Back in Singapore! :D

I’m Back!!! 😀 😀 Anyone missed me? 😛

Alright. Couldn’t fall asleep yesterday until around 4am. Not used to my soft soft bed and the humid weather. Quite sad eh? Living in a foreign country for 4 months made me a different person who is used to different things. :-/

My parents said I’m fat and have lots of pimples. And my Dad asked why is my face pinkish like it was sunburnt? Lol.

125th Day – Drama continued. A bit disappointed, and quite tired after that.

The flight was delayed for 50 minutes, but still reached SG rather early around 9.41pm instead of the scheduled 9.10pm. Bought Martell Cordon Bleu for my dad. Quite not used to hearing to people speak Singlish or with a Singaporean accent. Lol.

I was quite used to Chengdu life as I found out in the airport toilet. After using tissue paper in the toilet, I was looking for a dustbin. LOL! In Chengdu, other that your own waste material, you are not able to flush other stuff down the toilet. Haha.

Glad to be home! 😀

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