Midya International Buffet

Yesterday night, we were deciding where to eat when we walked to Carrefour after work (40 mins walk, mind you). It was between KFC or some other restaurants. So in the end, our President decided on Midya International Buffet.

RMB$39 only (SG about $7.80). The service is super good. They have people walking around
clearing your plates and people who would cut food like
turkey and all those on your plate. Quite interesting. But for some reason, all of us felt full after taking about one plate of the food. -_-” But still continued eating. haha. We’re mad.

There’s this very interesting concept they used that we haven’t seen before. There’s this round plastic thing that looks like a paper weight with 2 different colours on both sides – one green, one yellow. And if that plastic weight has green facing upwards, people would serve or cut food on your plate; else they would just ignore your table and leave you alone. Cool eh? Quite interesting.

And we were all talking in the local accent yesterday. Getting the hang of it. lol

I think a lot of people thinks I’m enjoying here and everything, but actually I’m not. It’s just a normal life to me you know? Even though we go to restaurants everyday and all, we still have to do housework, wash our clothes and settle the necessities at home. It’s not an easy life. Especially being away from family. Luckily I have my friends with me.

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  1. 哈哈。此乃吾为何不去蜀国的其中一个原因。一是应为吾的coding不怎么好,其二是因为吾想好好欣赏三国的历史,不是去做工。。。


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