19 July Horoscope:

You continue to move forward with your life with great intent, but it’s wise to stop long enough to take stock of what you have accomplished. Take the necessary time to analyze what you truly want and reevaluate your plan to reflect your adjusted desires. Don’t worry if joy seems out of reach now. Do what you must while believing that the good times will return.

What have I accomplished in life? What does accomplishment means anyway? The awards you have won, the people you have helped or the things you have done? Indeed, this is a difficult question to answer.

How many times have we questioned ourselves to whether we are on the right path in life or accomplishing the correct stuff? How many times have we wondered if we are a good or bad person and what others think of our behaviour?

I guess there are no right answers to these questions. It is up to us ourselves to decide our accomplishments, whether we are on the right track, with the guidance and advice of others. We don’t live alone in this world, and therefore it is important that we seek others opinion to improve on ourselves. Of course, I’m not saying that what others say would definitely be correct and that we are definitely wrong. Learning to adapt to the majority is important, but staying true to ourself is also just as important. If we listen to how others think you should behave and betray our own principles and values, then what is the point?

I’m digressing I guess. Anyway, I realised that whenever we ask about others accomplishments/achievements, the first thing everyone would think about are the awards they have won. Hardly we would think about the people we have helped (unless it’s a major case like preventing a person from committing suidcide or something) or the things that we have done to make the difference.

I’m guilty of that too I guess. So I shall not spend my time typing out the awards I have won or similar stuff (lest people think I’m showing off).

Things I want to accomplish by the end of this year

  • Music theory grade 5
  • Officially form the HS Alumni Band
  • Complete the alumni band website *guilty*
  • Achieve a certain standard for percussion
  • Be more fit and eat more healthily

That’s all I can think of for now. 🙂

P/S: My 100th day away from SG!! 25 more days to SG!!

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