New manga-to-drama: Romantic Princess (+my day)

Watched the first episode of the latest Taiwanese drama Romantic Princess. I found out that it’s another drama made from a manga (just like Meteor Garden, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, etc). Honestly, the first reason why I wanted to watch this drama is because of the leading actor and actress, Angela Chang and Wu Zun. Wu Zun did a great job as Quan in Hana Kimi and Angela’s a great singer and I was curious to how well she would act.

The first episode got me quite interested in the storyline. Kind of similar to Goong (also from a manga), about how an ordinary girl (Xiao Mai) became a rich princess overnight. What is different is that instead of being betrothed to a prince, the lead character is actually the long lost grand-daughter of a very very very rich tycoon. She got abducted when she was a baby and was sold to her father and mother.

Well, the part which I felt was similar to Goong was about the fact that Xiao Mai immediatly has a guy to confide in, and how they would end up together in the later episodes. haha. And oh yea, they started out fighting. =/


So yesterday was Wee Peng and Shamin‘s birthday. Hasniza, WP and I originally planned to eat at Fish and Co., but in the end didn’t because we were full from the cake. Ended up watching Underdog. I didn’t want to watch because of disapproval from my mum, but they went ahead to buy the ticket and told me that I didn’t need to pay. :S Of course I paid up in the end, but feeling super guilty now. Oh well. If we’d went to Fish and Co. and watched the movie, I think I’ll feel bad for the whole month. I’m serious. 🙁

And I think I don’t have the fate to eat Fish and Co.? Haha It’s like everytime the plan is to eat there, the plan will be changed in the end. Zzz…

Feeling very tired right now. Ran 6 rounds at the stadium today with WP and then we both walked at least 1km to the park near HS to use the exercise facilities.

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