4th trip in 2012: Bangkok 2012! (22-25 June 2012)

Have you ever attended a Thai wedding?

Neither did I until in June. My cousin Danny’s now wife, Peung is a Thai, and we went over to Bangkok for a Thailand wedding.

It’s my sister and my first trip to Thailand, and we were pretty excited then. Though to be honest, after hearing a story about my cousin’s godsis’s friend, we are kinda scared. But I still like shopping in Thailand.

Those of us who went were: Si Ku, Si Kim, Sa Yi, Donny (his GF arrived later), Joey (Don’s god sis), Mon (Joey’s friend), Jack and his wife (Dan’s friend), Dua Kim, my sis and I.

Anyways, my cousin Danny booked a bus for us and upon arrival, he picked us up at the airport.

We stayed at Golden Tulip Soverign Hotel. So far the most atas hotel that I stayed in.

FIrst time got black label.

Bathroom has a shower thingy and bath tub. Size of bathroom is like 3/4 my bedroom in SG.

Went to Platinum first for shopping. 2 hours weren’t enough. Heck, one day wasn’t enough too.

We walked to MBK for dinner. Walked because my cousin said it’s near but yea we forgot that their “near” and SG is different haha.

100 Baht lol.

Mango Sticky rice (my sis’s)

Hahaha. A funny episode happened here. I took out the chicken skin coz it was wayy too oily for my liking (and tasteless too). Dan and Don were like “why did you not eat the skin?!?!” Hahahaha

I think during this trip, our relatives realised that we are very healthy.

Day 2 – 23 June

Day 2 saw us vising Chatuchak (aka JJ Market). Sis and I followed Joey and Mon around as all are girls.
They brought us to the animals section and also clothes section.

Saw lots of animals including those flying squirrels and rats! Unfortunately they don’t allow photos for some.

Spot the kitty

Got a cat collar for Midnight coz his was almost falling apart.

We had lunch at one of the stalls, that Joey said was the cleanest amongst the rest.
Food was absolutely delicious.

We had some coconut ice cream and drink. Treat by Joey. Yums!

We went back to Platinum, where we got a lot more clothes again. muahaha.
Sis and I got the timing wrong. So we ended up waiting for Joey and Mon and while waiting we had some ice cream thingy from Ice Monster.

Continued shopping, and by the time we came out, there was a brilliant sunset outside Platinum. A lot of people stopped to take pics.

Joey wanted to bring us to this place to eat King Prawns. But she couldn’t find it, so we stopped to eat at this really cosy place owned by a Granny. Food was damn good. Pity I didn’t get the name 🙁

Milk baked pork. Damn good. Gravy was awesome!

Tom Yum soup.

Fish cake!

Lala! (Clams)

Morning Glory aka Kang Kong! Wah I didn’t know that!

Thai Curry!

The lady will take a picture of you using her digital cam. Do spot me if you’re there! They have pictures on their walls!

Then we took a tuk tuk and met with Donny and his gf Viviana.
That was when we heard the scary story >.< Basically it was about one of their friend's gf being taken away just suddenly. Lost for a few months now 🙁 WE went to eat some Fish Porridge at a roadside stall.

Awesome soymilk.

Aaand, we got some insects to try! Woohoo!! One off my to do list. haha
We got these. No idea what they are haha:

Haha. Joey took a video of me and Mon trying. My sis tried one too. Don didn’t dare hahaha.

Went for manicure and pedicure. 400 Baht including painting of finger nails. As we were wearing shoes, they said it will ruin painting of the nails so they would rather not do it at all.

Mine’s the one on the right.

Day 3 – 24th June
Day 3 was Danny’s wedding day!!
We woke up early for breakfast (hotel buffet), and then went for the tea ceremony.

Thailand’s tea ceremony is rather different from SG. Or maybe because this was held at a hotel? It was pretty grand and staged like a talk show. I didn’t know what was going on half the time. haha.

They hired a professional photographer for this, and had lots of lighting set up, so I had an awesome time shooting pictures. The lighting was just awesome and a dream come true.

Here are some of my photos:

My cousin Donny

Danny and his proud mum!

Waiting for the ceremony to start!

SG people who went

Then we had the wedding lunch.. The culture’s really different from SG, in which, if you’re late, you don’t get to eat the food that was served earlier that’s all.

We found out how Danny and Peung met!

Danny got a bit emotional. Aww!

Anyway, in the afternoon, we followed Uncle Alex and Aunt Lilian to a shopping centre, walked around and had “dirt cheap” Swenson’s!

And some awesome dinner afterwards:

At night, we went to the skybar to chill and drink the free drinks that were given to us by the hotel.

Day 4 – 25th June
Last Day! We went to Chinatown for a walk. Nothing much there but really cheap items to buy wholesale.
Had a great lunch, and bought some really cheap stuff to sell.

They had some miniature exhibition thing there at Grand China Princess Hotel.


Went back to the hotel lobby to chill.

Had a great experience, and I think it’s just awesome to be able to travel with family! We bonded closer, despite some unhappiness, but I kinda like how I feel comfortable just chatting and hanging out with everyone. 🙂

Would love to have another family trip again!

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Day -1 of the new year of the Rabbit (CNY Eve)

This year’s CNY eve we had a reunion lunch (with my immediate family) and a reunion dinner (at my Gu Ma’s house). I looked forward to it a lot because my cousin Mun Mun would be back having dinner with us! She hasn’t been back for CNY for 13 years (o.O) and instead of a phone call, it would be having an actual dinner with her! 😀

Reunion Lunch

Steamboat as usual

Reunion Dinner
Gu ma cooked all the food. Really good food for a first time (she said it was her first time cooking the dishes but we couldn’t really tell coz it was that good!).

The 盆菜 that almost didn’t arrive coz the delivery man was about 2 hours late!

Vegetables with abalone

Port’s wine.


Group pic.

I was coughing during that period, and on the way home (cousin Jason drove us back) and I had a bad coughing fit. So embarrassing.

Anyway, I was really glad that I took the courage and effort to talk, even though it was only a bit, to my cousin Jason. I’m closer to his sisters, Mun Mun and Wendy, and for some reason I am closer to my female cousins than my male cousins even though I have more guy friends. 😀

It would be good if one day I can talk to all my cousins and relatives like they’re my friends. Coz I’m sure they’re awesome people. 🙂

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June 2010 Projects: Cousins meetup (outside Grandma’s house)

Sooo… a few months ago, a few of us cousins discussed and decided that we should have a cousins gathering/outing outside of Grandma’s house. The main reason being, we usually meetup only at grandma’s and we don’t really communicate much. I actually have a dream that the 20+ of us could come to one outing and take a group picture. It would really mean a lot to have that photo somewhere. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be one at the moment. 🙁

This holidays, I was supposed to visit Janning at KL, but the plan was cancelled in the end, and about a month ago, Janning emailed me to tell me that she’s coming to SG! 😀 What a surprise! So we discussed for a few nights on MSN where I could bring her to (for half a day) and she suggested we could have a mini cousins gathering. I mass FB-messaged my cousins, but not many replied unfortunately. 🙁 We just gathered a few then, and after that set a day and place to meet.

Anyway, I got sick a few days before Janning came, but managed to recover on time. 🙂

On the 19th June, Uncle Alex drove Janning over to my house to pick me up and we headed to Khatib. As Janning was hungry, we went to a coffee shop at Khatib and Janning had her lunch while I had tea.

Sooo… Here are a few of the pics I took at Bottle Tree Park (which was our first stop for the day).

There was some fishing competition and this guy caught that fish. Pretty big, but they put it back after the photo.

Next stop was Marina Barrage! Okay we went to eat at this coffee shop next to Northpoint and surprisingly the bak chor mee was pretty good! Then we went to Marina Barrage.

We chatted along the way and I got to know Janning better. Haha. We’re both cousins but even though she’s from KL, I feel I’m also not that close with cousins from SG what say KL? I’m glad I got to talk to her and know her better. 🙂

It was dark when we arrived. I’d planned Marina Barrage as the “night event” because I felt that there would be more stuff there to see instead of Bottle Tree Park.

To be honest I didn’t know what I would see there, and wow! I didn’t realise that there would be soooo many people around as well as things happening!

Kite flying at night. Blur coz slow shutter speed and strong winds…

Basically, we walked around taking pictures of people and the view. It just so happened that there was NDP rehearsal and there were fireworks! But sad to say, I lack a tripod and the skills to take proper pictures of it.

UFO flying above Singapore Flyer??? 😛

Look at all the people!

Light from MBS.

Anyway, most of the shots were blurry because of the lack of tripod and slow shutter. Quite bad la. 🙁

But it compensated for the above pic. Look closely at the fountains 😀

Janning wanted to take the fountain with coloured lights but for some reason she kept missing the chance. So since we had time, we sat there and waited for it. I decided to experiment with bokeh shots. Haha. I’m quite amused by bokeh. Pretty interesting you know? So yea here are some of the shots.

Interesting how not to focus can give you nice art too. What I see when I don’t wear my specs basically. =x

At night.

We’d wanted to go to MBS but unfortunately I was too noob to know where to go. Lol I made us alight at the wrong stop (so paiseh) and the buses there weren’t that frequent so we had to go back or it would be too late.

Janning and I on the train! 😀

So that was the first meetup with her! Remember the cousins gathering thingy, it was to be on the 21 June.

We’d asked quite a few cousins, but unfortunately by the actual day itself, it was just Janning, Me, Danny and Wei Wen. Fortunately to be honest. 🙂 >1 person better than no one right?

Dinner was just Janning, Danny and I. Danny kept wanting to go to this place called “The Creation” at Shaw Centre (opposite Suntec that area) so we went!

I had pasta (can’t remember what) with chamomile tea and soup. Approximately $15. Not bad!

Wei Wen joined us after that and we took a group photo before heading to INK Club Bar.

Danny, Janning, Wei Wen and I. I know I’m the shortest

So we headed to INK! It’s a great place by the way. They had a guest trumpeter that day.

We had a drink each. Only Janning got an alcoholic drink. I was still under medication so didn’t dare. Next time perhaps! Love that place. Love the type of jazz music there. 🙂

We took another group pic together!

Benny was supposed to go on that day. But he had to OT till late (poor thing), and… he arranged for another meetup with Janning on the 22nd! 😀

I brought Huzz along coz he’s almost family (hee hee) and we were supposed to be watching a movie that day. He was okay that we weren’t going for the movie anyways 😀 Thanks bf!

I reached there quite late because I had to OT a bit as well as the fact that I got off the wrong stop. zzz Huzz and I went to look for Janning, then we headed to Xin Wang HK Cafe at Marina Square for dinner!

Had a good long chat (okay I was mostly observing) with Janning and Benny. Huzz was pretty entertained as well.

Group shots!

*Group pics and pics at INK are courtesy of Janning!! 😀

Well, it was a fufilling 3 days. I got to communicate with cousins Janning, Danny, Wei Wen and Benny. Learnt a lot about them that I didn’t know before. Basically the main reason was the age gap I feel and over the years, we just stopped talking much at Grandma’s and all. Pretty sad. But anyway, I am determined that one day, all of us cousins will be able to meetup like friends do outside of where we usually go to! In fact, I have this dream of having a photo of all of us 20+ cousins together. I will definitely print and frame it up if there comes such a day. I know that my cousins either like photography, or music or do something related to either one (e.g. singing, dancing, playing instrument, art, etc) and I belong to either one as well! I am very sure that we will all be good friends instead of only being related by blood.

Aiming for more of such outings! 😀

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Despicable Me [Omy.sg Movie Review]

Remember last year when I won a pair of tickets from Shan and Rozz of 987FM to watch a movie with my sister for her birthday?

This year, I got the opportunity thanks to Omy.sg to watch Despcable Me!! And again, I brought Candy to the preview. 🙂 I immediately signed up when I saw the opportunity so that I am able to bring her again!

When we arrived, The Cathay was super crowded and we realised that this is the very first preview of Despicable Me in SG! Meaning we were one of the first group of people watching it in Singapore! 😀 Haha.

There were people handing out stickers, and queuing for photos. And as you’d seen in the first image, my sis and I took one with the minions too (who are probably kids judging from their height).

I didn’t know what the movie was about actually, except that this guy (Gru) wants to be super evil so he stole some stuff like the statue of liberty (from Vegas lol) and the Times Square screen and now he wants to be the super evil person and steal the moon.

Who is it to stop him right? Right! Except this other evil guy (I shall not say who, go and watch it) and 3 little kids who managed to touch his heart. haha.

I shall not say too much to spoil it but go and watch it. You’ll laugh like mad and GO AND WATCH THE 3D VERSION! I know it may sound like I’m trying to advertise for the movie (this is after all a review) but I believe they made the movie for 3D. Especially some scenes! Shall not spoil it but the experience is just amazing.

Do sit through the credits too (with your 3D glasses). The few small scenes after that that played with the 3D technology is amazing.

I just found this app where you can translate what the minions are saying in the movie! Go download it before you watch it here: http://www.bestbuymoviemode.com/

My favourites are the minions as well as the little girl, Agnes. haha. She’s so cute!

Source: Movie Wallpaper.net

Excellent movie! I gave it 4.5/5 stars because of the humour, fun, great 3D effects and some surprising stuff that happens in it. Lol.

Oh and the soundtrack’s mostly done by Pharrell Williams, who is a popular artiste and worked with people like Justin Timberlake before.

Thank you Omy.sg for the movie! 😀

Anyway, Candy was sick before the movie so we couldn’t go for a good dinner! 🙁 Another day then.

Leaving you with one more pic of the minion:

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@ Grandma’s place.

Woke up rather early and went to visit my maternal Grandma with mum and sis.

Glad to see so many of my relatives there after not seeing them for so long. Haha I can say some of my relatives looked thinner and some look fatter. =X Grandma looked much older than the last time I saw her.

A lot of my relatives were like, “Oh! You’re back!” Haha. 🙂 I didn’t bring photos there. Argh. I want to print them and bring them there coz I have no idea how to bring digital photos without my laptop? And not sure if I plug the photos to the tv and hog it, it’ll be very nice. haha

As usual, ate a lot there. Haha. i wonder why i didn’t grow fat in the past when I used to visit her place every sunday. It’s like food galore most of the times: prawns, duck, curry, meat, vegetables, soup, etc. But I miss all these food so it was good. Probably will have to exercise those calories away, but it was worth it, to be with family again. 🙂

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English lessons.

I’m supposed to be writing up lesson plans for 10 days of English lessons for some SDC employees but I ended up:

– Minesweeping (still can’t break Expert!)
– Looking at my cousin girlfriend’s friendster pictures
– Reading my cousin girlfriend’s blog

Lol. So easily distracted. After this entry I shall go back to work.

So yeah, Henry and I were assigned this task of teaching some employees English. Wow. It’s quite technical actually… As in this is an intensive lesson of learning English for an interview and bio. Oh well, at least the Biz Comm skills we learn can be used here.

And the Straits Times that belonged to my bosses were handed over. I miss reading english newspapers! In fact, I just miss reading newspapers. :-/

I dunno how I ended up at friendster again. Just suddenly thought of my cousin and decided to view his profile. Lol. I’m not close to him anyway, and we hardly talk until recently when I’m supposed to help my dad sell the XBox and my mum asked him to tell me how to research for the price to sell it (I have yet to sell it. Anyone interested? Halo 2 edition).

Come to think of it, I’m only close to like 2 cousins out of the 30+ cousins that I have. Must make it a resolution to be closer and keep in touch with more of them I guess. I find it sad when I don’t know much about my cousins except probably their name and whether they are working or studying. And… some of them, the instruments that they play and that’s about it.

Come August, I shall have things to work hard on and having my cousins on my msn list is one of them. 🙂

Update @ 1.04 am: Alright. So I started on the cousins project just now when I saw one of my cousins Janning online. I asked her for my cousin Mark‘s email address and I tried adding him on MSN, and I succeeded! Just finished chatting with cousin Mark who’s doing his NS currently but busy with gigs. He plays his double bass in a small band with a few other people I think. Not too sure. He went off after a while.

But I’m kind of glad that I’ve got one more cousin on my list. 🙂

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Li Ying shared an interesting site with me about Chinese surnames. So here’s the one for 蔡: http://www.yutopian.com/names/15/15cai44.html 🙂

Quite a cool story eh? I hope this site (http://www.yutopian.com/names/) will keep me entertained for hours. No task to do again coz system not completed for testing. 🙁

No. 1 most common surname in China: 王
No. 2 most common surname in China: 李
No. 3 most common surname in China: 張
No. 4 most common surname in China: 劉
No. 5 most common surname in China: 陳
No. 6 most common surname in China: 楊
No. 7 most common surname in China: 趙
No. 8 most common surname in China: 黃
No. 9 most common surname in China: 周

No. 42 most common surname in China: 盧
No. 43 most common surname in China: 蔣
No. 44 most common surname in China: 蔡
No. 45 most common surname in China: 賈

120 surnames in total (in the list)

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SNCO BBQ (10 March)

Guang Yi came to restring my sister’s violin. Her violin’s pegs were like super tight and Guang Yi had a hard time with it. It was interesting watching him “re-stringing” it though. Learnt that there’s such a thing called the violin peg chalk. 🙂

Went for SNCO’s first BBQ at SYC yesterday. It’s the first time I went to SYC after it’s been renamed. The last time I went there was for YCF 2001 rehearsal. I remember that place and day because of someone. haha. But doubt that someone will remember. Quite a cool place anyway. I love the fact that it has free wi-fi. haha.

Not many people went for the BBQ though. Let me name those who went: Nikee, Wei Fen, Vanessa, Kenneth, Guang Yi, my sis, Weili, Meow Ling, Chui Ling, Yi Lian, Shi Ni, Kat, Shazwan, Mei Ling, Yew Kay, Louis, Mr & Mrs Chua and their daughter and Jacomo.

Super paiseh Shini remembered what I’d told her on concert night which goes something like that:

Me: Where’s Jacomo?
Shini: Oh, he left a long time ago. Why?
Me: Oh, I wanted to take a picture with him.

So when Jacomo arrived on his scooter, Shini was like, “Hey, I brought my camera today. You can take a picture with him later!”
I totally forgot about the whole conversation on the concert night until then. Anyway, the reason why I’d wanted to take a picture with him was
because he’s a guest conductor and I’d sort
of regretted not taking a picture with Terence Teow. Plus the fact that my sister brought her camera there.
(Click on the images to enlarge it)

Notice the height difference? In my head I was like, “OMG I will look short in the picture!” haha.While waiting for Shini to prepare her camera, I told Jacomo about my upcoming trip to China. And his reply was
expected (because of something I’d read). Not long later, when I was eating a satay, I heard:”Hey China girl!”

-_-” I am not a China girl.

From Left: My sis, Kenneth, Shazwan, Kat and Me.

From Left: Vanessa, my sis, Shi Ni and I.

From Left: Shazwan, Guang Yi, Kenneth, Vanessa, Kat, me, Weili, my sis and Shini. Taken at the roof top. Keppel Harbour is right behind! 🙂

Guang Yi, Vanessa and any SNCO members who are reading this, the rest of the images can be downloaded here: http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y116/galovesongs/SNCOBBQ/. 😀

More pics which I’d just transferred from my phone:

View from SYC roof top. Lights are from the harbour.

Me in graduation gown taken by Zhong.

Something which I’d spotted in HS. It has been there for more than 2 years already…

Look closely:

Sotong rice! At the famous BBQ stall at PS Kopitiam. LOVE THE GRAVY! 😀 Yum!

Audrey and I (taken from Audrey’s blog). Picture taken on 11/2/07. 😀 (I think I look good in this picture. 😛 )

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