Guilty as charged.

Yesterday night, because of an msn conversation I had, I was feeling quite upset, angry and pissed that I discussed about it with the people in the house. And one of them told me, “All of you say so much, what if it doesn’t turn out that way?”. I immediately felt super guilty and did some thinking through. How true.

Then I realised that I’d experienced quite a lot of difficulties since coming over here to Chengdu, but have now got used to it and am now an entirely different person. I reflected on why I got upset about the conversation, and realised that it was because I was disappointed that there are people who would, even though he/she might not mean it that way, criticize on what the 6 of us have done over the past 29 days even though it was a big achievement as compared to the state of the place when we first came. We are now used to how we have survived for the past month, and it has become part of our life here already.

Maybe I’m too sensitive? I dunno. But after this reflection, I have decided not to repeat such a thing again (as in get angry or upset over such small matters) but to dismiss it away as an experience and look into it psychologically (if possible).



J2EE people coming this afternoon! Henry and I will be going back home later around 3 to clear the house a bit and welcome them 🙂

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