Internet! Finally!

Finally there’s internet over here. 100mbps. But we don’t have a router yet so everyone of us must take turn to use it. Now trying to watch the latest episode of Death Note. 😛

I got a bit of sinus and horrible throat. Drank lots of water and ate only the non-chilli stuff for dinner today (which is just kangkung and winter melon soup). Haha

About 2 weeks before the J2EE people comes. Still kena disturbed about the “husband” thingy, but am coping well, coz it’s seriously quite amusing.

Will upload all the pics and videos in office tomorrow coz the guys are going to sleep now (10.30pm) so that they can wake up around 2am for a Manchester Utd vs Inter Milan (I think) match and this wire where i’m getting my internet connection from is in their room. So must be 自动 a bit. Lol. Good night!

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