An irritating shadow.

Have you ever felt sometimes that you have an irritating shadow that you can’t shrug off?

Your shadows are silent and follow you peacefully.

But somehow, there’s this person who’s like a shadow, following you around, irritating you.

Well, during the open house, when I was giving out brochures and all, I got to know this person. Being someone who is rather friendly, I decided to talk to that person. Unfortunately, I made a huge mistake.

For 3 days, that person followed me around everywhere, to the canteen, into the auditorium, the atrium, etc. Luckily he (yes, it’s a he somemore) didn’t dare follow me to the toilet. I won’t freak, but I’ll be nasty. VERY nasty.

Following me around is okay, except for the fact that that person would repeat his words and phrases for at least 5 times a day. I’m not kidding.

One of my classmates knew this person from secondary school. When she told me that he was an outlier back in school, I wasn’t surprised. I could see why. In statistics, an outlier is a number that is of a very large or small value, different from the other numbers. We would usually recalculate the mean/median/mode without that outlier. In simpile terms, outlier=”extra”.

But, I’m still a nice person. I was irritated, but I didn’t show it. The 3 days were quickly over.

When I meet people I know around school, I would smile or say hi to that person. I met him around school for quite a few times, and when I smiled, he would either stare at me, like he was wondering why I was crazy to smile at him, or return a smile that went, “Why are you smiling at me?” Whatever.

Then, I was asked if I would like to go for the Java certification course. I was also told that he would be there. Well, okay. I have no control over this. I thought that perhaps with someone I know in that course, it would make the whole thing easier.

I was seriously wrong. For that whole week, I heard stuff over for at least 10 times. We had lunch with the lecturer who called us to go for the course, and he repeated that he was worried about his Econs exam for at least 5 times. Even the lecturer found it a bit too much, and decided not to answer him anymore.

After that was the mock exam. I failed it by 1 question, while he passed it. I’m not jealous about it. I didn’t really work hard for that anyway (I was sick). I congratulated him and asked him for tips on how he managed so well. Guess what he said, “I anyhow tickum.”

Wah, anyhow tickum can pass until so well? 67% leh! Not 50+%! I thought, well, lady luck was on his side, and decided not to ask anymore.

Till the exam. I passed with 65% and he, 80%. EIGHTY PERCENT. He was the first in the whole exam room to finish the paper. After the whole thing, I asked him again, how he revised. His answer again was, “I anyhow tickum again.”

Come on lah. Who would believe you? Some of the questions are multiple MCQ (you have to choose more than one answer, if you get one out of the 3 answers wrong, you get the whole question wrong), and you can tickum 50 out of 61 questions correct? If you don’t want to tell me, it’s ok. You can tell it straight to my face, I won’t get angry. HOWEVER, if you lie to me, I’ll first get angry, then seriously disappointed at you.

Keep your selfishness to yourself. If you don’t wish to help me, I’m fine with it. Don’t expect me to help you either. I only help people whom I think deserves help, want to learn, or have the potential to do well.

I know I’ll probably rake up lots of karma for ranting like this, but well, if I don’t get this out of me, I’m going to explode soon.

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