I miss…

What I miss in Chengdu:

  • the nightly conversations with Huzz
  • hanging out everyday with a large group of people
  • living with friends and boyfriend
  • the privacy we have even though I live with 12 others
  • the gossips
  • how relaxing it is after work
  • the big apartment
  • having an aircon in the room
  • people finding you interesting because you are a foreigner
  • making decisions on buying things like shampoo, detergent, etc
  • making decisions in life
  • taking cabs everyday to work
  • eating biscuits in the office pantry every afternoon
  • living with friends
  • hanging out in the living room every night with friends and yet having the discipline to sleep after that
  • the window in the room where I can sit by and watch the world go by
  • cheap books!
  • Peter’s
  • the rice sauce at “Si Ji Xiao Chu”
  • Carrefour at walking distance
  • Eating ordered lunches (外卖) in the office during lunch breaks, complaining about how horrible it tastes but yet still enjoy it (for me at least)
  • being the “mother” of the house
  • taking about what’s happening in SG
  • being amazed/amused/surprised by some things we see that are different from what we know in SG
  • Chun Xi Lu
  • checking the visibility of Chengdu every morning
  • the people
  • Chengdu

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