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Today, went to this area in Chengdu which is very similar to Sim Lim except for the fact that instead of one whole building which sells IT stuff, it’s actually one whole area that sells IT stuff. And I really mean AREA. You can take like 5 hours before you finish browsing the whole area. But we only went to one building and got a router. 😛 Joy! Wireless in the house!

Anyway, in that building, they not only sell IT stuff but there were also many shops selling pirated DVDs. Not kidding. They sell them openly over here. And there were even a few porno films in the stacks of DVDs. :S Saw the cover only lah. And some shops were selling original anime stuff. There’s this very beautiful Nana ring. RMB$22 (approx. SGD$4.40) but I didn’t get it coz I feel that I’d spent too much for that 4 day trip. I must learn how to limit my expenditure for the next few months lest I spend it all and go broke. I don’t plan to withdraw anymore.

Upgraded wordpress to the latest version. Loving the plugins especially the Adsense one on the right. 🙂

Am currently loving this song titled 晴天雨 by Tank.
Am currently hoping that even though I love the song 岚 also by Tank, I don’t wish for the story in the song to happen. Lol.

Why is Tank now in Singapore when I’m all the way in China?!?
In life, sometimes we cannot get what we want. And beautiful stuff will soon become a memory. Make that memory worth it while it is still happening, and not wait until it is over before you regret.

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