“Sunday morning rain is falling…”

Haha. No rain today but fog!!! Visibility is only 1km. Quite cool okay? Somehow to experience all of these… is wonderful. How many of us in Singapore get to experience fog instead of haze? How many of us get to pass by country sides on the way to work and back?

Haha. I’m like super high today. Coz when we walked out of the apartments, Edmund realised that he could see his breath! So we all stood there taking deep breaths and breathing out just too see our breaths. Hahaha. Lame. Yup. I even took a video. Will upload it in a while. 😀

Was super tired yesterday, so fell asleep almost immediately. Something I haven’t done in a while. And we were supposed to like watch Fullhouse till 12am but everyone of us went to bed halfway
through the series. I think the last episode is tonight. 3 epis in one
day. haha. I’ll probably watch the beginning of it on YouTube.

Oh ya, yesterday we were told to go to the meeting room and as we were new additions to SCS (along with 2 other guys), we had to introduce ourselves in front of everyone. haha. Oh well. And we were all each given a bag of 枇杷 (Pi Pa). Never seen or eaten this fruit before. Only heard of it. 枇杷膏 you know? Nin Jom Pei Pa Gao. That one. For sore throat and cough. I tried it last night and it’s really nice. Reminds me of peach. My throat
really is better now. 😀 I guess this is the SCS tradition? Every month we’ll get one bag. 😀 Next month will be the J2EE
people to introduce themselves. Haha
Alright, got to go back to work. People, don’t forget that Reuben will be back in SG tomorrow! 😀

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