20 October 2001

HI! Like the cursor? I got it from Lissa Explains, which means my Credits page is updated!
I found out that Westlife has a new site now.
Click here.
At the Fun page, I added a contest to whoever who can find the
midi for Westlife’s “What I Want Is What I’ve Got”.
I need it urgently so if you know what site has the midi,
fill in the form.
I also made a suggestion box. Fill it in.

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13 October 2001

Sorry for not updating for so long.
I had been very busy these days.
I did the music page today
If there is an error, You can try it tomorrow.
I found a great site today. It has many things about The White House. Click Here to go there.

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7 October 2001

I re-did this page today because
I accidentally deleted this whole page
I also did a new poll!
The music page is still not ready yet
but I think it would be ready by next week
with HTML code and all.
To suggest songs, e-mail to suggestions.

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Band practice

We had a performance this morning. so after reading period we went down to the band room. We set up our instruments while there was a talk so it was a bit embarrassing when the hall was like “Wah…” when my friend and I carried the huge bass drum easily up to the hall. Haha. It only LOOKs heavy but it actually wasn’t.

The concert was not as good as the rehearsal we had yesterday though, in my opinion, though many teachers had commented that it was good… We played, Yutaka Ozaki Works, Shrek’s Dance Party, Made in Singapore, Ross Roy, Queen’s Park Melody, Hawaii Five-O and Friendship Runs Deep. The last 2 songs were to let the Juniors keep occupied. Haha..

After that, we went to the band room and watched our performance which Mr Lee taped. It was pretty cool I guess. We were able to spot our mistakes. And the thing was, the Timpani was Loud! It sounded very, VERY bass.. Haha…

I’d also asked Mr Lee, who gladly agreed, to help me record the band performance. The quality wasn’t too good as the MP3 mic was more suitable for use in an enclosed room I guess.

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