A piece of news.

I was sitting at blk L level 6 today during the briefing when Adeline smsed me to ask if I knew that Shirley was admitted to hospital.

I was shocked.

I quietly replied her asking why she was admitted and no, I didn’t know that she was admitted to hospital. I thought it was perhaps, something minor.

Then, about 20mins later, while I was sitting in the com lab, waiting for the games to start, Adeline called me and told me that Shirley might have kidney failure coz she was told to go for dialysis.

Oh gosh.

Kidney failure.

She also told me that Shirley was admitted to hospital on Saturday and wasn’t sure if I knew about it so she called me about it. I got quite upset then. Why didn’t Shirley’s parents call us and tell us about this?? We’re family friends since I was 7 years old, and yet other people get to know this news first.

Well, that wasn’t important. I called my mum and told her about the news and asked her to call Shirley’s Mum. Luckily, Shirley’s recovering.

I was sort of shaken for a few minutes after that (my usual shock reaction), but went on to play games with the rest. Well, we played the Concentration Game, Polar Bear and Murderer & Detective. Not bad la. But was a bit distracted throughout.

Hansel told me to call him if I was leaving, so I had lunch first. Well, Jessica‘s phone batt died, so I let her put her SIM card in my phone and use it. I sort of expected Hansel to call me, so I hurried Jessica to finish her SMS and all. Guess I was right.

Went to Hougang Mall with Hansel, who wanted to buy this plastic thing which people usually put their artwork in. He wanted to put his clarinet in whole like his friend. Haha. First time I heard of this idea, which was quite a good idea actually.

On the way there, met Xiu Li on the bus (Hello Xiu Li!). Chatted with her for a while, then she had to alight. I forgot that Hansel knows Dickson. So didn’t introduce. haha. Hansel was like “Ai ya, didn’t tell me…” Lol.

Sort of walked around HGMall after that. So many shops were closed for renovation and all. Went to library. Couldn’t find Deborah Wright’s Love Eternally. Then went home after that, Hansel went for NASS practice.

My right leg’s hurting pretty bad. Dad taught me a solution which I’ll try later, coz I’m still all sweaty, and those medical oil doesn’t work well when you are sweaty. Haha (I’m blabbing eh?). Tomorrow still must plan to visit Shirley.

Something I created spontaneously:
http://www.habbowood.com/uk/index.php?view=1&title=Just+something+crazy. From Habbo UK. Haha. Just vote the + after you’ve watched the crazy video ok? Thanks. 🙂

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