SD Kenshu 2007

Actually, I wanted to do this after I get my sleep as it’s 1am on New Year’s Eve and I really want to sleep early.

But I realised that if I don’t type out what I’d did today, I doubt I’ll fall asleep anyway. So here goes.

Had SNCO practice. Was queuing for the bus at the interchange when I saw a guy and a girl carrying a cello each and immediately knew that they were guest players. So I looked down the line to see if there were anymore familiar faces when I saw Guangyi. In my head I was like, “Wow! He’s back from Malaysia already?” haha.

And wow, Martin‘s also back in SG. Quite glad to see him as well even though I don’t really know him well. 🙂

I also realised when playing an arranged piece on the timpani that it is easy for a percussionist to know if the arranger is a good one or not. Many problems faced by us are stuff like the arranger giving us a note on the mallets that are out of range, impossible notes on the timpani (another range problem) or (the current problem that I’m facing) too many notes on the timpani.

So arrangers out there, please, do some homework about percussion instruments first! Those softwares out there aren’t humans. Yes, the pitch and note can be heard on the computer when you arrange, but it doesn’t mean the real instrument can play them.

Met up with Huzz after that. 😀 And tried the new route home. AMK and YCK’s just one stop difference, and the number of buses going to AMK after 12 is wayyy more than YCK’s (0).

Woke up at 6.45am. I was ready and all for kenshu (Jap for training) but my sis was so sleepy.

My sis kept asking me how I manage to be so awake with only about 5 hours of sleep. Honestly, I really don’t know. Maybe it’s my determination because I really wanted to go for it and learn something, or maybe it’s my body being used to not sleeping so much?

So, kenshu was held at Senja Soka Centre. I’ve only been there once previously (coz it’s new + meetings are hardly held there). And the view from the stairwell there is just as beautiful as I’d remembered. Senja… really is a beautiful new town (but is the cost of the housing there expensive? looks like it =x).

I must say I’d learnt a lot today… Mentor-Disciple Spirit was the theme, and honestly, to someone like me (who is guilty of not doing the “study” part of Buddhism much =x oops), it was quite an intermediate topic. But through what we’d read, watched, heard today, I’ve gotten the basics of it. Hopefully, the study meetings next year will really enrich more about this topic. 🙂

Oh, and it was quite an emotional 9 hours too. 2 leaders who shared about their experiences broke cried, this fellow NYP student Ivan cried when sharing about his resolutions, and the one that really made quite a few people in the hall cry (I almost cried too) was this video of Ikeda Sensei(SGI President Daisaku Ikeda) visiting the students at this Soka Kindergarten in Japan, and all the kids crying tears of joy when he finally stepped out of the car and they were finally about to see him in person. It was a truely touching scene. When you know so much about someone that great, someone who’s done and given a lot for SGI, for peace, and when you’re finally able to see him, the feeling is just going to be amazing.

Also got to see these people again (they may not remember me, but I remember them) :
Shirley, Pei Xin, Carine, Hong Bin (haha!), Jia Xin (pri sch classmate), Yong Ling (Jia Xin’s bro… NOT the BNSS alumni), Choi Yan, Hui Ling, etc. I’ve known some of them since primary school, and I always enjoy going to big meetings/trainings like this where I can see so many people I know again.

(Not finishing yet!)

Met up with Huzz at Bugis after that. We made rings! 😀 😀 (Picture another day)

Had Pastamania for dinner. 😀 😀 Decided to try something different (spicy) today. Bacon Algino (sp?) was excellent. I didn’t know the use of olive oil with pasta would give such a special taste to food. 🙂

Oh, and this news about 88 couples renewing their vows again at SSA‘s quite interesting. 🙂 I didn’t know they had something like this. 🙂

Shall blog more after sleep (since it’s the 31st already)!

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