When will summer come?



Not sure if she’ll read this anyway.

I used to think that Spring is all nice and not so cold and warm. But now that I’m experiencing real spring in China (not the usual Singapore “when it rains it’s spring”), I’m kind of hating it. 🙁 🙁

This morning, Henry, twin dragon and I waited for a cab for about 20-30 minutes before snatching one from one guy (he shouted at us lol). It was raining and freaking cold and none of us had an umbrella.

And the worst thing was that I forgot to bring my jogging shoes with me to work like I do so usually. So i’m stuck with wearing my heeled shoes which is damn slippery when the floor is wet 🙁 🙁

Sunday I got sunburnt. Today I have to wear a jacket everywhere I go.
I dislike this season transition. Why can’t it just be summer already?

And I haven’t washed my dirty jacket. 🙁

Oh well, Reuben will be back in SG in like 4 days time? haha. He’s lucky. 🙂

The J2EE people will be here in about 1 week 5 days time. Can’t wait actually. That way i can like hide somewhere in the house and no one will notice that I’m missing. Hahaha. Lalala. 😛

Alright, got work to do. Sorry sis for not being able to help you yesterday coz I really have work to do. Today by 3pm I’m supposed to complete it. 75 pages of template design to do. And I’m at like page 40 only? 🙁

Got to go.

1011: Woohoo! Just got news from Ms Lam that we’re getting funds from IDA soon. About 2k. Hahahaha. I can pay off my debts liao. 😀

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