Ashley’s celebration, Vinny’s wedding

Yesterday, went to William, Polly & Ashley‘s house as it was Ashley’s 1st month old celebration. A lot of people were already there. Including my Grandma. It struck me that my Grandma is now Ashley’s Great-Grandmother. The food was quite average. I seem to have lost a lot of appetite. Just one plate of rice with a bit of vegetables, and 3 fishballs, and I got terribly full. What has happened? I don’t know.

Ashley was asleep when my sis and I reached. -_-” William and Polly said that it was coz she was almost awake the whole night. Haha. Polly woke her up to feed her after a while. It was the first time I saw Ashley awake. Her eyes are BIG and she’s really, really active! She would like look around, and stare at someone who catches her attention for a long while. haha. Cute sia. I can see that she recognises Polly and William coz she would like look at them instead of others whenever someone else is carrying her. Haha. CUTE!!!

Went off to CP after that. Bought a pair of earrings to wear at Vinny’s wedding. Then sort of hung around with my sis at CP. Bought sweets at mini toons, then cup corn at Kopitiam. After that, went home to sleep. When I woke up, my throat felt horrible so I went to have a cup of water and then I slowly got rashes all over. URGH. Allergic reaction! 🙁 It went on for about 2 hours before the allergic stuff went away.

Watched the GE results till about 1am. Results are expected. Though I think in a few more elections, the results won’t be like this.

Today, woke up rather early and prepared to go for Vinny’s wedding. Took the train to Tanjong Pagar MRT coz the restaurant was situated in the building next to SCH. The road’s freaking quiet. Only my mum, my sis and I were walking along the WHOLE street. -_-“

Anyway, we reached there earlier than expected, so my sis and I waited while Mum went for the tea ceremony. Vinny was REALLY pretty. If anyone ever asked me who my prettiest cousin is, I’d immediatly say her name. Lol. Also saw Vincent, Dorothy, Nelson, Jackson and Raymond for the first time in like 2 or 3 years? Quite pathetic hor? Cousins so long never see each other. Well, they were almost unrecognisable coz they’ve alll grown older than what i remember. But it was fun to see them again. 🙂

There was a problem with the seating arrangement at first, but it got sorted out after a while. The waiter who served me did a pretty good service and was polite and all. Didn’t have the pink card with me else I would have given it to him. Lol.

The beginning of the wedding lunch was a bit too dramatic. The food was quite healthy but tasty as well. Got full after about 4 dishes, -_-” but continued eating anyway. Disturbed Charlene for a long time. haha. The Chinese tea served there was strong, but not too strong. Towards the end, I realised that they poured hot water instead of refilling it with tea. Lol.
Nevertheless, it was a really great wedding lunch, and I congratulate Vinny and Jeff. 🙂


(Another matter altogether)
Saw the proposal they submitted and was quite pissed coz they didn’t credit me for the work I did. Had a long discussion with the project leader. At least it was all sorted out, so I’m not going to continue harping about it.

Presentation tomorrow!

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