Class gathering at Manhattan Fish Market

Went to PS Manhattan Fish Market for dinner yesterday. The original plan was to go to Fish and Co. coz a few of us have never been there before. But some of our classmates had been there numerous times so we went to Manhattan Fish Market instead.

There were Eugene, Hwa Swee, Cheryl, Jessica, Yit Jing (Jessica’s bf), May, Xiaowei, Yi Long and Chuan Ling (SIT Club member). I’m a bit sad not the whole class came though. And no one informed Henry. o.O Luckily he doesn’t seem to mind though we all felt bad.

I ordered Alaskan Pollock and Chips & Soup of the day (cream of mushroom).

Alaskan Pollock and Chips

Honestly, I’d randomly picked something out of the menu to try. This was a bit too oily to my liking though. But it was filling.
The soup of the day was nice though. Kind of enjoyed the mushroom taste in the soup (as compared to the usual Cream of Mushroom soup where you can’t smell the mushrooms at all).

The group of us went to this bar opposite Paradiz Centre. Can’t remember the name of it, but the live singer there was great! He sang some blues genre songs and played his guitar to accompany his singing and his guitar sounded quite good. I think Eugene knows him or something?

I left early with Yi Long, May, Chuan Lim and Hwa Swee after the singer stopped singing. hahaha. Got nothing much to do anyway.

Quite glad to see everyone again.

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  1. I prefer Fish n Co than Manhattan fish market. 😀

    Wow… live band opp Paradiz Centre? Hmmm… Must check it out someday. 😀

  2. DK: Haha. I’ve never eaten at Fish n Co believe it or not. :S

    I remembered the name of the place. It’s called Roomful of Blues. 🙂

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