OPP Gathering @ Vivo

Met up with 11 other of my OPP Chengdu housemates/friends yesterday at Vivo. Quite glad to see all of them again. 🙂

When I reached, I saw Hwa Swee and Jia Hui but due to the fact that there were too many people at the exit where they were nearest to, I had to exit through another station gate and lost them afterwards. Called Yi Long and he said they were at Cheers. I had no idea where Cheers were at and in the end, they came back looking for me. lol.

The group of us stood there waiting for the rest of them while contemplating where to eat. haha

Walked around Vivo, then went to Carl’s Jr. Shared this cheese fries thing with Huzz coz i didn’t want to have dinner that early. 🙂 The group of us ended up at the arcade pool section. Then a few of us went to the arcade anyway. Played the Jurassic Park game thingy with Huzaen. Thank you!

Watched Ratatouille. Great Pixar movie! Must watch ok? For some weird reason, my favourite character in this movie is the Ego guy. Hahaha! He reminds me a lot of Snape. Oh yeah, and the UFO animation before the movie is quite cute as well. haha.

Ran 2.4km today at the park. (Huzz: I ran!! :P) Equivalant to 6 rounds at the stadium. Somehow, I like running at the park even though the running path has some slopes which makes it more tiring and strenuous to run. Probably it’s because of the trees that provide some shade. Though there’s this Uncle walking his Schnauzer giving me a look that said, “Why is she running in such a hot day?” Haha. But yay!! Must improve in my timing though.

And oh yea, I lost 1kg or was it 2kg? Maybe 1.5 bah. 😛

Teachers’ Day Dinner tonight. =/

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