SCO Evelyn Glennie – Drumming from East to West

Last sunday, Desmond informed us about Evelyn Glennie’s debut with the SCO this weekend. I was sooo excited that I told myself that I would go no matter what. Haha.

There are 2 performances, one yesterday (1 June) and one tonight (Saturday). My week was so hectic that I totally forgot about it until Thursday. Friends had their stuff to attend to and so I bought a ticket alone.

It was my first time watching the SCO perform, despite reading their articles and interview with their conductor Tsung Yeh many times on the papers. Chinese Orchestra used to be something that I didn’t really enjoy, basing on my past experiences at secondary schools where I watched the other schools CO perform. I used to think that they’re noisy and all, but this slowly changed when I went to NYPCO’s concert once. They’re now playing music that I really can feel and understand.

SCO’s musicians are just too awesome. I recognise 2 cellists who were guest players with SNCO a few months back and gosh, i got quite a lot of goosebumps watching them play. They are that good.

Evelyn Glennie, she’s just amazing. It’s really difficult to describe that feeling when watching her perform. It’s like she and the instruments are together. And to finally get to meet such a wonderful percussionist after so many years is just amazing.

As always, I would like to share this video. All musicians should watch it:

After the concert, I went to queue for her autograph (and the conductor + the other soloist).

Met Wayne too! And oh, I told Evelyn Glennie that I really enjoyed her talk at TED. 😀

Awesome start to the weekend!!
Tickets are still available for tonight!

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SNCO – Rhapsody in Spring concert (10 Feb 2012)

So much has changed throughout this time.

Can’t remember when it was when we roughly started training for this concert. Sometime around October I guess?

Many has passed through this phase of my life, and many has came into my life.

For myself, through the preparations of this concert, I:

  • Took up cello
  • Got a cajon
  • Took up bass
  • Moved on in life
  • Made new friends that are wayy important in my life
  • Became more open
  • Almost joined Chingay


We used to start having sectionals, to prepare for this concert. Then somehow it stopped, but anyway, supper became a regular activity. Haha.

One of the earlier suppers

I also almost joined Chingay around this period, went for the first practice, but before anything happened, I was told that all A&C members were put to the reserved list. I wanted to fight for it, but to be honest, I just didn’t want to fight for myself any longer. I have been fighting so much for myself so many years, and have been standing up for myself for so long. No one ever stood for me. So maybe, I should start standing up and helping others. Looking back, this was the main reason. Or at least, this is what I feel now.

So many things!

How should I continue?

Anyway, throughout this journey, I made lots of friends, learnt new stuff, my confidence grew towards the drumset. I am definitely still determined to work on it.

Finally it just makes sense about prayer, about how to pray.

On concert day, basically everything just past very quickly. All concert days are kinda special. Magical things happen. You get that sort of bravery that you don’t usually have. All my calmness just went away. Haha. Anyway, I’m just really glad that I have my BFF Javier, Kat and Kenneth with me. They have always been around helping me, giving me advice, and saving all the rubbish that I’d done. Somehow with BFF around, I feel responsible for being the 大姐 but yet, because of the difference in generation, can be young in order to be able to understand him and chat with him. It’s just that awesome feeling. 🙂

I’ve been pausing quite a few times while writing this. I don’t know how to continue, how to turn all these feelings into words.

Throughout these months, I’ve been taking lots of pictures, so, I shall just write some story behind the pictures that I took on concert day, and let it do the honours.

The boys, Lionel, Wilson and Winston. They were chatting about school. o.O Quite insightful to hear them talk. I couldn’t join in the conversation, so I just sat there and listened.

I didn’t know Lionel’s name until after the concert believe it or not. As for Wilson, he has been around since a few years ago. I still remember the first practice that he came for, and we had lunch. Haha. Winston’s Wilson’s army friend, and he brought him to join us. I remember the first time Winston came, and the sound that came out from the trumpet just totally wow-ed me. He’s AWESOME. It’s not always that you get to see talent, and this one, I was afraid to lose; Whether as a friend or player. He looked like someone who you can be good friends with. 🙂

Bummed around and then went upstairs. Found a flower on the Glocks. No idea why it was there as it wasn’t there the night before:

The guy in black’s Beng Lay’s son. Shaun is his name (not sure which spelling it should be). He was pretty quiet all the time in training when he was around. I only found out his name at the end of the whole concert. Haha. Quite nice to see a quiet person smile 🙂

Bad settings and light condition

Ohh, and Weili when she found out Shaun’s Beng Lay’s son.. Haha. Her expression was like 😮 😛

We had rehearsals, where obviously I ran around and climbed chairs to take pictures. Here are some (the rest are on Facebook):

Mr Wu Ee Lung singing. He’s a renowned finger painter from San Yi Finger Painting Society. So glad to have him back again after so many years.

Cellists and Double bassists. The double bass player on the right is actually SCO’s cellist. So cool!

The oboist is called Nikki. He doesn’t talk much too =/

Anyway there was this segment where there’s a little music prodigy who played her violin with one of Singapore’s best pianist. Took this when I went upstairs and saw them rehearsing:

Not the man standing there. He’s one of the sound group member

So BFF decided to have someone put makeup for him. That was the reason why I had to went up to get my camera: to take a picture for him. HAHA

Then Weili helped him put eyeliner too:

Backstage had lots of happening stuff going on, like taking pics with everyone. I was nervous like crap then, but still managed to have loads of fun:

Haha i basically followed Javier up the stairs to take pics for him with everyone. Haha. And he was nice enough to help me take a pic with Winston.

So paiseh my whole face turned red.

Took lots of shots of Javier (coz we were reallly bored). I like this one:

Dr. Ho said the above pic lack an “F”. “Stage Fright”.
Oh and I didn’t know Dr. Ho is a “Dr” because he does music. Haha. Now I know! And he doesn’t show any hint of it as I know we are lousy at music, but he’s not that sort of person 🙂

Then so fast it was the intermission. Took pics with friends who came and said hi:

Kee Chong and a Regent Sec member

Me and Kee Chong. Wilson took this pic. And so funny la, he was saying that we have a huge gap in between which was a bit awkward coz we dunno how else to take. Then anyway, Wilson wanted to have a pic with me, well this one is his example of a no gap picture:

Such a nice person!

Huimin and I

Me, Serene and Carol

Then it was the second half. Screwed up quite a lot. What happened was that I couldn’t find my file. Which turned out to be on the floor next to a drum. T.T Javier was there to cover for me. But I was so upset. Though what done is done.

Kat’s friends who came to support

Bi Neng and Audrey came too!

The rest of the pics are on my facebook page. Not sure if anyone reads this blog still 😛 hehe. Just wanted to keep some memories here for future’s sake.

Had so much fun! I just really wish that the friends who I’ve made on that day, took pics with, even though it was the last day, will be people who I will see in future once again, who I will know better in future. Sometimes in life, you don’t get that chance again, and sometimes you will. I just wish it will for everyone.

Sometimes I think asking to be a person’s friend is just so difficult. But we must always try can’t we? 🙂

Cheers to all. And have a great year ahead.

I miss everyone already.

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Jason Mraz in Singapore 2009 (5 March 09)

I have to confess, I did not buy the tickets on the first day the ticket sales opened. In fact, I’d only bought it after I returned from my Hong Kong Trip.

And I ended up buying the 2nd last $88 ticket. 😀

Not important, but anyway, I’ve been listening to Jason Mraz since 2002 when “The Remedy” first came out. In fact, I remember that I’d purposely memorised the lyrics to the rap of the song just so that I can sing it.

I was just a poor sec 2 kid then, so I didn’t buy his album (sadly).

He disappeared for a while after that, returning with Wordplay and also Geek in the Pink. In fact, I remember asking Hwa Swee once in the computer lab back in school who sang Geek in the Pink coz it was good and I hadn’t listened to the radio in a while at that point of time.

I missed his previous few performances in Singapore (Mosaic festival & SingFest) so this was a must go!

Enough about my story. Anyway, I’d reached SIS early that day, and bought a $45 tee shirt (so shoot me). Went to my seat early and started people watching and taking pictures.

Yea, I was pretty tired

One thing I don’t get is why so many people arrived after 8pm even though the concert was slated to start at 8. Grrr…

Anyway, if you want to know how a full house SIS looks like…

I didn’t take much pictures, coz it was pretty dark. I took a few videos though, and will embed them here when Facebook finish processing them.

Jason Mraz was amazing!!! It’s what I’d expected and MORE!!! He interacted with the audience, he danced, he even SANG OPERA!

Anyway, I was standing and dancing almost throughout the concert. The whole indoor stadium was doing so too! It’s a waste if you were there sitting and watching only. It was like one big party!! 😀

He also mimicked the saxophone.

Check out the video below (someone uploaded it on YouTube). I almost fainted when he sang OPERA!!!!

I just wished they’d planned up an encore. That was the only downside to the concert. I just wanted more songs!!

Songs I want to listen to him live: Love for a Child & Please Don’t Tell Her
The set list:

1. Dynamo of Volition
2. Geek in the Pink

3. (not sure)
4. You and I Both
5. Who Needs Shelter
6. Live High
7. Only Human
8. Beautiful mess
9. Make it Mine
10. I’m Yours
11. Three little Birds
12. Mr. Curiosity
13. The Remedy & Wonderwall
14. No Stopping Us
15. Butterfly

I want to go to a Jason Mraz concert again!!

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