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Haha. Bought a Logitec earphone cum mic for RMB190 (approx SGD$38). The earphones are kind of soft (as in the volume not the feel) so I’ll just use the mic. Haha. So people, skype me! Get my username
from me.

The group of us bought t-shirts for SGD$2 each at Carrefour yesterday. All the patterns are the same. haha.
It’s like our group trademark or something lor.

Planning to go to Jiu Zhai Gou next week during the golden week. But plans are not finalised and people are
like quarrelling over here (I’m not involved so don’t worry!) and I can’t take the quarrelling so I like
hum to myself or what whenever they do so. I miss my mp3. If I have it, I can plug the earphones
in my ears everywhere and ignore them.

Woke up around 5am with a big cramp on my left leg. Luckily I didn’t scream or anything. Else the whole house would wake. Lol. Now it aches a lot. 🙁

My twin vampire told me about me being in NYP’s heartbeat magazine. I was surprised that they would use my picture instead of the other 3 girls’ – they are chio okay? Then I started to wonder why they didn’t use
Henry’s picture like they did at the SIT staff meeting.
Anyway, my twin vampire passed my sis the magazine and my sis scanned it in. So here it is:

Click to enlarge.

My hair is so messy >< But I feel like a celebrity 😛 Haha. so many people telling me about it.

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