T-shirts again.. lol

Another 8 hours of band practice yesterday. We have a new Percussion instructor. Mr Nizam. He’s quite a nice guy I must say. From NTU too. Gosh, he really knows a lot on Percussion. Must learn from him. He taught us how to strick a gong properly, what are the proper sticks to use for vibes, timpani and stuff. Cool! He also distributed the parts for us peoperly. Everyone found him a great help. I think we might improve a lot with his help. Lets pray that he won’t go so soon.

Got the new band T-shirt. Love it lots! Especially the colour. Whenever I wear that, I think I’m going to wear black shoes to match it. Haha…

Also saw the EL camp people. I really wished to get a shirt they got. Last 2 year’s camp didn’t come with a shirt! Bleah!

Woke up feeling really tired and my arms and legs were aching all over. Guess its due to the moving of instruments and running about in school…

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is out! I saw it at Harvey Norman Hougang Mall the other day! Wow! Looks fun! RCT1 is already so fun. I know this would be better. Chris Sawyer’s a genius! Haha

Ok will be buying a pair of shoes for the band concert. Then will be meeting Vanessa after that. Bye for now!

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