Made lasagna today! Woohoo! Candy and Mum helped me with it. The first one (meat) turned out kind of burnt. Esp the lasagna slice. It just turned black. =X The second one (seafood – actually just some squid) was not too bad, coz Mum said we should try baking it covered with the aluminium foil. Oo wow. it turned out excellent even though the squid gravy was a bit too much at first. 🙂

RIP President Wee Kim Wee (He passed away this morning)

Am kind of bored right now. Feel like writing testimonials for people in Friendster. Wrote one for Aniza but there was some kind of error. Haiz..

Took some soil and threw some Coriander and (dunno what) seeds outside in the corridor. Now you know how bored I am! If only where I used to work isn’t that far.

Thinking of going to Yamaha PS tomorrow to get a Drumpad and an Oboe Swab. Daniel gave me an idea to buy a drum pad the other day when I mentioned to him how long I had to wait to borrow a drumpad from HS. Haha. The Oboe Swab will be a gift from me to Candy since she doesn’t have one and the Oboe case in SWE doesn’t have one either. Hope the instrument I saw the other time at PS will still be there. To know what instrument, read my older entries to find out. Hee.

I’m addicted to The Merry Widow (the song la). If I don’t listen to it at least 3 times a day, I would feel tense and all that. haha

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