My commitments.

Today, went to HGPT to help 4 people maths. Wrong decision. Coz too many people to handle!!! Lol. No wonder not many tuiton teachers do group tuition. So in the end, I split them up into 2 groups. Wednesday and Friday. Well, I intend to work on alternate weeks after the SA. Else, the school project sure no time to do.

Recently quite tired. I was horribly exhausted at around 3.40pm just now (saw the clock) but forced myself to watch the stuff which my Mum and I had recorded for me the past week. So there was t.h.e.m. (totally hidden extreme magic), Super Nanny, Oprah Winfrey Show and the movie Pay it Forward. Pay It Forward is a rather confusing movie (to me). Perhaps it’s because I didn’t watch the beginning? I was quite blur and all. Add that to my fatigue. I fast-forwarded a lot of it, including the love scene between the mum and the teacher. The ending was weird. I was really confused by then. Haley Joel Osment’s character got stabbed at the waist and he died?! Well, nevermind. Movies are supposed to be dramatic anyway.

I realised how long it has been since I was able to just sit at home and do whatever I want. My commitments are almost endless. School, SWE, HSSB, HS Alumni, NYPSD… I still wonder how I was able to put up with so many CCAs back in sec school…

Mum said that it’s best if my sis and I go for Cousin Vinny‘s wedding. It clashes with Reuben‘s arrival sia. Haiz. Is there a way for me to teleport or just fly from Changi Airport to Shenton Way within 5 minutes?

Zzzz falling asleep again… Got to go off!

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