Events in Singapore. (50th day in Chengdu)

Hm… Kind of wanted to reflect on the stuff happening in Singapore after reading a few blogs these few days.

It’s already the 50th day since I’ve stepped in Chengdu. Really getting used to the life here that I can’t really remember how life was like back in Singapore. As in, what would I do after school each day? How do I prepare myself before I go to school? What are my weekends like? etc etc. I can remember the rough ideas but not the feeling of how it is like already. >.<

Come to think of it, it’s quite relaxing over here actually. No need to worry much about the stuff happening in SG. It’s like we push the pause button on the stuff happening in SG and let it play on slow mode after that. I miss the people, the things and events in Singapore, but I can leave them on hold for now and worry it lesser.

Speaking of which, I read that there are stuff happening in SNCO that are, not very nice I shall say. To be honest, I would like to say that both are at fault, and being angry or upset is pointless. The main thing is to solve the problem and to ensure that similar mistakes would not happen. It is never easy being in the committee in any orchestras or bands. But we must learn how to manage everything well. 🙂 Think positive people!

Vesak Day in SG tomorrow. No holiday here! 🙁

Upcoming events in Singapore:
– Camp Tetra IV
– SNCO Performance
– SNCO Concert
– National Day!

Doesn’t seem much, but seeing how fast time flies (It’s already June in 2 days time), it’s actually quite a lot >.<

On the Jiu Zhai Gou trip, the few of us were discussing how on April 11 we started living a different life, one very different from the one we left behind at SG, and then for the JZG trip, we lead another kind of life (quite a nomadic one >.<) and then when our J2EE friends joined us, it’ll be another new way of living for us. Going back to SG would be very very different from the one that we left behind. When I first came over, I thought that after we return, everything will go back to the usual. The 3 guys would go back to hanging out with their cliques, I would continue hanging out with Chen Lei at the library/lab during breaks. All these will definitely change as the cliques in the class have been broken due to the fact that the whole class have been broken into half (because of attachments, FYPJ etc).

Honestly though, I’m glad for the changes and all. Even though I’ve been in the same comfort zone for the past 2 years in poly, these changes would definitely make me grow and learn how to be a better person.

I hope I’m making sense. 🙂

Edited 2.43pm:  For some weird reason, while I was typing the above, I could only think of school and had no idea how to write about my relationship with my dear boy. So, 
what I want to say is that, other than changes in school, there’ll definitely be a change in my life as
well, which I am very thankful and happy for it. 😀

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