Of Chengdu and my plate of thoughts.

Seriously emotional blog entry. Avoid if you don’t want to hear me.

Went to Pierce Sec for POP rehearsal today. Was assigned the Glocks part. Made a new friend, Hui Xian from Pierce Alumni. =)

Had lunch with Shamin and Dickson.

Had another OPP Gathering today.

Was supposed to be a picnic to celebrate all our birthdays, but the plan failed becuase we (I said “we” because we were really too busy, I understand yea?) were all too busy and all.

*Okay, I know this sounds emo*

Henry couldn’t come because today was his commissioning.
HS had a navy exercise today.
Jia Hui had something on.
Madeline went overseas.
Li Ying was not feeling well.

So there were the 7 of us left. Huzz, Edmund, Vernon, Teck Hwee, Yi Long, Yan Qin and me.

While waiting for the movie to start, saw Kai Li.

Watched Monsters vs Aliens. Haha. Love the CG!!! It’s just awesome that so many scenes are so life like. ๐Ÿ™‚ And there were some really funny scenes that are pretty lame (in a good way). ๐Ÿ˜€ Made me happy la.

Then we went to squeeze around at the PC Show, and I saw Vernon Loh. It’s like I turned my head right and there he was. Oh and also saw Kai Li and Hui Wen.

Went to Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe and the food variety was limited, but quite okay, though the service there was seriously bad.

Firstly, Huzz ordered a side dish that was never recorded, and after the waiter recorded it down, it never arrived. )(!@)&@*

Then, this waitress who came to collect our bill behaved in a super “I don’t want to work here” attitude. I wanted to ask her what her problem was when she asked if I wanted to use my card to deduct points. Hello?! If I don’t understand can’t you explain?

I know why my photos look like crap already. It’s the settings! Believe me, the pictures above without photoshop were seriously scary. I suddenly understood why my pictures didn’t need much photoshopping all of a sudden a few weeks back. Haha.

I had “Fermented Chicken Rice”. I thought what “fermented chicken”. It’s actually fermented beancurd with chicken! It’s pretty much what I like though ๐Ÿ™‚

After all that, we headed for home. As we were walking along City Link, I saw cousin Alvin! Haha.
Vernon, Edmund and I travelled back on the NEL and Vernon was sharing with us our thoughts about that first dinner when he reached Chengdu, and we 3 talked about the things we did there. haha. ๐Ÿ™‚ Pretty insightful.

I miss Chengdu.


*turns PMS mode on*

If you think you would rather compromise friendship by being bothered because we were being honest with you, because we are not fake, because we don’t pretend like others to say how nice your ____ is, then fine with me.

Btw, I only speak my mind ONLY after I feel that you won’t be childish like this.

Too bad for me.

I’m sorry but sometimes, I don’t think I want to take shit from people anymore. People who only want attention. This is so freaking childish and secondary school. You are not a secondary school kid anymore.

And for those who know me well enough to see me posting this here, I am seriously pissed and it’s not only because of PMS, but because I seriously had enough.

Being nice always makes me feel guilty. I’ve had enough.

*turns PMS mode off*

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@ Grandma’s place.

Woke up rather early and went to visit my maternal Grandma with mum and sis.

Glad to see so many of my relatives there after not seeing them for so long. Haha I can say some of my relatives looked thinner and some look fatter. =X Grandma looked much older than the last time I saw her.

A lot of my relatives were like, “Oh! You’re back!” Haha. ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t bring photos there. Argh. I want to print them and bring them there coz I have no idea how to bring digital photos without my laptop? And not sure if I plug the photos to the tv and hog it, it’ll be very nice. haha

As usual, ate a lot there. Haha. i wonder why i didn’t grow fat in the past when I used to visit her place every sunday. It’s like food galore most of the times: prawns, duck, curry, meat, vegetables, soup, etc. But I miss all these food so it was good. Probably will have to exercise those calories away, but it was worth it, to be with family again. ๐Ÿ™‚

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26 nights of dinner.

This was originally a draft that was here since 8 August, 2007 4.14pm. I’d meant to complete this list and all, but didn’t really complete it. Wanted to clear the drafts, so here it is.

Here is the list of restaurants/eateries that the group of us (Henry, Twin Dragon, Edmund, Jia Hui, Hwa Swee and I) went to for our last 26 nights in Chengdu. ๐Ÿ™‚

26: Grandma’s Kitchen
25: Korean BBQ
24: Midya International Buffet
23: Ajisen
22: De Zhuang Ma La Hotpot
21: KFC (Great World Carrefour building)
20: Pizza Hut (Brilliance Tianfu Shopping Mall)
19: Hollywood Cafe
18: Quan Ji (Zi Jing West Road)
17: Macdonald’s (Ke Hua North Road)
16: Swensen’s (Chun Xi Road)
15: Peter’s Tex-Mex Grill
12: Subway
11: Hokkaido Restaurant
10: Hollywood Cafe
09: Dicos
08: Dui Mian
07: Si Ji Xiao Chu
06: Si Ji Xiao Chu
05: Peter’s
04: Beef Noodle Shop

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Alright, approximately 15 hours to my birthday, as well as Twin Dragon: Yi Long, Twin Vampire: Eve and long time friend Mei Yun. ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway, we’ve been visiting different places for dinner each night, restaurants/eateries that we have visited before for one last meal there. I’ve been taking pictures of all the food that we’ve been eating every night. Below are the few stuff that I’ve ate for the past 6 days. I’ll compile a whole list of eateries at the end of this whole attachment. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ikea’s Baked herb salmon

Ikea’s meatballs!

Kimchi! One of my favourite side dish around here. ๐Ÿ™‚

Very salty congee

“Hotpot” aka steamboat.

KFC’s New Orlean’s burger

KFC’s salad, Chinese Version: Lotus roots and mixed vegetables

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Singapore food in Chengdu – Parkway!

On sunday, Madeline and Vernon came home and told us that they found a restaurant selling Singapore food at Chun Xi Road’s (ๆ˜ฅ็†™่ทฏ) Isetan. So yesterday, one of my group’s member announced that he had a craving for Nasi Lemak and that we should go there to satisfy his craving. And so we did.

The restaurant name’s called Parkway. As in Parkway Parade that Parkway.
The first thing we saw were these life-like representations of the food outside the restaurant and were quite awed by it, coz we really missed Singapore food. There were fried rice, prawn noodles, etc.

When we walked in, we saw Lianhe Zaobao and The Straits Times newspaper. o.O The manager told us that it was brought over by someone who returned from Singapore yesterday. Haha.

Lots of Singapore food on the menu!!! Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Prawn Noodle, Char Siew Noodles, Chicken Rendang, Fried Rice, Claypot Chicken Rice, Fried Kway Teow, etc. Haha. I didn’t have any Singapore food cravings though (except probably my Mum’s cooking) so I settled with Claypot Chicken Rice.

The Claypot Chicken Rice is quite different from the one I’m used to eating in Singapore – rice which are quite dry and can be scrapped off from the side of the pot, lots of dark sauce. This Claypot Chicken rice is very similar to their ็›–ๆต‡้ฅญ (“cover to cook” – rice with lots of gravy) . It consists of rice, with gravy, sausages, chicken, mushrooms and some vegetables. No dark sauce and all ๐Ÿ™ But it was still quite delicious. The rice had a hint of pandan leaf smell. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m guessing that they had to tweak the original recipe a little to suit the taste of the locals.

I also ordered Red Bean with Ice (็บข่ฑ†ๅ†ฐ). Quite similar to ice-kachang, except for the kachang. They only have red beans here. Love the fact that there’s milk in the ice!! ๐Ÿ˜€ But the price is quite scary. RMB$25 (~SGD$5)

Edmund ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice and Fried Kway Teow.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Fried Kway Teow

I didn’t sample the chicken, but the rice wasn’t very much like the ones we have at hawker centres.
The kway teow was a tad too thick than usual, and the taste wasn’t as strong. And they didn’t put sausages. :-/

Twin ordered Laksa!!


They didn’t put a lot of coconut milk unlike what we have in Singapore, so when we all first tasted the gravy, we all thought that there wasn’t coconut milk in it. Until twin stirred the gravy and saw that it actually has coconut milk. And it isn’t as spicy as what we get in Singapore. Maybe it’s coz I’m used to eating chilli over here.

Hwa Swee ordered dunno-what steak and Prawn Noodle.


Prawn Noodle

The prawn noodle was heavenly!!! haha! As in the soup. It really tasted like what I would eat at my grandma’s house during the weekends when my aunt cooks it. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Jia Hui ordered Singapore Fried Rice and something like a mango pudding.

Singapore fried rice

Mango pudding

The mango thing was not bad. But a little sweet.

Henry ordered Indonesian Fried Rice.

Indonesian Fried Rice

It looks quite good. Looks spicy but it didn’t taste as spicy.

Oh and the person didn’t satisfy his craving for Nasi Lemak after all. After what he ordered =X ๐Ÿ˜›

Overall, the Singapore food available there is acceptable. I won’t say it’s very good and all, but if you really really crave for Singapore food, you can visit that place.

And of course, the price is waaayyy higher than what we get in Singapore.

More pictures here: http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y116/galovesongs/Chengdu/2%20July%20Parkway%20Restaurant/

For those who wants to go there, here’s a map to help you:
Map to Isetan
Click to enlarge

Go to the Isetan Building and take the lift to the 3rd floor. The restaurant is on your right. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Grandma’s Kitchen

The 13 of us were split nicely 7-6 yesterday after work for dinner. First batch and second batch. For the first time since the 9th of May, we were on our own, and they were on their own. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, we went to Grandma’s Kitchen, this quite well-known Western restaurant in Chengdu. The prices were quite nice to look at (if you know what i mean) and we took a while to decide what to get. The waitresses could speak English, though not very well.

I ordered this sandwich called “Cheese Steak” but didn’t get to try it at all coz when Edmund‘s “Grandma’s Club Sandwich” came, everyone, including me, thought it was mine. I gave my sandwich to Edmund then.

My order, but I gave it to Edmund

Edmund’s Order

Yi Long’s Order: Pork Chop with mango sauce

Henry’s Order: Ham Sandwich

Jia Hui’s Order: Fried Chicken Burger

Hwa Swee’s Order: Big prawn pasta. I was reassured when I saw his order that I was right in not ordering seafood items in Chengdu

Cod Balls – like potatoes, but with a bit of fish meat

Salad! I ate the most for this

Bread that came with butter and this delicious green sauce

On the way back, the 6 of us talked about toilets. Haha. Totally random but it was an interesting topic. ๐Ÿ˜›

Kept thinking of HS Alumni Band today. Probably coz the first rehearsal starts tomorrow and I’m unable to be there. But well, I’m thinking of ways to get alumni to return and remain. Hopefully it’ll work ๐Ÿ™‚

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76th Day – Hearts!

Had Spicy Steamboat on Saturday night. This time, my throat handled it well though my stomach didn’t. I only found out about that the next day (Sunday) when I woke up with a bad stomachache. Found out that I’m not the only one.

Had lunch at this Hollywood Cafe where we went to many times. That restaurant serves Hong Kong food, which is quite similar to what we have in Singapore – Char Siew, Roasted Duck, Roasted Chicken, fried rice, fried bee hoon, hor fun, etc. I ordered that they called “Singapore Fried Noodles” and it reminded me of the bee hoon we have in SG, except that it’s drier. They fried the bee hoon with egg, green and red capsicum, char siew and tumeric powder. I sort of guessed that they called it Singapore fried noodles coz of the tumeric? Indians usually fry rice or noodles with tumeric powder I think. So… it’s like a mixture of different food of different races I think.

Went to Mr Ling’s place with everyone except Yi Long, Henry and Edmund (they went to Wal-Mart). 3 of them played Mahjong and the rest of us played Cheat and then Hearts. I learnt Hearts! But it’s quite tiring as you really have to pay attention and focus on the game. But quite a fun game.

Starting to feel homesick recently. Maybe it’s because my family don’t call me as often as they used to? I dunno. Had 2 dreams of me already being back in SG.

Plus recent events really made me feel tired mentally, even though I don’t think about what’s going on. But I guess deep down in my subconscious mind, it’s eating me. Eating my energy up at night when I sleep. I just don’t feel like thinking about anything coz I feel tired. Hm.. Does it make sense? That your subconscious mind is using up your brain energy at night when you’re sleeping and by the day when you wake up, you only feel like slacking and doing mindless activities? haha.

One of the house mates was stopped from going out to explore alone yesterday and at that point of time made me miss the freedom I have in SG. I’m not saying that those who stopped him was wrong (I’m also one of them who stopped him), but just missed the freedom.

Ah… 49 days left. I’m missing home now, but I bet I’ll miss this place and the routine when I return to SG. Humans are quite ironic. ๐Ÿ™‚

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When you get drunk…

… and no one cares about you, you know it’s sad. XD Hahahaha!

Yesterday, the whole group of us went to this Porridge steamboat restaurant as recommended by Mr Ling and Ms Chua near our place. After that, we walked to this beautiful place just on the other side of our apartment and there were a whole row of bars. Wow! So after that, Huzz and I took a walk and went home. The rest of them went to a bar.

They came home around 11pm and knocked on the door. Madeline and I went to open the door and my twin said, “Hwa Swee is drunk.” So I looked behind him and saw a “drunk” TPYS leaning on Teck Hwee. Ookay. In my mind I was thinking, “He’s drunk? That bad meh?” It was none of Madeline and my biz anyway, so we went back to our respective rooms to continue what we were doing. haha. And no one cared about that “drunk” guy.

It was all fake. -_-” Lol. And this is really sad. Imagine TPYS really being drunk and no one caring about it. Hahaha.

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Brazil BBQ dinner with SCS colleagues

Yesterday went to ๅกๅธƒ็ฝ—ๅฐ”ๅทด่ฅฟ็ƒค่‚‰ (Cabrel’s (sp?) Brazil BBQ Buffet) for dinner with some SCS colleagues. Mr Ling, Ms Chua, Mr Li, Ms Xiao, Ms Cao and Henry also went (coz we’re all in the same project group). This buffet costs RMB$58 which is RMB$20 more than the one at Midya International Buffet which we’d went to on 2 occassions. Of course, since we’re paying more here, the service is also much better. Hot towels were provided, and there’s TV for you to watch (all Mr Bean though). As for the food, there are more variety I guess? But then, Brazil BBQ is still Brazil BBQ, so it wasn’t that special or anything.

The buffet part was a bit disappointing though. They don’t have as much food to choose from as compared to Midya’s. Most of the stuff were salad and fruits. But I must say even though there aren’t much choices, it also doesn’t really matter coz we sit there most of the time and wait for people to serve us with cooked food. I ate stuff like, bacon, beef, lamb, sausages, pizza, prawns, mushrooms, cauliflower, lotus roots, ham, ice-cream, fries, fruit salad, potato salad, etc. Lol. Of course, I ate only like one or 2 of each stuff and some of the stuff were shared among 4 people.

Then I asked Mr Ling about E-Mei Shan (E-Mei Mountain) coz he went there before. He told us that part of the itenary is to watch sunrise from the mountain and Henry commented that I’m lucky coz I get to watch sunrise with Huzz if our itenary includes that. Lol. ๐Ÿ˜€ Guess I’m lucky. ๐Ÿ™‚ But still must see how the itenary is.

Oh, and watched So Close on tv yesterday. I think I’d watched it before coz I found some of the scenes familiar. They kept showing this ad on Singapore which features JJ Lin. www.visitsingapore.com ๐Ÿ˜€ I miss the food!!!

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