81st day here.

It’s currently 1.48am. I’m sitting here on the floor in the living room where 2 guys are sleeping on the sofas. I am the last one awake!!

Well, just updated my WordPress software and changed my theme. The previous theme looks weird with the ads being squeezed to the side like that. This one looks better. I like how the links to the pages are posted on top rather than the side of the page.
Unfortunately, my Chinese characters all come out in symbols. Argh!!!

Yesterday 2 days ago was Vernon Lek‘s birthday. He and Madeline ordered an ice-cream cake that some person delivered to the apartments in the rain. Quite cool to have everyone in the house to sing a birthday song together and eat cakes. It reminds me of the birthday celebrations at my Grandma’s house. 🙂 This sort of experience… you won’t get a second one.

Vernon got chased around the house with cake. The chaser made the place quite messy and not everyone was happy about it. At least he had the responsibility to clean up. Which I think is not bad.

It’ll be my turn next month. I wonder how it’ll be like.

Received news from my sis that Ishi from Soul was found dead in a car. I didn’t really watch Superband the other time, but it’s still quite shocking about such news. Especially one about a death. Read the news here(though personally, I don’t like the way that article was written).

Going to bed now. 🙂

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