20th day in Chengdu

Wow. Time flies. It’s already the 20th day over here. Just chat with Reuben online when he was at HK’s airport. He should be in his plane by now to SG!!!!

Watched the ending of Fullhouse yesterday. I think they should just cut out the last part of it and end at the scene after the release of the movie. Almost fell asleep halfway through it. In the end, forced myself and K.O.-ed only after the whole series.

9 more days to 13 people in the house. More drama expected, after what happened recently in the
house. 3 of us are expecting a show. I’m expecting
more stuff to happen around here and I believe that a personality change will happen to me coz I don’t usually hang out with 13 people at one go. I predict that a personality change will happen to a few people around here just like at that outing to yaki yuki the other time, so my personality change will fit in. I’ll become more “anti-social” =X If everything goes as expected, more drama will be seen in the coming 3 months.

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