Currently raining right now. Ahh… Haven’t had such a day where it’s raining when I’m at home.

Today’s Dad’s birthday. Actually planned to eat dim sum or something outside but he said it’s very unhealthy to eat out on a sunday (long explanation) so we ordered from Pizza Hut (though I don’t get the difference).

Aloha pizza and Hawaiian. 🙂 Love the Aloha pizza! Had lots of cheese and mayo on it. 🙂 And oh, nowadays you have to tell the operator that you want cheese and chilli flake packets else they won’t give it to you -_-” That makes sense in the business perspective but not to the consumer’s perspective.

Had my final music theory lesson today. Ms Tania said that I’ve been quite consistent with my work and all so there’s no need for anymore lessons. But if I want to ask her anything before the exam I can do so. Quite worried about it right now. I’ve still got tons of terms to memorize. >.<

Nothing much for today. Work tomorrow! Hope I can solve that JavaScript problem.

*Oh and I wish SBS Transit would convert to using Google Maps instead of Streetdirectory.com maps because Google Maps are much more user friendly.

Edited: Interview with Dean.

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