Sunday Morning.

Woke up at like, 6.50am this morning to go for sunday morning gongyo. First time there so it was quite a new experience. Except for the fact that after kneeling for 30 minutes, I couldn’t feel my legs at all and had to sit. Knocked on the person next to me >.< My apologies. Then after I sat down, my view was blocked. Haha. =X Why am I short? lol

Heard a few testimonials from Vice-GD Mr Oh. Learnt a few stuff through them.
Shunzo Ohno‘s coming to SG. The last time he came I had no idea about it so I didn’t watch him perform. Should be quite good. Anyone want to go with me this time? (25-27 Oct)

Oh and saw Ms Hia jogging. She used to be the DnT teacher at HS until I heard that she was asked to leave or something (can someone clarify this? thanks). When I saw her on Monday, I suspected that she’s jogging the route that I’m planning to try out next week. I think I can confirm that she’s jogging that route too. Must calculate the distance before trying out that new route.

I miss eating vegetarian beehoon and wanted to have them for breakfast today, but my mum bought wantan noodles again. 🙁 It’s like the 3rd time I’m eating that this week and am very tired of eating it. I shall make a list of SG food that I want to eat and have them during the weekends (when I’m eating more) after SNCO or in the morning. Whenever I get the chance NOT to eat noodles, I will, coz I plan to have noodles in school when I really have to scrimp and save (max. $2 per bowl. Woohoo!) haha. Kidding. Coz I don’t really like the noodles in SG. I prefer the handmade ones like in Chengdu. Way nicer than the alkaline+flour we have over here (according to Mr Tang lol).

Music theory in a few hours. Got to go revise.

I think I’m addicted to coffee 🙁

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