Just a quick post here.

Met up with Tommy yesterday for dinner after he came back from US.
We talked about many things, and there was one thing that I hadn’t noticed myself subconsciously saying after her pointed it out:

“Why are you always emphasizing on free gigs?”

He went on to say that it’s a sad thing that most Singaporeans won’t want to pay to watch good music or support people doing the arts. Most of the time, our mindset is that if we don’t earn money from it, we don’t do it. Or how we are going to earn money if we’re doing music or anything related to the arts.

I guess I don’t realise it but it’s true. Most of the people I know don’t turn up for shows unless they don’t have to pay for it. Or they would rather support others than their friends. Or people would ask for free or discounted tickets. It’s quite sad isn’t it. Only a few would kindly pay however much they can to support. And I’m not just talking about one band, but in general. I’m not well experienced in the local scene, but yea, I guess our mentality should change. Heck, people don’t even support the local bands most of the time who open for others. They’ll just get boo-ed off stage or something.

No wonder people go away to do what they want. It’s not even about the non-governmental support. It’s about the people.

Treasure is chosen because it has been ringing in my head since the topic on Bruno Mars came up yesterday. lol

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After the Sun.


Once in a while, I surprise myself with a photo like the above. It isn’t perfect, but it captured what I wanted to at that point in time. ๐Ÿ™‚

It has been a very tough period for me since last year till now: work, family, and my personal battles to fight (about Photography and music). I wanted to quit playing music as well as doing photography and just do nothing. But the other part of me really enjoys it to not want to quit.

I get loads of encouragement as always, and usually I’ll tell myself to give it one more shot before giving up. And that one more shot usually gets me back.

It has been a rough week as well. But well, looking forward to CNY. Very glad that dad is better now!

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3rd trip in 2012: Random HK Trip with Desmond, Kailun and KT (13 – 18 June 2012) – Not a typical HK trip!

Long overdued post I know! But I shall post this up still! ๐Ÿ˜€

I did random stuff. A lot. This year.

So one of the most random and expensive thing I did was to agree and book tickets to Hong Kong one Sunday.
It was after Desmond told me about the SIA offer that they’re giving to Hong Kong. He wanted to go with his gf, but the catch is that in order to enjoy the offer, a minimum of 3 people are required.

Within 15 mins I made my decision, and by the afternoon, a flight booking was made. Hahahaha.

I was determined that this trip will allow me to visit places that I have never been to at HK. I was a little worried at the beginning that because of my youth (haha), Desmond and his gf Kailun will not allow me to venture to places alone. But in the end, everything was pretty spontaneous, we changed plans a bit, and I was able to fulfil my HK to do list! haha so awesome!!

Anyway, this trip was pretty good, as I made new friends with Kailun and her colleague (who joined us and was real great help. Achieved lots of things that I wanted to, which mainly would be to explore more of HK. ^^

This trip was the week before my BKK trip, and naturally, my boss was rather angry. haha. But oh wells.

Anyways, here goes!!

Night 1 (14 June)
Watched a few movies on the plane. SQ is awesome.

I had a near panic on the plane when I realised that by the time we reached HK, it would nearly be past midnight. AND that realisation that you may not get a room coz it’s “the next day” sucks. Haha. Immediately called up the hotel upon landing to make sure that I would still have my room.

Anyway, Kian Tong (KT), who is Kailun’s colleague at work could speak cantonese!! So he was the one who got a cab for us to where our hotels are located.

I checked in to my pleasantly nice hotel room at Guang Dong Hotel with 2 single beds however (no wonder they’re expensive!), and afterwards went downstairs to meet them to walk around. The place was located near lots of pubs and bars, and I got disturbed by a foreigner within 5 mins of going downstairs -.-

All for myself~

So anyway, KT was really familiar with the area and we walked around, bought a SIM card, snacks, and then went back to the hotel for the night. I really settled down pretty fast. It was rather scary to be alone in a quiet hotel room, but I enjoyed the freedom quite a bit to be honest!

Day 1 (15 June)
Woke up rather early!

Kinda miss these kind of views!

Desmond and Kailun

I remembered that KT told us about this nice dim sum place which had “life changing ๆตๆฒ™ๅŒ…” so we headed there. It was a bit weird at first, as I don’t know KT at all, but after this meal, it was all pretty okay! He’s a bio teacher I think?

The place is ๆทปๅฅฝ่ฟ (Tim Ho Wan in Cantonese) [Link at Open Rice]

Awesome chee cheong fun

One of my favourite dessert. Flower with jelly… ๆก‚่Šฑ็ณ•๏ผ lol but they don’t do it like they do in HK!

the ๆตๆฒ™ๅŒ…! But didn’t take the insides. VERY YUMMY THOUGH.

Then they headed to the big Buddha at Lantau Island. As I’ve been there twice, I decided not to go up again. Hung out around Citygate Outlet shopping centre, mainly to buy Body Shop stuffs, use the free Wifi, and just slack.

Saw quite a few Singaporeans.

Afterwards, I headed off myself to a Nunnery!! Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden. They’re just side by side. Wanted to go somewhere quieter instead of seeing the noisy HK all the time!

Pretty exciting btw, travelling to the unknown. But anyway, HK is very accessible and there are loads of directions all over so I didn’t get lost.

The Garden.

Some rock exhibition

It got dark pretty soon! So I headed back to look for the rest to have dinner! Can’t remember what was the place we ate at haha.

Brought them to Tuttimelon Lolol.

Day 2 (16 June)
We met up again to have breakfast! KT brought all of us to this really hidden place to eat Tomato noodles!! I was a bit apprehensive at first, coz tomatoes are usually sour, but I tell you, once you eat one mouth of it, you want more!!!

It’s called ๆ˜Ÿๅบงๅ†ฐๅฎค Star Cafe

Shop No. 36, Champagne Court, 16-20 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Very ulu and rather old


We shopped around if I remembered correctly, then headed to another place for more food.
This time, at this place where they shot a famous movie! Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the movie. LOL

Goldfinch Restaurant

Ok, not I realised that we were basically eating the whole day LOL. KT brought us to eat “life changing wantan noodles” which turned out to be Mak’s Noodles!!

They were life changing indeed. I can’t really eat the Wantan noodles in Singapore anymore since the first time I had them last year.

They went to the Peak after that, and as I’d been to the Peak three times (YES -.-), I decided to hang around their Causeway Bay area and just nua.

Found their City Hall which is like our Esplanade

War memorial

Finally stepped into the church grounds after so many times

After that I think I hung out at this cafe near the Peak to wait for them, and then we went back. haha.

Day 3 – 17 June
Didn’t do much on day 3. Had dim sum for breakfast again!
This place apparently is famous with superstars and it’s quite interesting how it’s underground.

One of the baos is famous, but can’t remember which one 4 months on (now) >.<

Kailun, KT and I did a bit of shopping, and I got a nice leopard print umbrella. Lol. Desmond went to meet someone in the music industry in HK which links to his work here in SG.

We had some bo luo bun too. Haha. Eat eat eat non stop!

After that I set off myself to a monastry – Ching Chung Koon ้’ๆพ่ง€. Hahaha everyone must feel that I’m trying to be funny. But anyways, just wanted to see something different in Hong Kong that not everyone in SG will go!

Unfortunately it was raining, but was still having loads of fun with the travelling all the way to New Territories! It’s a really really different place from the Hong Kong that everyone goes to.

their LRT station.
You have the liberty to whether you want to tap your card in and out at the station. But of course, most people actually do tap it. took me a while to figure out what I’m supposed to do.

Rainy Rainy Day.

Pretty nice actually.

Met a black cat after I felt eyes staring at me from a chair. Hahaha. Quite cute but i didn’t dare to touch it.

Slacked in my hotel room for a few hours, got bored watching Tv so ended up drawing eye liner, etc HAHAHA. Then met the rest for dinner after that.

Kai Lun‘s


Oh we went to watch a HKCO ensemble performance that night. Free tickets because of Desmond’s connection! They were damnnn good! And I got to see the chinese version of a cello. Didn’t take pics, but just wow!

Then I brought them to eat BBQ food at ๅคฉๅŽ (tin hau) and also at some famous dessert shop. hurhur. Very glad that I could still remember how to go lol.

Then we went to Stars Avenue. My 3rd time there >.< Don't go during summer. It's kinda warm but windy.

I didn’t take a pic of this before.

Quite late afterwards!

Day 4 (18 June)
Final day!! There’s a highlight for this HK trip, which was Lamma Island! I’d originally planned to go on the 2nd day, but as Desmond and Kailun wanted to go as well, so we changed it to another day. The me had a very huge struggle to whether I should stick to my plan or change it. In the end, I decided to change the day accordingly as it would be more fun with friends anyway!

I did not know that to go from one part of the island to another, you’ll have to HIKE. -.-! All the books and websites that I’d read about Lamma Island, did NOT mention it. oh gosh.

2 hours hike omg. We discovered that only after we walked along the path and it just got higher and higher.

Oh by the way, there’s a life changing tao huay along the way, that’s SUPER WORTH THE HIKE. The view at the top is also just amazing!

Lamma Island is a really quaint little place, and to be honest, it’ll be cool to live there and just chill after retirement. Hahaha.

To get there, you’ll have to take a ferry. Just ask around and you’ll be able to find the pier for Lamma Island. There are 2 ferry terminals at Lamma Island, just choose one and hike to the other one there.

Just chio

Some oily fried rice there

Oh ya, one quaint little thing there is that they don’t have full-sized vehicles there. Only small stuff like these, and little non-petrol cars I think? Even these vehicles aren’t allowed to be driven around during the day or something.

Oh and they have loads of dogs around:

Pit for dogs to poo

Life changing tou fu

Electricity Generators for the island i think


Now comes the difficult part after the beach -.-!

So high up. Do note that I was carrying my fieldpack -.-


Desmond and Kailun. KT is camera shy

They have farm plots

The scary kamikaze caves. Apparently the Japanese used these caves to hide speedboats for the Kamikaze missions. >.<
At the other side

Some drink. Can’t remember but it was damn good

Basically after that, I had a bad headache and felt like puking so I stayed the rest of my last day in the hotel room -.-!
Kailun and Desmond delivered dinner to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Final meal of the trip with them!!

Basically I pretty much enjoyed this trip! Went to new places, discovered interesting stuff and got to know Desmond and his gf better!! Sometimes in life, it’s awesome to just do something random!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Grab any opportunity that you have!

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Cotton Bleu.

Went out with my best friend in office (since I returned to work) to try some escargots, coz heโ€™d never had them before. I remembered I was just randomly saying that I have a craving for escargots, and my friend said that he’d never tried it before, so we agreed on having it someday.

I must say that I had a really good dinner that I havenโ€™t had in a really long while.

So we decided on where to eat last week via One of our client’s atas restaurant popped-up, and my friend picked it but the price was wayyyy out of my budget (I could buy a cajon with that amount) and some bad reviews were present too, so I clicked around and spotted Cotton Bleu. That had all positive ratings and reviews.

It’s a very nice place with a nice ambience. I realise that there are some pretty good cafes/bistros in the area that I could check out.

Anyway, Cotton Bleu is located next to Ice Edge 2!!! Nice.

Didn’t take much pictures with my DSLR. Gosh I just need something that can focus at a nearer distance =/

We got the set meal thingy. Haha.

Atas places serve bread!! Cause of my eczema returning today lol. Blame it on my greediness.

The reason why we were there. The escargots are just too good. Comparable to the one I had on Royal Caribbean! (wil blog about it soon!)

Poulet Basquaise – Basically chicken and pasta in tomato kinda sauce. The chicken here is just heavenly softttt. And the pasta was cooked just right omg!! I seldom eat chicken when I see the bones, but I finished this one.

Boeuf bourguignon – Pretty filling according to my friend! He has a way big appetite and if it’s filling for him, it means something. I tried a bit of the beef, soft and has a nice taste to it. Nothing to strong for people who doesn’t like beef.

Banana Turon – This. Is. Good.

Lavender Infused Cake – To be honest, I only know how Lavender smells like, but am guessing that the little bits in the cake are lavender flowers? The top of the cake is melted sugar. Crispy and nice. Just feeling hungry thinking about it.

(Wah just had a Dรฉjร  vu… As though I’d typed the above before)

Oh and the chef was nice who came out and asked if our food was alright ๐Ÿ™‚

Cotton Bleu

205 Upper Thomson Road

Past week was rather confusing and upsetting. But hey it’s all ok now.
Don’t wish to quarrel with a good friend again.
And when I get upset, it’s just amazing what things I will do that I won’t regret :X

Had a good conversation, and I just feel that some people are misunderstood.
Just hope that Iโ€™m right.

Thank you, if you’re reading this ๐Ÿ™‚

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SNCO – Rhapsody in Spring concert (10 Feb 2012)

So much has changed throughout this time.

Can’t remember when it was when we roughly started training for this concert. Sometime around October I guess?

Many has passed through this phase of my life, and many has came into my life.

For myself, through the preparations of this concert, I:

  • Took up cello
  • Got a cajon
  • Took up bass
  • Moved on in life
  • Made new friends that are wayy important in my life
  • Became more open
  • Almost joined Chingay


We used to start having sectionals, to prepare for this concert. Then somehow it stopped, but anyway, supper became a regular activity. Haha.

One of the earlier suppers

I also almost joined Chingay around this period, went for the first practice, but before anything happened, I was told that all A&C members were put to the reserved list. I wanted to fight for it, but to be honest, I just didn’t want to fight for myself any longer. I have been fighting so much for myself so many years, and have been standing up for myself for so long. No one ever stood for me. So maybe, I should start standing up and helping others. Looking back, this was the main reason. Or at least, this is what I feel now.

So many things!

How should I continue?

Anyway, throughout this journey, I made lots of friends, learnt new stuff, my confidence grew towards the drumset. I am definitely still determined to work on it.

Finally it just makes sense about prayer, about how to pray.

On concert day, basically everything just past very quickly. All concert days are kinda special. Magical things happen. You get that sort of bravery that you don’t usually have. All my calmness just went away. Haha. Anyway, I’m just really glad that I have my BFF Javier, Kat and Kenneth with me. They have always been around helping me, giving me advice, and saving all the rubbish that I’d done. Somehow with BFF around, I feel responsible for being the ๅคงๅง but yet, because of the difference in generation, can be young in order to be able to understand him and chat with him. It’s just that awesome feeling. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been pausing quite a few times while writing this. I don’t know how to continue, how to turn all these feelings into words.

Throughout these months, I’ve been taking lots of pictures, so, I shall just write some story behind the pictures that I took on concert day, and let it do the honours.

The boys, Lionel, Wilson and Winston. They were chatting about school. o.O Quite insightful to hear them talk. I couldn’t join in the conversation, so I just sat there and listened.

I didn’t know Lionel’s name until after the concert believe it or not. As for Wilson, he has been around since a few years ago. I still remember the first practice that he came for, and we had lunch. Haha. Winston’s Wilson’s army friend, and he brought him to join us. I remember the first time Winston came, and the sound that came out from the trumpet just totally wow-ed me. He’s AWESOME. It’s not always that you get to see talent, and this one, I was afraid to lose; Whether as a friend or player. He looked like someone who you can be good friends with. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bummed around and then went upstairs. Found a flower on the Glocks. No idea why it was there as it wasn’t there the night before:

The guy in black’s Beng Lay’s son. Shaun is his name (not sure which spelling it should be). He was pretty quiet all the time in training when he was around. I only found out his name at the end of the whole concert. Haha. Quite nice to see a quiet person smile ๐Ÿ™‚

Bad settings and light condition

Ohh, and Weili when she found out Shaun’s Beng Lay’s son.. Haha. Her expression was like ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜›

We had rehearsals, where obviously I ran around and climbed chairs to take pictures. Here are some (the rest are on Facebook):

Mr Wu Ee Lung singing. He’s a renowned finger painter from San Yi Finger Painting Society. So glad to have him back again after so many years.

Cellists and Double bassists. The double bass player on the right is actually SCO’s cellist. So cool!

The oboist is called Nikki. He doesn’t talk much too =/

Anyway there was this segment where there’s a little music prodigy who played her violin with one of Singapore’s best pianist. Took this when I went upstairs and saw them rehearsing:

Not the man standing there. He’s one of the sound group member

So BFF decided to have someone put makeup for him. That was the reason why I had to went up to get my camera: to take a picture for him. HAHA

Then Weili helped him put eyeliner too:

Backstage had lots of happening stuff going on, like taking pics with everyone. I was nervous like crap then, but still managed to have loads of fun:

Haha i basically followed Javier up the stairs to take pics for him with everyone. Haha. And he was nice enough to help me take a pic with Winston.

So paiseh my whole face turned red.

Took lots of shots of Javier (coz we were reallly bored). I like this one:

Dr. Ho said the above pic lack an “F”. “Stage Fright”.
Oh and I didn’t know Dr. Ho is a “Dr” because he does music. Haha. Now I know! And he doesn’t show any hint of it as I know we are lousy at music, but he’s not that sort of person ๐Ÿ™‚

Then so fast it was the intermission. Took pics with friends who came and said hi:

Kee Chong and a Regent Sec member

Me and Kee Chong. Wilson took this pic. And so funny la, he was saying that we have a huge gap in between which was a bit awkward coz we dunno how else to take. Then anyway, Wilson wanted to have a pic with me, well this one is his example of a no gap picture:

Such a nice person!

Huimin and I

Me, Serene and Carol

Then it was the second half. Screwed up quite a lot. What happened was that I couldn’t find my file. Which turned out to be on the floor next to a drum. T.T Javier was there to cover for me. But I was so upset. Though what done is done.

Kat’s friends who came to support

Bi Neng and Audrey came too!

The rest of the pics are on my facebook page. Not sure if anyone reads this blog still ๐Ÿ˜› hehe. Just wanted to keep some memories here for future’s sake.

Had so much fun! I just really wish that the friends who I’ve made on that day, took pics with, even though it was the last day, will be people who I will see in future once again, who I will know better in future. Sometimes in life, you don’t get that chance again, and sometimes you will. I just wish it will for everyone.

Sometimes I think asking to be a person’s friend is just so difficult. But we must always try can’t we? ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheers to all. And have a great year ahead.

I miss everyone already.

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Life and death.

Hello everyone!

Kinda in the mood to blog today after reading Martin’s blog entry. haha. I dunno why, but yea at the moment all I only want to do is write something here!

So many thoughts! So many thoughts! Where do I start?

Okay shall start with yesterday!

Last night after work, I met up with Tiang Peng from the now defunct “Peng Peng Says” blog. In his heyday, he was nominated for the SG Blog Awards. I forgot to ask him why he closed it down. Probably lack of time perhaps? He’s now a Staff Nurse.

Anyway, I haven’t seen him for years, despite the fact that the both of us live at the same block. Now that we all have our own lifts, he doesn’t take the lift near my apartment anymore and hence I seldom see him around.

I think among my primary school friends, I’m the only one who kept up with stuff happening in his life? Haha sometimes it’s not on purpose. Like the few times I met with his ex-gf Dawn, and another girl previously who was with him. I met them at the void deck, bus stop, etc. So weird. And he told me that Dawn knows who I am because he told her before.

If there was only one primary school buddy that I had, that I am still in contact with, it’ll definitely be Tiang Peng. Even though it’s not frequent.

I had a spat of quarrel with him once last year, on Facebook. Haha It was kinda public but whatever.

Anyway, back to the topic, I met him at the bus stop and we went to look for MJ’s Dad’s wake =/ “Look for” because we had no idea where it is, and it was all based on his memory of where MJ used to stay -.- Win.

They were doing their prayers when we reached, and we didn’t know anyone else, so the both of us just sat at one area and started chatting about our lives, our families, what we are doing, etc. I realised that he’s the only one who knows my status now (among all the other primary school friends).

Then during the prayer breaks, MJ gave us some food. =x And BS came down and chit chatted with us.

I kinda miss how these friends never judge me, despite me being quiet and all, but I kinda couldn’t shake off something that will always appear in my mind whenever I see them. Something from the past…

I met Hui Qian too! She used to be my really good friend who I always follow around back in Primary 1. I don’t think she remembers that honestly, but yea. =/ Kinda weird though.

okay, that was yesterday.

This morning, I received a message from Sakinah, that she’s getting married! And I’m invited!

There was this sudden urge of me wanting to get married too! Coz I always like going to weddings! Some of it may be kinda cheesy, but it’s always everyone being happy and seeing everyone again. Since Sakinah’s like my Secondary school friend, it’ll definitely be an even happier occasion ๐Ÿ˜€

This is kinda cool, you know, now that I’m at the age where my friends my age are getting married. Hehe. The weddings that I used to attend, they are mainly of older friends. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, it’s going to be the first Malay wedding that I’m attending!! So cool!

(Faizal, I am waiting for your wedding haha)

Had a chat with Kelvin yesterday at our little detour after a trip to the client’s. haha. I think everywhere I have one buddy where there are no inhibitions in whatever I say and maybe at work it is Kelvin. (Hello Kelvin, if you are reading this)

Ryan gave us all a shock on Monday too when he came back with an announcement. Two, in fact. That it really shocked us. I hope the other announcement won’t happen. Because it really makes me not believe in relationships even more.

Just found out that my sec school friend Simin is getting married too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Quite glad that there are some relationships that definitely last. She has been with her bf for so many years!

That’s all for now.

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SNCO 20th Anniversary Concert

AWESOME CONCERT AND DAY!! I know we didn’t really play perfectly and all, but the high life condition was definitely there, and we definitely encouraged others. That’s what we’re here for isn’t it?

I know this isn’t the best arrangement, and we made mistakes, but here goes:

Hehe. So happy. But I am still going to improve on this and arrange more pieces i hope! ๐Ÿ˜€

One of our rehearsals. HAHA. I love these guys! Javier, who shares the same birthday as me (I am exactly 2190 days older than him); Marcus, who i actually know from a long time ago just that we didn’t really talk (=/); Lester, who is Javier’s younger bro. Apparently Lester has similar tastes in music as me. Kinda surprising as he’s like 9 years younger than me (zzzz feel so old).

I had great fun with them!! Love my section too! Thanks for all the patience with the pieces!

Anyway, Guangyi also came back for a visit!! And we had Martin and Haowei as guest performers. Not to forget Hansel!!! Haha so happy.

With Audrey and Javier (my new BFF LOL).

Then after that on the way back with Guangyi, Audrey and Martin, while randomly chatting about hokkien terms (่Šฑ๏ผ‰, it let to the words ่ฑ†่Šฑ(dau huay) and Martin said dao huay’s nice and then we went to Selegie Dao Huay. hahaha. There weren’t any seats so GY suggested that we go to Audrey’s place to eat. One thing led to the next and we ended up in their house playing with Rex, eating oranges, dao huay and curry noodles. hahaha. Talked about cosmetic surgeries too. Oh and Tommy was around playing the piano, singing, etc. Martin slept rather early and Tommy ended up chatting with us (he cooked the curry noodles and GY and I shared it coz we were super full from the fruits).

Oh and it was kinda funny how suddenly Audrey blurted out that Martin was lying (o.o) and she read his tweet that said he was eating dau huay with us. So we took this pic:

@AsianMind errr.. where are you? @galovesongs on Twitpic
I know my eye’s one big and small. I’m holding his dao huay lol

I ended up reaching home (thanks GY!) at 1.54am. Latest ever. My parents are usually really uptight. I guess this is my way of rebelling and getting them to let go. My mum actually. Dad was already sound asleep when I was home -.-

Anyway, I’m quoting some stuff Audrey said to me that day which I should really remember:
“Doesn’t mean you don’t have a bf now you are not over him ok?”
“You have moved on to so much more greater things. He only moved on to a china girl…”

Thanks girl! Really my good fortune to know you all these years!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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The National Art Gallery Open House (Launch + First Day)

Was invited to The National Art Gallery Open House Launch by Omy on the 8th October 2010. We were allowed to bring guests and I brought my mum and Henry. “Odd”, you might think, but I know my mum likes places like this, and I also felt like asking my buddy along (someone with photography skills and I thought it should be fun).

There was the launch, and some speeches, and then a shoot with all the VIPs outside the City Hall. I took pics instead.

Spot the VIPS

Henry taught me panning! Which I’ve never tried before and this is my first shot

Willy Foo (in brown)

Next panning shot!

We had a tour around the former supreme court (which was only available on the launch day). Tour guide was Kevin who really knows his stuff.
What I didn’t like was the other staff rushing us around to the next destination. ๐Ÿ™ The whole tour was like over in 30mins which is really short if you count the number of places we entered (quite a lot).

But I learnt a lot.

Took lots of shots.

I wonder what’s this for

This leads to the cells for prisoners downstairs… They didn’t show us there ๐Ÿ™

They didn’t have aircons then so had to use these for ventilation.


Inside the library

This is Kevin.

Risked my 90’s life to take this. HAHA.

Anyway, after that, my mum went home and Henry and I went to MOS Burger to sit for a while, and walked around Clarke Quay to take pics. But it was quite a hazy day so the pics didn’t turn out good (see FB for them). Then at night we went to Yi Long‘s Granny’s wake with Bao Hui.

Anyway, the next day, we met up with Henry’s group of friends to visit City Hall! Jmin was supposed to come along but after all the confusion (we weren’t sure if City Hall was open to public on that day), she decided not to go. So I went ahead as I know that dark times are ahead (with regards to projects haha).

Got to try Henry’s 50mm f1.8! Yay! ๐Ÿ˜€

The day was clearer by the way!

Mirrors… cannot resist.


I like this concept. Will be submitting a picture soon.


His friend Jun Hong.

Had great fun! Though I have to admit I was quite tired on the 9th so I left early. Had to complete my programming part of the project too.

Thanks Omy for the invite and thanks to Henry and my mum and Henry’s friends for talking to me! Haha.

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Jmin’s Birthday Party 2010.

This is wayyy overdue. In fact, I haven’t blogged for ages due to school (and now work) but well, here goes.

Jmin celebrated her birthday on 28 March as the actual day of her birthday falls on 1 April (which was a weekday). Here are the shots that I’d taken on that day itself.

It was pretty fun. In fact, I took lots of pictures that many people didn’t take due to the fact that I was there early (with Huzaen to help set up food, decorations, etc.)

Taken using D90. ๐Ÿ˜€

My favourite image of the lot.

This kitty (who was blind at its right eye) kept attempting to “meow” us into feeding it. Haha. But it’s just so cute hence I took about 100 pictures of it. =x Didn’t upload all yet though.

Jmin and I.

The following pictures were taken at night after the other Elves people had arrived.
Faizal left early to go out on a date. Lol. So only Jmin and Sherry saw them (Huzz and I had went for a walk).

Ryan mixing the vodka with juice for Jmin.

Jmin before she drank it.

Playing cards.

Elves people haha.

The pretty cake and candles! (I love this shot too btw)

Jmin and her Mum (and uncle)

Everyone of us! (Elves)

Had a great time! But well, as usual, I turned red from the alcohol and everyone wondered if I’m okay (of course I am!)

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SD Kenshu 2010 (30-31 Jan).

NUSSD on the 2nd day of kenshu

Meant to blog this last week but I was just too busy! Life has been interesting lately.

Kenshu, or ็ ”ไฟฎ basically means training in Bahasa Japanese (hahaha). Every year I believe SD has a kenshu for all members and friends to participate and learn.

So this year, I agreed to go for kenshu but didn’t take the exam. Basically, throughout the lessons, I was OT-ing. I went for the first lesson (learnt about SSA’s SD history for that one) and the subsequent ones I couldn’t make it.

So on the morning of the first day, I was feeling a little freaked out as I didn’t really know what to bring and pack. After packing, I realised that I had to bring a lot of stuff and was wondering why (it was a 2D 1N thing). Haha.

Then, on my way there, my shirt had this string that decided to unroll from nowhere. I had to break the string using my hands on the train and it looked pretty awful. All these bad demons attacking me huh?

By the time I reached CCK LRT (the kenshu was at Senja Soka Centre) I was freaking out, wondering if my outfit was ok as they said we have to wear at least 3/4 pants. I was wearing a pants that reached my knees.

Regress a bit, I know I’m a bit paranoid but I’m scared not knowing what the 2 days was going to be like. I think I’m kinda weird in some way. Wonder if there’s a syndrome for it. If I don’t know the schedule for a meeting or stuff, I’ll just freak out. My day has to be planned out if I’m out with others. Only with family and myself then I won’t be scared.

So I reached there and was greeted by Evelyn who handed me my SD T-shirt (after I paid) and the booklet for Kenshu. Saw Wang Lee as well. Evelyn then brought me upstairs and looked for Jingsi who I knew from NYPSD. She couldn’t recognize me at first until she stared at me for 1 second. haha. She was like “I recognise you from your eyes!” ๐Ÿ˜€ I have big eyes. Lol.

We started updating on what we were doing and all, and Evelyn brought a girl, Jia Neng and joined us. Jia Neng’s major is Medicine. When she told us, we were like “Whoa!!” and she looked a bit paiseh. haha. She’s nice and end for the next 2 days I hung out with her.

I realised that there were some people whom I’d never seen in any of the NUSSD meetings (Jia Neng included) and they told me that they seldom attended. But I’m quite glad that they came for kenshu!

For the 2 days, we had sharings, study, testimonials, games and an 80 sec to fame thing.

Which reminds me. I saw Boon Han and he didn’t recognise me at all. He even asked if I’m “Candy or Jasmine”. Was totally annoyed then but not now. My sis told me, “Well done, your friend of so many years don’t recognise you.” Haha

Didn’t really sleep well at night coz it was pretty noisy and people kept walking in and out of the room. Plus, the door hinge was super squeeky and it just wake me up everytime. NUSSD was placed near the door btw. Shirley (Lam) was pretty funny. She lay down on the floor and was like “Huh!! The floor is so hard!!” then she covered her head using her sleeping bag and said “Wah my sleeping bag is smelly!!” Lol.

Had loads of fun at the morning exercise thingy at the 2nd day. There was this lady who taught us some aerobics exercise and the SD guys made lots of sound effects for it. It made the mood more fun and reminded me a lot about YCF 2001! A table where the trainers will stand on top to teach us moves, exercises, and also the mass exercises and loads of people doing the same moves, etc.

The picture above was taken after the exercise and games on the 2nd day.

Oh ya, we had Lee Wee Bros beehoon breakfast on the 2nd day!! I was super excited when I saw the van driving into Senja Soka Centre. HAHA. Love their Otah! And the chilli that came with the beehoon and otah was excellent! It wasn’t too spicy (or maybe it’s me) but it was pretty sweet and complemented the beehoon nicely! ๐Ÿ˜€

Didn’t think of taking pictures throughout the 2 days. ๐Ÿ™ So the above was taken from Qiuyi‘s facebook.

Learnt a lot throughout the camp and I just wondered why I didn’t strive as hard for SSA/SGI/Sensei before. ๐Ÿ™ Must jia you!

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