New hairstyle.

Yesterday night after dinner, the group of us went to this very expensive looking hair salon. And the guys convinced me to do hair rebonding. And the hair stylist gave me a new hairstyle. Got fringe leh!!! I look totally different now. Hahaha. The service was super good. They pour water for you to drink, bring you magazines, when there’s hair on your face, another person would come and wipe the hair away from your face for you. So not used to this whole thing. The person who re-bonded my hair is quite nice. Though he kept asking me about Singapore’s salon which I know nothing about. Haha. He asked about the type of shampoos they used and all. Then he also asked how much I paid for my previous hairstyle and I told him around RMB$50 he was shocked. Coz they dunno that Singapore stuff are more expensive. The best thing is that it all costs RMB$338, which is approximately SGD$67.60. Hahaha! Though I think this hairstyle makes my face looks fatter :-/

I’ll post a picture of how I look like next week. Coz we’re supposed to give the J2EE people a surprise. 😛

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