisions and choose.
We chose espresso mugs as well as passport holders. Interestingly the passport holders were the more popular ones!

I’d worked with Happy Gorillas on one occasion and had used their photobooth at a friend’s wedding.
The good thing about their photobooth is that the pictures are not small. I understand having credit card sized pictures, but they’re so small that I can barely see the pictures properly. And if you see how people keep the photos, if they’re big enough, they will put it on display at their home, their desks etc.
Value for money prices as well and they allowed for customization of the frame!

Live band
Lastly, live band for the guests!
If you’ve been to buffet weddings, you’ll know that they are boring. People eat at most 2 rounds and they get bored and sit around doing nothing. Hence, we decided to hire a live band to entertain the guests.

We booked Jeremy and Sky from Merry Bees (they work with a few other companies as well I believe) and topped up for Jeremy to be the Emcee as well. I was very worried about how it would go on the actual day (because I saw a friend’s emcee that he booked from a vendor screwing up his whole wedding) but his professionalism was just amazing!! I needn’t worry at all. His singing was also very good and a lot of friends raved about the band after the wedding!

We almost wanted to confirm with another vendor with regards to booking someone else for the band, but they turned out to be super unprofessional and we gave up trying after a month trying to confirm with them. Do comment with your email address and I’ll let you know which vendor.

Will update with pictures once they are sent over!

*Note: we gave various amounts of Ang baos to our vendors, JOP, brothers and sisters as well.

Would like to thank all the vendors and everyone who helped out at our wedding (25 Feb 2017)!

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Evelyn Glennie in Singapore 2015

Three years ago I watched Evelyn Glennie in Singapore. Back then, I’d only played with a Symphonic Band/Orchestra (just every Sunday, non-professionally).

Fast forward 3 years on, I’m taking a break from my Symphonic Band practice, and I’ve explored and played with different people and bands the past year; I’d auditioned and failed in about 3 bands, but also had the opportunity to play in different bands for their performances. Still, I lack self-confidence most of the time, and struggle regularly on whether I should continue playing or give it up, as I know that as compared to professionals, I can be nowhere as good as them.

I envy professional musicians – they get to hone their skills everyday and do what I wish I was good at. Some of my friends (both professionals and non-professionals) know that I’m going through this and they told me not to compare this way.

When Parvin told us that she was able to meet Evelyn Glennie and ask her questions if any, the first question that I had was again the above – What would she advice a non-professional percussionist who knows that she isn’t as good as a professional even though she does her best to work on her skills as best that she can?
Evelyn’s answer (as conveyed by Parvin) was this: There’s no such thing as non-professional percussionists. We are all the same and equal whether we are professionals or not. The most important thing is that we need to explore and understand people’s feelings and try to understand what life is all about. We are here to share our beautiful stories of life through our performances to the audience. Even the audience has some stories to share.

I think this was the best answer that I’d received. I was reminded previously about how we should connect with the audience through our performance but this was the best reminder. I’m really thankful for Parvin to ask my question too! 🙂

This time, I attended Evelyn’s performance with Carol and Parvin – 2 brilliant percussionists that I get to play with. It was Carol’s first time watching the SCO (my 2nd time) and just like my first time watching them previously, she was in awe. There were 2 other soloists – Yu Hong Mei who plays the Er Hu (her music accolades are really amazing), and Han Lei who plays the Guan Zi. I’m intrigued by the sound of the Guan Zi – the lower one with elements that makes it sound like the clarinet, and the higher one which sounds a little like the saxophone.
Pretty much was a good reminder to myself about music.

And we finally finally got a picture with Evelyn Glennie herself!!!
She’s really really nice 🙂

IMG-20150905-WA0012< image7

Thank you for inspiring all musicians as always!

I really really love playing music. This is why I haven’t given up yet.

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I am misunderstood

I am misunderstood.
Everyone thinks I’m angry but no one tries to understand me.

I have pleaded for help.
So far only my family and now my bf has agreed to help.

I am misunderstood.
I am not angry but I don’t know that what came out was rude.

I mean what I say.
Unless I am joking or trying to tease a person.

I have never told lies or not meant what I said unless it was an unconscious behaviour.
And it wasn’t conscious today.

Sometimes I wonder why other people I know can say the same thing and no one thinks that they are rude. Sure words like “guai lan” or “fierce” is used to describe that person but no one says that they are rude. I don’t understand and sometimes I do think that it is not fair.

Then I think further and I guess it’s because I chant, and through this chanting I am changing and I have people reminding me.

I only seek for nicer reminders that don’t make me cry. I am already harsh with myself most of the time and it is affecting my life, confidence and esteem. Thank you for doing your best to help me.

I never said that I am perfect. I am doing my best to improve and be better.

I only ask for nicer reminders because making me upset will not make me remember – it is only temporary that I do if I am upset. Being nice to me (because everyone else treats me like shit), I can.

Thank you for helping.

I am misunderstood.
I wish I am not.

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Aligners: Week 7-9

It’s the beginning of week 9 now!

Nothing much to update actually as I’d already predicted what will happen at each set of aligners (e.g. where are the rough edges to file, where to put the wax, etc) and it’s very comfortable whenever I put them on. It’s only the soreness of the teeth when it moves that makes it uncomfortable but it’s usually gone after the 3rd day and everything falls in place.

The 5th set of aligners (week 9-10) is also really comfortable except when I put on and it hits my gum at the back. But after that, it’s okay too.

I’ll be travelling next month, so I did some research on what to do and bring. Will be buying some “portable/individual” flosses and thinking of getting a small bottle of mouthwash. I’ll of course be able to brush at the apartment that we are staying at, but throughout the day I hope those will suffice.

It’s busy next few months. =/

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Could be the changing of the seasons.

Everyone always tells you how stressful it is to join a new company or get a new job.

No one really tells you how stressful it is leaving a company.

Packing up is the hard.

Telling your clients you’re leaving is harder.
People ask “Why?”

Why did I want to leave?
Because I am tired of working here? Because I really want to see how it is like out there? Because I’ve finally had enough?

So many answers to this, that I cannot really pinpoint a reason, so I just tell them it’s because I’ve ben here for so long already and they usually just nod.

I’ve met so many different people the past almost 5 years working here. Majority of them are awesome people, but there are a few who really stood out in a bad way. Like that first client that boss ever sacked.

Then I’ve met a pretty famous singer, a sports commentator, and a Gakkai member even.

Not sure how it will be like at that new place. But for now, I’ll only ask for forgiveness if I become cranky. I’m both physically and mentally stressed right now, despite trying to not think about it.

Could be the changing of the seasons, but I hope to be back to myself soon.

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How a Jam goes to hell (31 July).

[Disclaimer] I don’t claim to be a very awesome drummer, or someone who is veryyyy nice. Here are just some thoughts about what people should not do when organising a jam.

So a few weeks ago, I actually went on Soft and contacted someone who’s looking for a drummer.

(Sidetrack) As I’m doing a course online on Social Psychology, the first thing that was taught is hindsight bias. Before I look back in hindsight at all these, I shall post my thoughts here.

I had to contact the person twice before I got a reply if they were still looking for a drummer. “But okay, that’s alright”, I thought. Perhaps they were busy.

I got the set list just last week, and they were:
1) Try – Pink
2) Diamonds – Rihanna
3) Stronger – Kelly Clarkson
4) Yellow – Coldplay
5) Rolling in the deep – Adele
6) Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
7) Separate Ways – Journey
8) I will Survive – Gloria

They added another song yesterday: Torn – Natalie Imbruglia

Problem #1: Too long a set list
I raised this issue to them, that usually when I jam, we play about 5 songs, for 1 hour+, unless we get bored, we might think of more songs to do on the spot. They asked me how many songs I can do. So I told them, I can play all the songs, just won’t work on all of them.

Problem #2: Safety
Okay, let me continue my rant.
I know Singapore is a relatively safe country, but if someone tells you that they don’t have facebook. And we can’t have an audience at the first meeting, it gets creepy, and weird. And I am a girl. I may be paranoid here, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Problem #3: Timing
So I messaged them that I will meet them directly at the jam studio. The reply I got was “8pm. Don’t be late.”
Out of respect, I went early to meet Eugene for dinner, and then we went in at 7.50pm.

Guess what time they arrived?
Eight. Twenty. PM.

They took 10 minutes + to set up.
C’mon la. If you can tell others not to be late you at least should be on time too right? I had to message twice to ask where they were (after 8pm) and was only told that they’re coming.

They didn’t even apologise for being late. Thanks ah.

Problem #4: Was it even a jam?
There was a guitarist, a bassist, and a lady.
The lady was the supposed singer.
Suddenly, one shorter guy came in, and asked me about my drum score, and was told to sit down. Whut?

Who was he? I wasn’t intro-ed. I thought no audiences were allowed?

Then halfway through, this girl dashed in to ask for money from the organiser coz of her cab or something. And then she sat down. Again, no introduction.

I found out from my bf that the shorter guy was to be the next drummer after me. Oh so this is now an audition? So who is that girl?

Then suddenly the first lady left, and the second took over to sing. ?!?! No explanation again.

Problem #5: I paid 1/3 of the jamming fees
They booked for 2 hours -> $18/hr so $36.
I was told to pay $10.

Summary: This has been a very confusing jam. LOL. I would conclude that there are some rude people out there. Shouldn’t you be nice and at least explain that it wasn’t a jam? I don’t really care about the money tbh. But just to highlight that there are such people out there.

I’m not sure if they will read this, but I really don’t think I will jam with them.
Shall quit the group chat next week if no sound no picture. Haha.

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Baybeats 2013 (Review + Photographs)

So, for the past many years, I would happen to stumble by Baybeats while walking by Esplanade.

This year was the first time that I had made arrangements just to go down and watch.

Eugene’s band wyd:syd went for the auditions too but unfortunately didn’t get in (they went on to win the SIM-UOL MusicFest, and got into Noise TMM). I still remember how when we first knew each other, he didn’t expect me to know what Baybeats was.

Sadly, the few months before Baybeats, I noticed that at the line-up, GSE wasn’t included. I really wanted to watch them live.

Nevertheless, went down on Day 1 to check out Force Vomit, where Eugene’s mentor for Noise is in it.
I didn’t know what sort of genre they play, but they reminds me of Indonesia Pop music.

Do note that all my music perspective are from a very generic symphonic band perspective.

But before that, we checked out this post-rock band withyouathome. Very awesome band with very very good band spirit.

We went down on the 3rd day with my camera so that I could try and learn taking some music related/performance shots. And also check out the bands of course.

Esther Lowless (and her acoustic band)

Read so much about her recently online as well as on the papers. Didn’t really hear how she sounds like until at Baybeats itself. Pretty interesting mix of genres for her different songs. Her drummer for the acoustic line-up is the same as the Tall Mountains drummer if not wrong. Pretty excited to see a cello in the arrangement.






I didn’t really expect her music to be how it was to be. As all the articles and interviews of her seemed pretty, erm, emo. But her music doesn’t feel emo at all. In fact, I think it’s something most people would enjoy listening to, whether on the drive home, or some good music you hear when sitting at cafes.

We caught Electrico as well. Didn’t take any pictures because I was sitting from a pretty awkward view. Too many people! I think there were at least 500 people who turned up to watch them. Most of their songs were new songs, and it was quite obvious that they’re heading in a new direction with regards to their music. Can’t wait to hear more of their new stuff!

Sloppy Joe (JP)

We caught the last band at the Arena. Sloppy Joe. They’re a 5 person band from Japan, playing 1980s British kind of music. Happy sort of music. They were pretty good, but just that after a while, everything sounds kind of similar. But well, most of the bands I listen to gives me such a feeling. Sloppy Joe makes you feel happy though. And their drummer, wow. He looks happy most of the time, enjoying himself at his throne. haha. I wish I could play happy too 🙂







That wraps up my short post on Baybeats 2013. Hopefully more good bands next year! And maybe wyd:syd too 🙂

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Just keep breathing.

The song above came at the right time.

Feeling pretty down these few days I really don’t know why. PMS perhaps?

Couldn’t sleep properly the past 2 nights. The only time when I felt comfortable enough to sleep was when I was at my bf’s room, but yet I’m not sure if I’m allowed to stay over >.< Sometimes I'm just really confused about things, about my thoughts. I just want to sleep and rest (wished weekdays are longer!), instead of working my ass off everyday, and paying bills. I keep thinking that I am not good enough, whether for myself or for my bf. I feel like I keep disappointing everyone and that people are gonna leave me soon. I need to fight this, plus I'm burning out. Some of the things that I am appreciative of today - My family: Even though I'm the only one working now, we are all healthy, safe and sound - My bf: For being there despite me being not my usual self lately. - Midnight: For cheering me up with the little things, and also letting me hug him lol - My job: Despite all the - Myself: For being alive and still wanting to fight to be positive again. Maybe, I am just tired. And I think I need to chant more.

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hic’cup Concept Cafe

I have this potential client that I’m trying to get and their office is in Tanjong Pagar.

After a meeting once with them, I stumbled across this new mall called 100am.

It just so happened that I saw on Deal website a deal for a set meal at hic’cup Concept Cafe located at 100am, and bought a pair for Eugene and I.

So we went last Saturday!

hiccup concept cafe menu



My Candied Citron Tea. Made up of yuzu, honey and kanten strips. Soothes and beautifies me!!

Fruit and vegetable salad!

Eugene’s! Can’t remember what it’s called lol. But it’s milk and grass jelly! (Item doesn’t seem to be on the menu on their website hmm)

Carnivore crepe – Egg with ham (if I remember correctly) and some other toppings!

Surfer’s Dude crepe – Tuna with bonito flakes, mayo and some other toppings!

Their crepes are soft egg crepes. Not sure what the term for it is, but I know there’s another type that’s like without egg and harder.

The meal was definitely worth it! I was quite surprised about the portion of the drinks as we thought it would be a small cup. It’s a pleasantly big cup and we were quite full for dinner after that!

We got the meal through a deal, but the normal price is already quite affordable to be honest. Just $10.90 per set!


To find out more about hic’cup, check out their website:

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There I was again tonight.

Just had the realisation that as someone playing music, we always compare ourselves with others. In a competition, it is never how good that one band is, but it is always subjective to how the previous band was. This has been kinda instilled in me since secondary school band days.

So i just realised that being with a musician much better than me has made me want to push myself forward much more, because in comparison to Eugene, i’m one with lesser chances of making it in the non-classical/symphonic band scene. Problem is that I feel that somehow, my trying to work on things have a really lower success rate.

Finished watching Beck yesterday, and in it was a scene where the band leader was being chided by his friend for breaking the band up. And all the guy thought of was that he wanted to be successful because he promised his friend (who happens to be the lead guitarist of a famous band) so.

Can’t help but think that sometimes, we focus too much on the end result (being successful) that we end up sacrificing people along the way. Sacrificing things and time is ok. But people? Do we really want to do it this way? They may not be good enough or may be flawed now, but do we not give them a chance? Of course, if nothing improves after giving them chances it’s another story. But sometimes our impatience on being successful will throw people out of our lives and turn us into people that lose our own principles

Let’s hope i won’t be like this.

On another note, I really want to be like those second percussionists who play with a major band. Those who do all the other smaller percussion instrument and sound effects (e.g. tambourine, triangle, bongos).

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