Before the “Golden Week”

Saturday today, but still expected to come for work till Monday as a “make-up” for the days that will be lost for the Labour Day “Golden Week” over here.

The plans to go to Jiu Zhai Gou 九寨沟 have been finalised. 🙂 Paid for the trip there with a travel agent. RMB$1000 for 4 days. Probably 2 days to travel (one there and one back) and 2 days of sightseeing. Kind of excited, coz I’d often heard about them and if not wrong during Mrs Lee‘s Geography lessons. I will take lots of pictures and post them here. 🙂 We’ll be going on the 2/5 till 5/5. Sis, please let Mum know if you read this. Thanks.

Got changed to another project group over here. This looks interesting. Will gain more knowlege hopefully. I think I’ll learn a lot about documentation by the end of this. =X 🙂

Yesterday went to this Steamboat (火锅) restaurant with Zhou Wei. Quite enjoyable honestly. I realised that I can eat chilli stuff. My lips and tongue can take it but my body cannot. Which is sad. Drank lots of water today and this herbal tea called 王老吉 (Wang Lao Ji – it’s a name of a person I think) so not that thirsty already. No more chilli stuff for the next few days I hope. If so, must down lots of water.

Learnt a lot about Chengdu from Zhou Wei yesterday. It’s not that bad over here you know. Not everyone eats dogs and this dish called 猫耳 (Cat ears) is actually NOT cat ears but stuff that looks like it. hahaha

Then Henry, Yilong, Edmund and I chit chatted till like 2am at the living room. Haha. Talked about relatives, religions, secondary school, friends, JC, etc etc. We sort of realised that somehow, we were supposed to have known each other a long ago but for some of us is only now. Like how I was posted to YJC (but transferred out) for my PAE back in 2005 and the 3 of them were in YJC for PAE as well, and how Henry was posted to YCKSS but transferred out. He could have known Yilong then.

Weather today’s rainy. Washed my jacket yesterday so borrowed Henry’s jacket (he brought 3 jackets lor). Probably will buy one more next week (Jiu Zhai Gou is super cold. They say must wear 2 jackets) and a bag for the trip or something lah.

Will create a page of stuff I’ve eaten/tried and all over here. 😀

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