As of yesterday, I have the experience of playing in an orchestra!!

haha. Well, SSA created this string ensemble section and changed the name of SWE (can’t say what yet, they want to annouce it in May).
We had a first combined practice yesterday with Mrs Chua (conductor of NASS, AHS, HSC…) conducting us. It was quite funny, coz I went in when about half the band were doing Daimoku, and had to pass a message to someone. So I passed the message, and knelt down without really realising who was around me. After chanting for a while, I saw Mr Chua, and started wondering if Mrs Chua came. Lol.
Then I turned and realised that she was next to me. -_-” lOl

Another conductor, another style to follow and learn. Mrs Chua’s style of conducting is quite different from Terence and Mr Lim (they both have an
almost same style of conducting). I can see why her bands all got Gold for the last SYF. She has the patience to explain so that everyone understands why we must play in a certain way. Understanding would make everything much easier.

I found out that Yew Kay now leads the String Ensemble. No wonder we haven’t seen him for such a long time. The SE people are majority 14 or 15 year olds? But then again, they are all quite pro for kids their age. At least Grade 5 I must say.

Looking at them play now makes me want to learn the cello more. But it doesn’t mean I’ll be joining them.

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