Brazil BBQ dinner with SCS colleagues

Yesterday went to 卡布罗尔巴西烤肉 (Cabrel’s (sp?) Brazil BBQ Buffet) for dinner with some SCS colleagues. Mr Ling, Ms Chua, Mr Li, Ms Xiao, Ms Cao and Henry also went (coz we’re all in the same project group). This buffet costs RMB$58 which is RMB$20 more than the one at Midya International Buffet which we’d went to on 2 occassions. Of course, since we’re paying more here, the service is also much better. Hot towels were provided, and there’s TV for you to watch (all Mr Bean though). As for the food, there are more variety I guess? But then, Brazil BBQ is still Brazil BBQ, so it wasn’t that special or anything.

The buffet part was a bit disappointing though. They don’t have as much food to choose from as compared to Midya’s. Most of the stuff were salad and fruits. But I must say even though there aren’t much choices, it also doesn’t really matter coz we sit there most of the time and wait for people to serve us with cooked food. I ate stuff like, bacon, beef, lamb, sausages, pizza, prawns, mushrooms, cauliflower, lotus roots, ham, ice-cream, fries, fruit salad, potato salad, etc. Lol. Of course, I ate only like one or 2 of each stuff and some of the stuff were shared among 4 people.

Then I asked Mr Ling about E-Mei Shan (E-Mei Mountain) coz he went there before. He told us that part of the itenary is to watch sunrise from the mountain and Henry commented that I’m lucky coz I get to watch sunrise with Huzz if our itenary includes that. Lol. 😀 Guess I’m lucky. 🙂 But still must see how the itenary is.

Oh, and watched So Close on tv yesterday. I think I’d watched it before coz I found some of the scenes familiar. They kept showing this ad on Singapore which features JJ Lin. 😀 I miss the food!!!

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