As the days goes by…

Yesterday wasn’t really eventful.

The day before was. Coz I was standing under the bus stop waiting for my bus (along with like 5 other people) when suddenly the rain and wind got bigger and no one was spared from the rain. Everyone just ran away together (the chinese phrase is 不约而同) to the shelter linking to the bus stop.

Then the bus came, and no one dared to step forward to flag it. I was quite desperate to get out of the place and home so I ran to the “raining” bus stop and flagged the bus. Then ran into the bus with my hair dripping… and everyone followed. And the bus driver shook his head at us while we board his bus, with water dripping everywhere.

The bus ride was horribly cold. I was worried about my laptop (which I was carrying in my hand) and the laptop adapter in my bag (my bag was also wet).

Oh and it was my 8th month with Huzz. 😀

Yesterday went jogging with Eng Eng. Haven’t jogged in more than a month since NAPFA though I’d exercised on the stepper machine at home. It was great to catch up with her and all. And jogging’s always fun when you have a friend to talk to. 🙂 Looking forward to more of this, and hopefully a 4E1 outing plan will surface. 🙂

Done lots of coding these few days. I get exhausted every night. It’s a good thing though, coz I learn something everyday (from the coding) and get to sleep easily as well. I’m very much planning to blog about some ASP.NET stuff that I learnt while doing my projects so that others can learn as well.

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