I’m burnt. My skin is peeling off like a snake. haha. But I’m having fun watching people’s reactions, but not what I’m suffering. Like the fever yesterday.

NDP was rather cool. Haha. Just like the preview. Soka was still the one I liked best. Other than the SAF band one. Hee. 😛

Oh ya, Nestor Torres concert was wayyyy excellent! It was more fun than the last one in April. He played El Cumbanchero with this percussionist (who came with him last April as well) and this flautist who was really pretty. Lol. Are people from that country all that good looking?? Haha. It was excellent. Many people enjoyed it man! Nestor was a really down to earth person. His music genre is not classical though. It’s a mix between jazz and pop. So don’t expect to listen to classical music when you listen to him.

Got to go catch up with work! Band performance at Sentosa tomorrow!!

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