I’m back! Ok I actually was back on Saturday if you’d noticed my post to vote for Pug Jelly. Finally the O levels are over! I still can’t believe it though. Kind of weird not to study after studying for the past month like mad.

I’m going to create a new Christmas layout. After so many months of not creating graphics have made it kind of difficult to create one now..Lol…

The O levels was quite a good exam. There were some tough papers and some that were rather easy. I hope that I’ll score better than my prelims this time and be able to get the course that I want at a Poly (Btw, I’d scored 20pts for my L1R5 and 16(-1) for my L1R4). I still can’t decide between TP or SP till now. I’ve got to wait for my cousin to come online so that I can get some advice from her…

Next big event – Band concert! I wouldn’t say Prom Nite (sorry Si Min) coz honsetly, i’m not looking forward too much on it (sorry again). No 1, I dunno what smart casual is and I hate picking clothes. No 2, I’m too preoccupied with the band concert. So therefore, I would say that it would be the band concert that’s the next major event!

Honestly, this year have past so quickly that I can’t believe that its already after the o levels and that I’ll be going to another school next year.

Went to school this morning to teach the recruits. There weren’t many recruits there. Honestly, like what my SL had said, these recruits look like they’re going to be recruits for another year. They can’t play their instrument well, can’t count properly and only learnt their concert Eb today. Gosh. They also can’t play “Beauty and The Beast”. I wonder what’s going to happen to them next year. They should have gotten a good instructor for the sec ones at the beginning or have asked Miss Wong to teach them. Last year’s recruit practice had Miss Wong. She was able to at least get them to join the main band by September. This year’s recruit conductor was honstly, crap. I’m not going to type his name here. Looking at his face makes me irritated. The way he teach makes me feel that he is selling his trombone rather than teaching how to blow. He just talks, talks and then blasts a few sound from his trombone. Yikes!

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