Already one week here.

Okay. Now have time to slack a bit, so here I am. 🙂

Chengdu is a nice city. Really reminds me of Malaysia. I’m getting used to the food and weather. Spicy food is like a must everyday. So, can’t be avoided.

We eat at restaurants everyday, and take cab to work everyday. It sounds quite ridculous and like we’re wasting money, but if you compare it to what we spend in
Singapore, it’s quite cheap. And I seriously love the cab fares . They calculate your fare per distance. So if you’re stucked in a traffic jam or if the driver keeps stepping on his taxi break, the fare won’t move. It’s unlike SG
where even if you go to the same destination from the same starting point, you’ll get a different fare. You don’t get that here. 🙂

So we spend like a total of RMB$20 per day on transport, equivalent to SGD$4 per 3 people. Cool eh? As for the restaurant food, for SGD$3 per person,
you get like 6 dishes plus rice, plus drinks, plus good service. 🙂

Having a lot of fun around here. Want to blog about our daily stuff but no internet at home plus the internet’s like monitored in office so didn’t do so. Will do so when the internet comes.

The people here are all very nice. It’s only the language barrier whenever they speak their Sichuan dialect. It’s like cantonese where the words all come from Chinese if you listen carefully.

The only ridiculous thing that happened was when this cab driver, who looked like around our age drove us halfway and dropped us quite a far distance from our destination coz he was assigned a call. -_-” We were quite pissed off but at least we found the cinema near our place. Lol.

And there’s a ping pong table in office. So I managed to pick up the basics of it. haha. But super basic only. I can control it to the table and all already. 😀

We walked all the way to the city centre (2 hours) on Sunday and I saw this Adidas jacket. Very nice SGD$68. Ex… So didn’t buy.

Finally I can tell others that I’ve lived in China before. Woohoo! Next plan is to live in some European country. 😀
I don’t tie myself down because of relationships and all, so all’s easy.


Two dogs

Discussing where to go next.

Henry is always looking down…

Rearing chickens on the balcony

Slack time.

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