Rants, rants and rants…

Nanyang Girl’s school
Good girls who always listen to teachers. you don’t
break rules, you dont disobey orders but OH

Wad girl’s school should you be from?
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Lol!!! Interesting…

I can’t believe channel 8! Must all their TV serials character link to each other? The last show (or was it the last last show?), at 9pm had already linked the whole world together and now again this Channel 8 show (Jing3 zhong1 ren2). Argh!

Decided not to work anymore. It has been an interesting month working at a travel agency. However, it is not something I enjoy. Learnt some stuff about business – calculating GST, how to book SIA tix through Fax, how to calculate the $$ earned for the past year and all that. Learnt how to speak to customers on the phone properly too. haha. now whenever the phone rings, I choose to ignore it. haha

Okay lets see. A few more weeks to school again. I shall be working more on my site these few weeks, brush up my HTML stuff before I start school – since we’ll be learning Java and all, HTML would be quite useful I think. 🙂

Okay, someone is starting to annoy me. I told my mum over dinner. Complained to her about that person. That person always asks for advice then ignore whatever you say and make the wrong decision. Then he’ll say that he regrets it. He’ll also start commenting about lots of stuff and think its correct. But its actually wrong. I am so fed up already.

Oh well, I can’t wait to start school. Haha

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