and I’m waiting for my rocket to come.

Writing this on my phone once again before i paste this on my blog. :p

Will be jamming again tonight! One year ago, i dunno how it feels like to be in a pop/rock band, now i’m enjoying the process and linking the things that i am learning with the symphonic band things that I know.

A song that reminded me of the time when I did an arrangement came on my mp3. And i wonder if i should complete the arrangement that I did a few years back? One reason why I didnt continue was a lack of time and skill. The change of key killed me. Anyway, now that I roughly know about the chords stuff, I think it might speed up my process a bit more instead of listening and trying each note out.

Sometimes my mp3 player surprises me, with forgotten songs appearing on my playlist.

Tomorrow’s a colleague’s last day at work. I still remember the first day when he came in. And I am still here.

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