Jasmine. 24. 28 July. Blogging since 2001.
Alumni of: National University of Singapore. Computing. NYP. Hougean.
Music Theory Grade 5.
Feel free to contact me at galovesongs[AT]gmail.com if you would like me to review a new product or service!

Technology. Harry Potter. Music. Band. Westlife. Jason Mraz. Hana-Kimi. Heroes. Nodame Cantabile.I listen to any music genre as long as I enjoy the tune.

Improve in percussion skills. Driving license.


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Name and space bought from : GotSOHO (Solo Plan) Soho Web Hosting
Date Opened: 20 February 2005


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Domain Name
Maestoso Amore means “Majestic Love” in Italian. I learnt the meaning of these 2 words in 2004. “Maestoso” from the score of Ross Roy by Jacob de Haan and “Amore” from a music theory book.
Put together, they mean Majestic Love. I kind of like the way it sounds and what it meant. Love can mean parent-child love or even girl-guy relationship. Love can change a person in many ways as well as teach a person what life is about.

My Online History
I started creating websites back in 2001 because I was really interested about creating websites. It was during the Neopets hype then, and many users were creating sites for others to put music and background images on their shops. So I started web designing at i-love-cats.com. My first site was simply (and quite lamely) titled, My Web Site.

After a while, I felt that My Web Site was quite plain and lousy, so I decided to change everything and redo a web site. I tried many free hosts, but in the end decided on Geocities. Geocities at that point of time provided enough for me. Other than the irritating advertisement, it pretty much allowed me to learn how to do frames, iframes, tables, divs layout, etc. My new site was renamed 4 Eva Here. The meaning is that the site would be on the internet (here) forever (4 Eva). I used 4 eva as it is a form of internet speak.

At that point of time, I had a fair amount of experience in creating and maintaing a web page/site. So in 2004, I participated in 2 web design competitions with a group, and won the Champion and Merit awards respectively. 🙂 That was when I decided to get a domain to learn more web programming languages like PHP as free hosts do not offer PHP support.

Vanessa, whom I got to know online through a Harry Potter forum, also supported my idea of getting a domain. In the end, she purchased one and recommended me gotsoho.com. I signed up and got maestoso-amore.com.


  1. Hi there!

    Sorry to intrude. But i was doing an online search for Tanya Chua’s BEAUTIFUL LOVE lyrics, and thats how i chanced upon your blog. I’ve credited your name in my blog. Hope to learn more abt website creation too, since i wld like to post my videos and photos online eventually. Keep me in your loop for web-related stuff pls?

    And if you are into strings (ensemble), take time to listen to Ruyichi Sakamoto! He’s a very talented nihon-ji musician… 🙂

    Stay in touch!

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