Last day before going to China.

Just installed a microphone into my home’s desktop computer so that my family can call me through the internet. 🙂

This morning vacuumed my laptop. Packed my shoes and a whole lot of medicine my parents bought. Decided not to bring my drumsticks.

I realised that it is actually quite easy to find this blog. Not sure if any of my school or classmates are reading this. If you are, do tag at my tagboard. I don’t think I want this to really be anonymous anymore. Of course, I won’t purposely give my url out, but if any of my classmates want my blog url, I’ll give them.

Also, i realised how much I’ve changed since 6 weeks ago when I started OPP. Wasn’t really into Mandarin songs (because there’s not much other genres really), but now, I’ve come to accept and even enjoy it. I’m one who is able to adapt and listen to different kinds of music and
I guess I can now add Mandarin songs to the list of type of songs that I listen to. 🙂

My circle of friends have also widen, now hanging out with a totally new group of people, which I really enjoy. 😀 I realise how much I don’t want this OPP to end. I’ll dread it when August comes. (Hope that I won’t regret whatever I say now)

Playing with the sound recorder and mic. Singing into it and playing back my voice. I realise I can sing! Haha. A few notes not accurate though. But not bad sia! 🙂

Leaving Singapore tomorrow. Will be at the airport around 8.30am. Anyone sending me off? Please let me know so that I will look for you. Terminal 2. MI934 directly to Chengdu.

Don’t miss me people! Coz I’ll continue blogging and put up pictures. 😀

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