Pissed off..

Ok. Was kind of pissed off yesterday. not by my dad no. But by the attitude of the receptionist and this staff at Innova JC. They were outright RUDE. No manners at all. That’s not strict but rude. If I could slap them, I would. There was this guy doing something at the counter of the General Office. So I said, “Excuse me”. He looked up and said,”What excuse me? GOOD AFTERNOON.” What the hell. He’s doing something. You mean I should just greet you when you are doing something and continue talking? Of course I should say excuse me and wait. Then there’s this other woman who gave an attitude when my friend asked for a visitor pass from her. Darn. She even told us to “Get out”.

The campfire there wasn’t bad. Though after an hour it became boring. Quite entertaining though. Campfire was better than SR. Made friends with this guy in Gen‘s group (Gen invited me there). Though I can’t remember his name. Haha. and this girl named Eve. Jaswandi (SP?) and George from SKSS was also there. They study there that is.

Going for another band concert later tonight. SWO, Dunman High and Yio Chu Kang Secondary combined concert. Again at VCH. Will be meeting a few people from my band, as well as Hansel and Chui Ling. Haha. 😀

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