Floraland Theme Park

Went to Floraland Theme Park with SCS yesterday. We travelled more than 1 hour before reaching so basically slept throughout the journey.

So we realised that we were going to play this thing which is like Amazing Race. Got split up into groups and I was in the same group as my twin dragon (got twin vampire and twin dragon so must differentiate 😛 ), and a few other colleagues like Zhou Wei, Wang Jie and all. Lol.

We were the vampire bats team. Quite okay lah the race. The activities came with explanations that we can link with real life. I think I can contribute ideas for future band camps liao. haha. 😀 And my team got first! Yay! I think the rest of the members spent it on
lunch which the 6 of us decided not to join our teams for.

The shops in the theme park were superb. Some stuff were cheap and some were not. I got this nice handphone thingy for my sis, another bookmarks for her and another bookmark for Guangyi. haha. Hope that you’ll like it. Guangyi, I’ll like give it to you when you come back or something. The bookmark I chose, has quite a lot of meaning in it. And
oh, there was a Jimmy Liao section in one of the shops. And I plan
to go back there for more stuff. 😀

We didn’t go on any of the rides coz the queues were ridiculously long. In fact, the queues were on average, 2 hours long. Haha. We
got the ticket for the rides though. RMB$60 (about 7 rides) and it will expire in end May, so the group of us plan to go back for the rides 😀

Zhou Wei took us for dinner at this hawker centre type of place near our and his place (he lives near us). The food reminds me
of home lah. Kung Bao Chicken, kangkung, lettuce soup etc etc. And it was cool to listen him talk about his
experience in Singapore.

It has made me realise that even though we are all Chinese race here, the Chinese living in Singapore and China and I believe in other parts of the world have different ways of speaking and thinking. It’s quite an interesting experience so far. 🙂

Okay, pictures, I’m lazy to put up here, so the link is at: http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y116/galovesongs/Chengdu/. Enjoy! 🙂

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